‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 1101 That Was Then, It’s Now Recap

keeping up with the kardashians 1101 that was then 2015 images

keeping up with the kardashians 1101 that was then 2015 imagesThe 11th season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians kicked off tonight. In the premiere episode, the Kardashian-Jenners attend the ESPYs, while Kourtney struggles with her new status as single and Khloe bares it all for Complex magazine.

At the end of the last season, fans got to see the immediate aftermath of the photos that surfaced showing Scott Disick cuddling up to another girl. In the new season, it is revealed that Kourtney officially broke up with Scott (which many of us already know).

At the beginning of the episode, Kim discusses Scott with her mom Kris. Kim says that she read online that Scott is doing fine and is happily telling people he is single.

Kim and Kris go over to Kourtney’s house to try and make sure she is okay. Although Kourtney remains strong, she is obviously struggling with being single after nine years of dating Scott. While Kim and Kris tell her that she is going to find that special someone, Kourtney says she doesn’t want to care for anyone else and is looking to focus solely on her three young children.

Later in the episode, Khloe confronts Kris about her relationship with Corey Gamble. Kris reveals that she is still in a committed relationship with Corey and is doing a lot better than she was at the end of last season. Kris was openly struggling with her ex Caitlyn Jenner’s transitioning. However, it looks like she is in a much better place.

Next, Kim is shown trying to convince Khloe to do a sexy photo shoot to show off her incredibly toned body. Khloe discusses being called the fat, ugly sister in the past and how people continue to bring up unflattering pictures from her past. Kim tells her she should shoot a whole bunch of new photos so that they can replace all of the bad pictures from Khloe’s past. However, Khloe is hesitant about showing off her body and is much more private when it comes to bearing her assets on the cover of a magazine than her sister Kim is.

Ultimately, Kim winds up calling Complex magazine and getting them to offer Khloe the cover. After some convincing Khloe decides to do the shoot, even though she continues to be nervous about the whole situation.

At the shoot, everyone raves over how amazing Khloe looks. The shoot ended up being massively successful and got incredible amounts of attention and coverage in the media.

The episode also shows a glimpse of the younger sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner. The two are shown being very nervous about the ESPY event, which marks the first public appearance that their father Caitlyn Jenner is speaking at as a woman. Unfortunately, their nervous energy triggers a fight between the two sisters, as Kylie refuses to lend Kendall any of her (millions of) dresses. Nonetheless, the two sisters get over their spat and walk the ESPY carpet together.

All of the five sisters (Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie) invite Kris to dinner after the ESPYs, as they want to ensure that she doesn’t feel isolated from the family. Since they all went to the ESPYs to support Caitlyn, they wanted to also show their support for Kris. At dinner, Kris says that she thought Caitlyn’s speech was really well done and brave.

The next day, Kendall tells Kourtney and Kim that her dad was mad at her for skipping the ESPY after party and going to dinner with Kris instead. She goes on to tell Kourtney and Kim that Caitlyn refused to talk to her after the incident. Kendall says she feels like her parents are making her choose sides and it’s really hard on her.

Obviously the whole Caitlyn Jenner situation was tough on the whole family, especially the two young (biological) daughters, Kendall and Kylie. Therefore, I was surprised that Kris and Caitlyn would ever put them in a situation where they felt they had to choose who to support. They purposely choose to go to the ESPYs to support Caitlyn and then dinner to support Kris. Unfortunately, even this plan didn’t seem to please everyone.

The episode rounds off with Kim playfully asking Kourtney’s son Mason what she should name her baby boy, who is due in December. Mason quips back, “Preston Money West.” Although this may not be the name that Kim chooses, it will be interesting to see what the baby ends up being named. Currently, many have been speculating that she is thinking about sticking with the direction-themed names and contemplating the name “Easton.” Others suggest “Wild Wild” so the baby’s full name could be “Wild, Wild West.”

So that’s it for this week’s episode. Continue reading for a sneak peak of what’s coming up this season and next week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

This Season:

The preview for the upcoming season shows glimpses into Kanye’s fashion show. It also showed Corey and Kris’ relationship heating up, Kourtney embarking on a nude photo shoot, Khloe obsessing over working out, Kim having troubles with her pregnancy, Scott trying to win his way back into the family and the Kylie-Tyga relationship finally being shown on the show.

Next Week:

The next episode features Kourtney trying to establish a new normal, Khloe going on a business trip to Australia, and Kim and Kanye moving back in with Kris.

You can catch the next episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian on Sunday, November 22 on E!