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‘The Walking Dead’ Character most likely to taste Lucille

Who is going to get cracked with Negan’s bat, Lucille, when The Walking Dead returns on Sunday October 23rd? Sadly, we already know. Spoiler at the very end of article alert.

‘The Walking Dead’ 611 Knots Untie for Jesus & Rick

The Walking Dead's Team Grimes' world did get bigger this week when they were led to the Hilltop Colony by Paul Rovia, better known as Jesus.

‘The Walking Dead’ 610 Jesus visits & Richonne’s Next World

Something terrible happened on last night's The Walking Dead. The internet got to roll out one of their “clever” name mashups and Richonne is now hashtagging it's way through Twitter.

‘The Walking Dead’ 609 No Way Out kicks off killer midseason

I'm not gonna go out of my way to mark this winter premiere of The Walking Dead as one of the best episodes ever. I'll leave that to those who deal in the hyperbole of the moment.

‘The Walking Dead’ 606 Daryl’s Back with Always Accountable

This week’s "The Walking Dead" recap is brought to you by Milford Memorial Funeral Home who reminds you to make sure your dearly departed are completely dead before placing flowers at their side.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Ep 12 Recap: Fresh Faced Rick Grimes In Alexandria

This week's "The Walking Dead" episode 'Remember' had an eerie feel to it. Everything was just too perfect for a group that has spent so much time in an imperfect world outside those gates of Alexandria.

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Ep 11 Recap: Aaron’s Community

Paranoia and dissension was the theme this week as “The Walking Dead” picked up right off where we left last week. 'The Distance' episode had Sasha and Maggie taking the stranger Aaron to their leader.

THE WALKING DEAD Mid-Season Catch Up 2015

The mid season finale of The Walking Dead wrapped with a truly great episode. The show runners could have left us with a cliff hanger to keep us guessing until tonight, Feb. 8, when the show gets cranking again

THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 Ep 6 Consumed Recap: Carol & Darryl Go Deep

I have to say that this week's episode of The Walking Dead was close to the best of this season. It was certainly much better than last week's viewing. They opened with Carol in a flashback to when she drove away from Rick after he exiled her for a couple of prison "murders."

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