The Walking Dead Character most likely to taste Lucille 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead’ Character most likely to taste Lucille

Who is going to get cracked with Negan’s bat, Lucille, when The Walking Dead returns on Sunday October 23rd? Sadly, we already know. Spoiler at the very end of article alert.
the walking dead brings more negan and king ezekiel at comic con 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead’ brings more Negan and King Ezekiel at Comic-Con

We already were waiting to hear more about Negan's antics on the Season 7 of "The Walking Dead," but fans were thrilled when the latest trailer (below) revealed that King Ezekiel and his pet tiger Shiva
the walking dead 616 enter negan exit glenn last day on earth 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 616 Enter Negan exit Glenn’s Last Day On Earth

Daryl Dixon’s got to be dead right? Or maybe Eugene who was sent in as a sacrificial lamb to the Saviors? Could it be Glenn who experienced his last day on Earth? Well, we have heard from so many sources now that it's Glenn who meets his maker at the end of Negan's bat.
the walking dead 515 east rick morgan stalking 2016

‘The Walking Dead’ 615 East feels like it’s lost some direction

Boy, was there a lot of talk of things coming full circle this week on "The Walking Dead." Mostly from Morgan. But all that "what comes around, goes around" stuff rang a little bit hollow. More on that in a bit.
the walking dead 614 twice as far rip dr denise 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead 614 Twice As Far, RIP Dr Denise & So Long Carol?

It was going to be tough for "The Walking Dead" to match the past couple episodes. Killing a bunker full of Neganites one week, then having Carol and Maggie turn the tables on their kidnappers the next set the bar pretty damn high.
the walking dead 613 carol bound gagged 2016

‘The Walking Dead’ 613 Same Boat where Carol & Maggie face themselves

Memo to "The Walking Dead" hostage takers: Don't take your victims too lightly. You may end up with "A Maggie and a Carol."
the walking dead 612 maggie carol at gunpoint 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 612 Will Carol or Daryl Survive the season finale?

Well, we still haven't seen any sign of the fearsome Negan on "The Walking Dead." Rick Grimes and company did make short work of his crew at the bunker though, so maybe Daryl was right and “this guy ain't shit."
the walking dead 611 knots untie jesus and followers

‘The Walking Dead’ 611 Knots Untie for Jesus & Rick

The Walking Dead's Team Grimes' world did get bigger this week when they were led to the Hilltop Colony by Paul Rovia, better known as Jesus.
The Walking Dead' 610 Jesus visits 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 610 Jesus visits & Richonne’s Next World

Something terrible happened on last night's The Walking Dead. The internet got to roll out one of their “clever” name mashups and Richonne is now hashtagging it's way through Twitter.
the walking dead 609 no way out recap 2016

‘The Walking Dead’ 609 No Way Out kicks off killer midseason

I'm not gonna go out of my way to mark this winter premiere of The Walking Dead as one of the best episodes ever. I'll leave that to those who deal in the hyperbole of the moment.

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