‘The Walking Dead’ 606 Daryl’s Back with Always Accountable

the walking dead 606 daryls back with always accountable 2015 images

the walking dead 606 daryls back with always accountable 2015 imagesThis week’s “The Walking Dead” recap is brought to you by Milford Memorial Funeral Home, who reminds you to make sure your dearly departed are completely dead before placing flowers at their side.

Where should I start with this week’s Walking Dead recap? Daryl‘s double cross and a new deadly group on the horizon? Or maybe I should jump right into the sexual tension between two crazy members of Team Grimes, Sasha and Abraham.

Let me open with Daryl getting separated from Sasha and Abe when they are all attacked by several gun-wielding humans. The herd is now roaming with no car or motorcycle to follow. So is that the last we see of the giant herd or is there more to come next week? Seems kind of inhumane to leave a herd of Walkers with no clear direction. I feel as though that group was on the verge of getting their undead lives back on track.

The setting that Daryl found himself in was a burnt forest, and he ends up captured by a guy and two women. They apparently took part in the burning of the forest. These three survivors have their “own code”, and that does not involve any kneeling, which is apparently a prerequisite for staying in the good graces of the larger group that shot at Daryl and company.

It didn’t take long for Daryl to escape the non-threatening threesome. He bounced as soon as they were distracted, but being the good guy he did return to them to hand over their insulin kit. Good deeds are rarely rewarded in this world, though.

As Daryl was trying to do the right thing, Sasha and Abraham were hold up in the building waiting on the tracker to find them. Sasha is very smart and leaving breadcrumbs for Daryl was the right play in the end.

She had to keep Abraham in check as he is determined to live on the edge. The big red head didn’t care for her psychoanalysis, mostly because she was very accurate.

This episode did two things:

  • Introduce us to the next group of advisories for Team Grimes.
  • Open up the possibility of a romance between Abe and Sasha….what about Rosita?

Daryl got caught up in survivor drama as he returned their medical supply. He had to help them escape from the group led by some dude named Wayne. This Wayne had the line of the night when he told his comrade to “walk it off,” right after he had to amputate his buddy’s arm. Dude was probably a hard-ass high school wrestling coach back in the real world.

I’ve got a feeling that Rick and company will put the RPGs Abe found to good use in the near future. Those cigars will never be shared, though. Those may be the only things that keep Abe from going completely over the edge. Maybe his face to face talk with the zombie stuck on a metal pole was his low point, and Abraham can get back to 100% mentally after this little outing.

Once again we see the carnage caused by Team Grimes. Isn’t it ironic that all these survivors have actually survived all this time…until they run into one of Rick’s people. The threesome Daryl ran into all appeared relatively healthy, but within a few hours of running into Mr. Dixon, one of them is dead!

For all the survival knowledge that Team Grimes likes to espouse, it would have been a good idea for Daryl to advise the young girl not to lean down beside her dead friends in that little shed. He didn’t do any warning, and she became a quick meal.

Events like that are not exactly a good recruiting model for him and Aaron.

Near the end of the episode, Daryl gets double crossed by the remaining two survivors. They jack his bike and crossbow but don’t harm him otherwise. The lady says she’s sorry, and Daryl responds with, “You’re gonna be.” Nice line and, of course, he’s dead on.

Somehow a giant fuel truck survived the forest fire, and Daryl uses it to get back to Sasha and Abraham. They are headed back to Alexandria I assume, but still no sign of the herd. I have a feeling this new group is going to follow them back to the city and set up a future attack. Or maybe Rick decides to take the offensive after Daryl informs him of the group once he, Abe and Sasha return to the safety of the walls.

Episode six flew by as it had plenty of action. I’m not too excited about the crazies in love storyline, but Daryl can carry any episode in which he is the focal point.

I do hate that they have left us hanging with the herd lingering. I wanted to know where they would eventually lead them. Maybe Rick’s plan was just to lead them far enough away so they would never find their way home.

I guess I was just hoping for a big payoff like having the herd walk off a giant cliff or being trapped in a tunnel somehow.

No big deal. There’s always next week and another big problem to deal with….like the Wolf on house arrest inside Alexandria, any remaining Wolves on the outside,  this new big group, and the the babysitting of the Townies of Alexandria.