Heroes & Zeros: Omarion & Kim Davis

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Hey people, it’s that time again. Here’s a look at the latest heroes and zeros in the media who deserve special attention for doing something really great and something bone headed.

heroes zeros omarion kim davis 2015 imagesHero- Omarion Cancels London Appearance Because of Racist Entry Rules

How often do people in the spotlight actually live by the morals in which they have? Well I guess all the time if they don’t have any, but what about the ones that do?

Singer Omarion definitely knows how to follow the moral compass he has set for himself. He recently took a stand against a London nightclub who refused to let some black people in because they were “too dark.”

The story goes, a young lady and four of her friends tried to get into the DSTRKT club back in September and she was told by the promoter that she and her friends were “too dark” and some of them are “overweight.” She took to social media and of course the situation got some attention. Well fast forward to Friday October 2 when Omarion was slated to perform at the club but canceled because of what happened.

“I will not be attending #DSTRKTLondon tonight period.”

Way to go O. People are calling for black folks to boycott the club and honestly, I don’t blame them. What they did is not only offensive and wrong, it is a clear indication of the way in which other raceS view black people. “Too dark” are you fucking kidding me?

Omarion is a major hero for standing up and pulling out of his appearance/show. Hopefully more people will follow suit with his example (although Karrueche Tran still made an appearance at the club after the incident).

Can other celebs please get onboard and understand that money is not everything.
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Zero- Kim Davis Stretches the Truth About “Private” Pope Francis Meeting

This woman continues to lose at life. I know I have talked about her a lot lately, it’s just when people do the stupid shit that she does, I can’t help but say out loud the questions and feelings that pop into my head. And just when you thought she could not get any worse, she and her followers have stooped even lower.

Davis recently said that she had a personal private meeting with the Pope during is visit to the U.S. In her comments she mentioned how happy she was to have the Holy Father’s validation and that she knows she has made and continues to make the right decision.

But what she says happened and what the Vatican and other persons involved in the situation are saying happened are not the same. In a statement released by a Vatican spokesperson, they are pretty much saying that no such private meeting took place. Davis and her husband were invited by the Apostolic Nunciatrue in DC along with “several dozen persons who had been invited by the Nunciature to greet Pope Francis as he prepared to leave Washington for New York City.” Hmmm, you don’t say?

The statement further says that Pope Francis met privately ONLY with a former student of his, who happens to be gay, and his partner.

2016 presidential candidates on same sex marriage

This kind of spinning by Kim Davis and her supporters is the very reason why it is hard to believe in anything she says. Her arrogance masked by humble mumblings is not too hard to see when you look at the situation for what it is. And the thing that gets me and probably a lot of people is her, “I’m just a nobody…it was really humbling to think he would want to meet and know me.” Please just cut the crap!

Now, while it is true that Davis’ lawyer has been behind a lot of the asserting of what went on in the meeting, it just goes to show that what they are doing is not about standing for something that they believe is right. It is about fame, money and keeping this “15 minutes” for as long as they can. They are opportunists.

Also, their boasting about the Pope showing his support about her decision to deny gay couples marriage licenses in the Kentucky county in which she is a clerk is propaganda. We all know the Pope is a nice guy and his people made it also clear in their statement as well.

“Such brief greetings occur on all papal visits and are due to the Pope’s characteristic kindness.”

I just love the way they word things.