‘The Walking Dead’ Character most likely to taste Lucille

The Walking Dead Character most likely to taste Lucille 2016 images

'The Walking Dead' Character most likely to taste Lucille 2016 images 2016 images

Who is going to get cracked with Negan’s bat, Lucille, when The Walking Dead returns on Sunday October 23rd?

We’ll get to that. Sadly, we found already as many have so we’ll mark it boldly when we say who the person/people are.

The main thing to know is that whoever gets their head turned into an unrecognizable baseball, is going to die a horrific death. Barb wire and wooden bats are rated as one of the top ten worst ways to die by Consumer Reports by the way.

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Too bad TWD isn’t on HBO. This murder scene could be one of the most gruesome things ever witnessed on TV. AMC did a good job with the POV scene during the finale when Negan did his psychotic impression of Hank Aaron.

But imagine the scene with no boundaries of good taste.

walking dead cast with negan and lucille

The cliffhanger of season six has paid off as fans of the show are dying to know who got whacked. That shows the popularity of The Walking Dead. Anyone who reads even a little about the show had to know the Negan scene was coming.

Yet folks were still shocked and rocked by the brutal scene that had most of our main characters lined up for death by bat.

This supervillain was not going to make idle threats. So there was no danger of Team Grimes escaping intact. Now before you convict Negan of being a monster (he is), just remember who drew first blood on the Saviors….technically.

So we know at least one member of Rick’s group is killed by Negan. That was clear in season six’s finale. And a finer point put on that fact by the sneak peek to the season seven premiere, showing the remains of a once functioning human brain.

walking dead season 7 negan kills aaron

But according to popular theory floating on the internet clouds, there may be two members of the Grimes Regime who ended up dead in the forest that night.

Anything’s possible when you have a megalomaniac wielding a bat surrounded by his army of thugs. It was just Negan’s need to take supplies from the group that kept him from murdering each and every one of the survivors they captured. That and the fact that the show would have a hard time moving forward with 92 percent of the characters wiped out in one scene.

Since everyone else is throwing out their theories on who gets bashed by Lucille, I’m gonna do the same.

walking dead aaron with lucille season 7 Walking Dead carl lucille season 7 Walking Dead daryl dixon lucille season 7 Walking Dead maggie lucille bat season 7 Walking Dead rick grimes lucille Walking Dead 2 002 Walking Dead 3 michonne lucille season 7 Walking Dead 7 001 Walking Dead 10 001 abraham dies first on walking dead lucille season 7 glenn walking dead lucille bat season 7 dies

******First let me warn you of spoilers ahead.

Let’s get out of the way, characters that cannot be killed off:

the walking negan with bloody lucille

Rick, Carl, and Michonne. I see these three as untouchable. Plus the image above knocks out Rick immediately.

Five characters that would not cause fans to cry even a single tear:

Rosita – hot but not irreplaceable.

Eugene – deserves the bat honestly.

Sasha – Her romance with Abraham is not enticing at all. Aaron – Nice guy and pretty heroic, but hasn’t been around long enough for fans to cry over.

Abraham – Great to have around for battles, but most fans of the show have to be bored with his act, just as I am.

I’m not saying none of those five can’t be killed. I’m just saying it would be a letdown if it is not a main character.

Now for the three survivors that would cause the most TWD fan grief:

Glenn is the victim of the home run king in the comics. Why wouldn’t he be the splattered cranium in the TV show? We’ve been prepped for his death ever since we were tricked with his dumpster dive last year.

Maggie looks near death anyway. It would be a short trip to the light for this sickly lady with a child on the way. But would AMC allow Negan to kill a pregnant woman?

Daryl Dixon is still one of the most popular characters on TWD. He is the ultimate zombie killer and has an appeal to country folks who watch the show for his crossbow kills. Dude is a hero to hunters everywhere, especially those who secretly wish for a zombie apocalypse to show off their skills.

That said, Daryl has not been a focal point for a while on the show. He did save the day in Alexandria with the bazooka shot in the lake of fire, but before that, his character was adrift in my eyes.

If I had to bet on who bites the dust via Louisville Slugger, I would go with Glenn. I think it would be the biggest payoff. He is the most lovable character. He seems to be the most moral, without being ridiculous about it like Morgan.

And he will leave behind a single mom and their unborn child.

That shock factor will be enough to satisfy fans who have waited months for the premiere. Even though the show runners have shown us glimpses of Glenn getting whacked, watching Maggie in the aftermath will move the audience. Seeing her hubby suffer at the hands of a sinister man like Negan will elicit plenty of sympathy from watchers.

If Maggie joins Glenn in the afterlife, then that will bring on total rage from fans of the show.

If, in fact, Negan takes two lives, I have to bet on Glenn and Abraham. Not Maggie and Glenn.

I can see Abe not being smart enough to keep quiet while Glenn meets his demise. And Negan’s orders were pretty clear about the no talking.

Now to throw in one last tidbit of a spoiler from the comics.

Get ready to see Rick pay the price for his threats we saw in the sneak peek. There’s a reason for Negan talking about his right-hand man to Rick after Rick makes death threats to him.

In the comics, Rick loses his hand to the Governor. It seems clear that he will walk out of that RV with just his left hand.

Hope that tidbit lifted your spirits a bit!

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The two that are marked by Lucille is Abraham first then Glenn in a very stomach punching scene. It would be nice to be wrong, but sadly, our sources are too good.

You just thought things were bad at the cliffhanger. It looks like season seven will be a tough thing to watch. To prep yourself for evil prevailing, perhaps you should watch a few seasons of Game of Thrones before TWD premiere on Sunday.