‘The Walking Dead 614 Twice As Far, RIP Dr Denise & So Long Carol?

The Walking Dead se6 ep 14 Twice as Far Recap

It was going to be tough for “The Walking Dead” to match the past couple episodes. Killing a bunker full of Neganites one week, then having Carol and Maggie turn the tables on their kidnappers the next set the bar pretty damn high.

This week fell off a bit for me. The ending heated up with a battle on the railroad tracks with an unfortunate penis biting incident.

So Twice as Far wasn’t a complete bust.

The open saw everyone safely back in Alexandria. Apparently Marlboro is now sponsoring TWD. Carol is smoking like a damn train.

Meanwhile Morgan is constructing a real jail in order to avoid killing if possible.

While Morgan preps for a futuristic war on drugs with his privatized prison, Rosita has found another warm body for her bed. Spencer may be a rebound type deal, but at least he won’t annoy Rosita with disgusting analogies on a regular basis like Abraham.

Daryl and Rosita knew better than take Dr. Denise with them on a supply run. But they did it anyway since she insisted. Worse threesome ever.

The group split up on the way to the pharmacy as Daryl feared walking the railroad tracks. A good fear he should have held onto at the end….

As I was plotting a Kickstarter campaign designed to have Eugene killed off the show, he actually made himself useful. Yes, he was annoying in his few minutes on screen this week. And he was nearly killed by a helmeted Walker.

But his plan to manufacture more ammo is going to be very helpful once he gets the bullets churning.

Eugene still needs the protection of the others and should watch how he talks to Abe. Especially after the man just saved the nerd’s life once again.

Dr. Denise made a few dumb moves along her little outing. She got the shock of seeing a gooey zombie mom decaying in a back room. Then saw what looked to be the woman’s drowned child in a sink with only the shoe sticking up from the water.

Probably should have stayed home Doc. Out here there be monsters!

On the walk home Dr. Denise shows her incompetence with zombies as she tries to steal a cooler from a car. Worst effort ever. She dragged the cooler, Walker attached, right on top of her and nearly got bit.

She managed to kill the damn thing and moments later (after vomiting), she gave a nice little speech to Daryl and Rosita. The psychologist was on a roll….until she got an arrow in the eye from out of nowhere. Fans of the comics will note that this was not supposed to be her fate but Abrahams. In there, he gets the big arrow through the eye, but the show digressed a little as Denise was supposed to die, but later on…oh, and she was straight in the comics, but the show loves to be more sexually diverse to make for a more real world scenario.

The doctor living at the Hilltop Colony should be protected 24 / 7. These medical people are in short supply and can’t be put in danger like this….for no reason. There are plenty of expendable folks to do supply runs.

OK, Denise was killed by a blast from the past. Dwight, the dude from about eight episodes back who ripped off Daryl’s bike and crossbow was the killer. And he along with a gang had Daryl and Rosita surrounded. They also had a terrified looking Eugene captured.

The situation looked bleak, but no way these nobodies were going to whack any of these main characters. Right?

Right. Because Abe was in the mix and Eugene did one of the most barbaric things ever on TWD with a vicious dick bite on Dwight as the shooting started. Dude was locked on like a pitbull too!

Team Grimes managed to win this little battle and they ended up safely back home. All but Denise of course. She died for a can of soda.

Back in Alexandria things were not OK. Carol looked to be breaking up with her new boyfriend with a “Dear John” letter.

However she was really breaking up with the entire community. She feels like she can’t stay because she can’t kill anymore. Too stressful I guess and she may be running out of cigarettes. So Carol is just gone because she doesn’t think she can protect those she loves.

Who the hell is going to do the baking now?

Carol has chosen a bad time to bounce. The Negan threat is not over. We all know it and the previews for the final three episodes noted that the threat is bigger than they thought.

In other words, Carol better get her head back right. Cause shit is about to hit the fan.

Yes Twice as Far was the weakest episode of season six, but it will certainly affect the rest of the season in a major way with Carol’s decision to exile herself.

Almost forgot….Abe has a shot with Sasha. She invited him into her house upon his return to Alexandria. Looks like he didn’t break up with Rosita for nothing after all.