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Heroes & Zeros: Omarion & Kim Davis

How often do people in the spotlight actually live by the morals in which they have? Well I guess all the time if they don’t have any, but what about the ones that do?

Kim Davis Jesus Time Out & Tidal’s Jay Z Beyonce Overflow

Kim Davis may get support from Pope Francis but in reality, her actions would have made Jesus put her in a time out.

Kim Davis Gets Pope’s Support & Drake Declares Meek Mill Dead

Kim Davis has got a supporter in Pope Francis, Drake kills off Meek Mill and Momma Dee was wrongfully arrested, according to her.

A Closer Look At Pope Francis: For the Record

With all the excitement about Pope Francis' recent visit to the United States, it has left people feeling all kinds of ways. There are those who adore him and made it a point to follow the media’s coverage of his visit closely.

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