‘The Walking Dead’ 611 Knots Untie for Jesus & Rick

the walking dead 611 knots untie jesus and followers
Jesus has his followers

the walking dead 611 knots untie jesus and followers

The Walking Dead Se 6 Ep 11 Knots Untie

The Walking Dead‘s Team Grimes’ world did get bigger this week when they were led to the Hilltop Colony by Paul Rovia, better known as Jesus. This new group is a stepping stone to Negan of course, but first here’s three quick takes from episode eleven.

  • Abe is a weirdo that I just can’t figure out. Does he want to die, get with Sasha, or is he just tired of Rosita? Editor’s note for Shane McLendon: Abraham had his Bisquick batter talk with Glenn because he doens’t want to have a kid with Rosita, she’s basically like a f**kbuddy for him whereas Sasha is a different story. When he came close to dying, he saw Sasha whereas the guy that Abraham nearly killed saw his wife when he thought he was going to die. This showed Abraham that while he wanted to wear double galoshes in the rain with Rosita, with Sasha he’s raring to go bare for a kid.
  • Contrary to what Jesus said about the violence inside their walls, this kinda thing alwayshappens when Rick Grimes is around.
  • Negan is the first postapocalyptic tax collector.

The show starts with Abe seeming hurt that Sasha has put in for a different shift. And the big man gets a brake light necklace from his lady Rosita. His storyline is of little interest to me at this point. He’s got a good thing with his lady and is in a semi-safe environment. No need to mope around.

Jesus shows himself to be very resourceful as he notes how much Alexandria has in supplies, ammo, and food. He says his city trades with other groups of survivors. This info is quite enticing to Rick and company, but it could also be a trap.

A fairly large crew goes with Jesus to his homestead, but they get delayed by a terrible wreck. The crew goes in and saves a few of Jesus’ friends involved in the wreck. This looked like a sure set up, but so far Jesus has been true to his word.

the walking dead 611 rick jesus outside homeThe arrival at the Hilltop Colony could have went bad from the jump. Spears are not a good defense against assault rifles, and Team Grimes could have mowed the gatekeepers down. Jesus talks their way in so they all get to see what looks to be an early American colony with livestock and farming all around.

The place looks great except their leader is no leader at all. This Gregory irritated Rick from the jump by being dismissive, then proceeded to proposition Maggie in a sharecropping prostitution scenario. Gregory doesn’t give many details on how they have survived here, but it was clear to me that they were under the protection of Negan and the Saviors.

the walking dead jesus at home

The trades that Rick was hoping for don’t happen because Gregory doesn’t think the group has anything his Hilltop Colony needs, except labor. This man fails to realize Rick and his friends could take this place in about three minutes.

Things take a turn for the worse, just like whenever Rick comes in contact with new people. Three guys return to the colony from dropping a shipment to Negan, which was not the agreed upon amount of supplies. So Negan took a hostage and forced his brother to stab Gregory upon his return.

the walking dead 611 knots untie gregory stabbed by ethan 2016 images

This was great, so I don’t see why Rick needed to attack the guy. Gregory dead would be a help to everyone. None the less, a melee ensued that saw Daryl go Ronda Rousey on a dude’s arm, and Rick shanks Gregory’s attacker in the throat from a defensive position. Pretty nice fight scene that ended with Michonne slapping down the wife of the guy who Rick just bled out.

the walking dead knots untie rick grimes bloody what

Then Rick stands in front of the town, indignant, covered in blood, asking, “What?”

As if this is just a normal day to him!

Jesus says “Things like this usually don’t happen here.” They do now with the folks you invited in!

The deal between the Saviors and the Hilltoppers is revealed as the townsfolk giving up half to the bullies of the new world. Daryl sees this as an easy fix. Team Grimes will just roll up to this Negan, “who ain’t shit”, and wipe his crew out. In return the Hilltoppers will hand over food, supplies, and “one dem cows.”

The plan seems simple, but Maggie warns this plan will cost them something. She negotiates harsher with Gregory, who survived the stabbing, unfortunately. She says they will take half of everything in return for slaughtering Negan and his men.

As a sidenote, it would be easier just to take over the Colony and own it 100 percent.

On the road trip back home to prepare for the attack on the Saviors, the crew is admiring the sonogram picture of Maggie and Glenn’s baby. The best thing about the Hilltop Colony is the fact that they have a real doctor on hand.

The previews for next week show the group readying themselves for the attack on the Saviors. Great to have a plan going in, but I’m sure this isn’t going to be as simple as Daryl made it sound.

Everybody’s got a plan headed into a fight. Right up until the point where you get hit in the mouth.