Jeremy Collins’ Second Chance On ‘Survivor’ Pays Off In History Making Season

jeremy collins second chance on survivor pays off 2015 images

jeremy collins second chance on survivor pays off 2015 imagesOn this week’s season finale of Survivor, Kimmi said she now had the perfect opportunity to swoop in and make her dreams happen. Kelley said Kimmi figured out if she sticks with the guys she night not make it to the end of the game. Kimmi said the guys trusted her so now she could let her guard down.

For the immunity challenge, they had to race to collect a series of steps they had to use to build a staircase, climb it and put together a puzzle at the top. Whoever completed it first would win. Spencer won immunity for the third time this season. He also guaranteed himself a spot in the final five. Kelley said she and Keith were bummed out they didn’t win immunity. Tasha said as long as Spencer was winning Keith and Kelley would be able to stay in the game, and she wanted them out.

Kimmi told Keith they were going to blindside Jeremy. Jeremy said the vote would be split to take Kelley or Keith out of the game. Jeremy said he didn’t think Kimmi was trying to do anything in this game. Jeremy said his alliance was strong, but hidden immunities \could shake things up. Spencer said splitting the vote could cause more problems than positive things.

At tribal council, the jury was brought in, and Jeremy said the game had been voting blocks, and it was being run by alliances now. Keith said anyone would lie, cheat and steal to get further in the game. Spencer said he, Tasha and Jeremy were all voting for the same person to go home. Keith told Jeff there would now be a showdown in this game. Kimmi said she was a pawn in the game, but Keith told her he disagreed. The votes were then cast, and Jeff asked if anyone had a hidden immunity idol they wanted to play. Kelley pulled one out and said she was using it because she didn’t know what was going on in the game and she didn’t trust anyone. Jeremy also used his hidden immunity idol. Since all the votes were cast for Kelley and Jeremy and all were invalid, Jeff announced that they would have to vote again. Only Kimmi, Tasha or Keith could be voted for, and everyone had to vote this time. The new votes were counted, and Jeff said someone could change their vote, but none of them chose to except for Keith. Keith said he would give up on the game to keep Kimmi in it. But the other contestants talked Keith out of it, and Kimmi was ultimately voted out. Back at camp, Kelley said tribal council had not gone the way she wanted to go because now there was only one person left she trusted.

For the final immunity challenge of the season, they had to race through an obstacle course and collect bags of puzzle pieces at each station. The first person that correctly put the puzzle together would win immunity. Kelley completed the puzzle first, making her safe in the game and putting her in the final four for the season.

Back at camp, Spencer said he, Tasha and Jeremy had been trying to avoid Kelley getting immunity. Kelley said she had to look out for her one ally in the game. Kelley made a necklace for Keith that looked like a hidden immunity idol, so the others thought he really had one. Keith and Jeremy had a silent conversation to Tasha wouldn’t overhear them.

At tribal council the jury, including Kimmi, was brought in. Kelley said if she hadn’t won immunity she thought she would have been going home that night. Jeremy said there was talk about someone possibly having an immunity idol, and Spencer said that would change the game for him. Kelley said she thought her vote wouldn’t matter. Keith admitted he had played a trick by offering to save Kimmi from elimination. Tasha said she was expecting the unexpected tonight. The votes were then cast, and Jeff tallied them. He then announced Keith was going home.

The final four showed up for the last immunity challenge. They had to drop a ball down a chute and catch it at the bottom of the chute. More balls would be added and the first three people to drop their balls would lose their chance at immunity. They had one hand tied behind their back during the challenge. Kelley was the first one to lose her chance at immunity. Tasha was the second one that lost the chance. Jeremy won the last immunity challenge of the season. He became so emotional he started to cry. Kelley was in tears because she didn’t win immunity. Jeremy said his immunity win was for his unborn son Cameron and that he needs to win the game. Jeff announced Jeremy had to decide who to take to the end of the game with him.

Back at camp, Jeremy said he wanted to explode he was so happy he had security at tribal council. Tasha said she and Spencer were at Jeremy’s mercy, so she hoped their relationship was strong enough to prevent Jeremy from voting either of them out. Spencer said the game is now in Jeremy’s hands. Kelley thought it was interesting that Spencer said he had a good shot at winning the game. Jeremy said he had to figure out who would give him the best chance of winning. Jeremy said Spencer was a smart player, and Kelley was the underdog.

At tribal council, the entire jury was brought in. Spencer said he was disheartened when the lost the last immunity challenge, but he hoped he could stay in the game anyway. Jeremy said he had to do what was best for him, and Kelley said she wanted Jeremy to know she was voting Spencer out because he was a big threat in the game. Jeremy said Spencer and Kelley both had good arguments for staying in the game and winning it. The votes were cast, and Jeff tallied them and announced Kelley was going home.

Back at camp, Tasha said she was so happy to be in the final three. Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha were directed to a place where there was a scale and a mirror for them to use. They walked further and came across food and drink. Spencer said the last night of the game was the most important night of his life. Jeremy said he wanted to show the jury that he controlled the game and that he needed to win to have money for his family.

At the final tribal council of the season, once again, the jury was brought in. Savage told Jeremy, Spencer and Keith that they needed to be heartfelt and honest to get the jury members’ votes. He went on to tell Spencer his arrogance drove Savage crazy and that he was arrogant in front of the jury. Spencer said the first time he played he was arrogant, and he realized that was because he was insecure but that he had gained a lot of self-awareness. Savage said Jeremy was arrogant too, and they all observed it. Jeremy said he wasn’t arrogant, just upset. Fishback said Jeremy brought trust honor and integrity into the game. Tasha said that she was a strong woman, and no one else was going to dictate to her, not even for the sake of the game. He called Spencer out on wanting to stab the backs of others in the game.

Jeremy said this was the best season of Survivor ever, and it opened up a lot of avenues in the game, which is why so many people flipped votes without it hurting their game. Keith asked Jeremy why he thought Spencer should win the game. Jeremy said Spencer played a solid game and made some good moves. Spencer said Jeremy had a lot of control when the tribes merged. Spencer said he tried to shift distrust in the game from himself to Joe. Kimmi said Spencer was a bully at the last tribal council, and she called Jeremy out on screwing up the alliance Kimmi and Jeremy had. Jeremy said he had faith in Kimmi, but she duped him when she voted against him. Kass called Spencer out on saying she would never win when he played the game the same way she had. Spencer said he had changed during the game and that Kass should vote for him to win. Kass wished him luck and said maybe they’d have a beer later. Jeremy said he had been upset because he found out his wife was pregnant right before he left to compete on Survivor and he missed most of her pregnancy. He said his second chance in the game was about his family.

The jury was then tasked with voting who would be the winner of this season of Survivor. The voting took place, and Jeff tallied them up. He thanked the fans for this season’s games and then announced that Jeremy won the season.