‘The Walking Dead’ 612 Will Carol or Daryl Survive the season finale?

'The Walking Dead' 612 Will Carol or Daryl Survive the season finale 2016 images

The Walking Dead Se 6 Ep 12 Not Tomorrow Yet

Well, we still haven’t seen any sign of the fearsome Negan on “The Walking Dead.” Rick Grimes and company did make short work of his crew at the bunker though, so maybe Daryl was right and “this guy ain’t shit.”

Three quickies from last week’s episode 12:

– Carol’s got a boyfriend.

– Glenn is no longer unsullied by the blood of humans. Bout time.

– Where was Negan during the slaughter and how big is his group?

This episode started out with Carol baking cookies and playing town mom. She even dropped a treat on Sam’s grave after getting cozy with Tobin, even kissing the guy later on.

Good for Carol. She needs a little love in her life. All killing and no play….

The town meeting to decide if attacking the Saviors is the right move is a mere formality. Morgan is the only one who speaks up in favor of diplomacy. He thinks just threatening the Saviors would be enough to scare them into a peaceful co-existence.

From the looks of the guys in the fight later, those men were not going to be intimidated. Morgan’s just lucky no one has told Rick about his stupidity regarding the Wolf he let live.

Carol has a kill journal which is pretty cool except for the kids’ names that are a part of the record. J. B. Smoove, who should be a regular on the couch of “Talking Dead,” said Carol can use the records for tax deductions.

Tobin tells Carol he thinks she is able to do what she does because she is a mom at the core and wants to protect her tribe. That was a negative at the end of the show, though.

Abraham figured out what many men eventually do. That his lady isn’t the only female in the world. Most don’t tell their lady that as they’re breaking up with her, however. This woman scorned isn’t going to be a good thing for the town.

Rosita should be able to replace Abe easily, though.

Rick’s idea to get into Negan’s compound is to offer up Gregory’s head in the form of a zombie double. Not a bad plan, and at night the resemblance would be enough to get in. Rick did have to do some nose surgery on the head before getting it to look just right, though.

That little scene had the Hilltopper saying to Rick, “The Saviors are scary, but they’ve got nothing on you.” Dude is mean as any villain on the show.

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The little trick works as the Savior guards believe the severed head is that of Gregory. One by one they are killed before Team Grimes swarms the one entrance-way to the bunker. The plan is to take the armory as quickly as possible, which would end the fight.

The killing started silently with Rick plunging a knife in the skull of a sleeping Savior. These humans would be treated as no better than Walkers with this method of murder. Cruel, but necessary.

Glenn and Heath would have to do some killing in the same manner, and it was not an easy task. Glenn did his duty, although through a lot of tears. Heath remained unsullied as Glenn did his killing for him.

These Saviors must have been really comfortable with their fortress, as they were super heavy sleepers. Not a care in the world before that night.

The brutal pics on the wall seen by Glenn let us know just how nasty this group is. The bashed heads in the photos didn’t belong to Walkers either.

The killing got a bit harder when a Savior with great dental hygiene hit the alarm to wake up his buddies. That’s when the shooting began. Carol was headed in to help once she heard the gunshots but got delayed trying to keep Maggie from entering the fray. Too protective.

The fight inside the close quarters of the bunker reminded me of some Call of Duty gameplay in similar situations. A couple shotguns and quick reactions were a big help in this room to room fight.

the walking dead 612 not tomorrow yet glenn fight

Glenn and Heath were the first to make it to the armory and got loose with some automatic weapons through the door to lay waste to the Saviors chasing them to protect the weapon stockpile. Shooting through the door is another Call of Duty lesson learned. You don’t have to see the enemy for bullets to be effective.

Jesus did his part in the fight near the end and even Gabriel got in on the action with a deer rifle and some Bible quotes.

The battle was more of a slaughter than a fight, with Team Grimes mopping the floor with the Saviors. It was too easy, and how were they to know if they even killed the leader, Negan?

One last Savior tried to escape on a motorcycle. He was promptly shot, but his walkie talkie revealed there were others waiting in the distance. And the woman on the radio informed Rick that they had Carol and Maggie held hostage.

Not as easy as it looked. Maggie was right about this fight costing them something.

Carol messed up trying to protect Maggie and her unborn baby. Now the whole plan is jacked, as next week will set up a hostage trade. That will give Negan and more Saviors time to get involved I’m guessing.

This was an outstanding episode, especially for the action lovers. The attack, though unprovoked, was the right move since a fight would have eventually happened. Better to be on the offensive rather than attacked at night in Alexandria.

I’m very curious to see how many men Negan has left. Or maybe it’s mostly women left to fight Rick and company? We’ll learn more in seven days.

the walking dead carol cookies

Which of the four will be leaving The Walking Dead this season?

Melissa McBride (Carol) spoke about how the season finale of “The Walking Dead” really hit her hard stating, “It was so very dark. I couldn’t say anything after I had finished reading it. I felt like I had dropped into a black hole.”

Naturally this leaves us wondering who will be killed off in the finale this season. We have a strong feeling that Negan will surface and may even kill one of our major characters as a way to make us hate him even more. The four that we keep hearing are on the possible chopping block include:

  • Abraham
  • Glenn (he can only survive so many times)
  • Daryl
  • Carol

As Abraham has finally realized who he really wants to get with, this is usually the time when the writers will kill off a character, especially as he’s gone through quite the character development. In keeping with the comics, his time is coming near.

Carol may be considered one of the ‘holy five’ (the characters who have survived since Season 1). They include Rick, Carl, Glenn and Daryl. With Negan getting closer to showing up, the show will more than likely sacrifice one of these five.

It’s a no-brainer that Rick and Carl are safe. Glenn bites it in the comic, but it would be a brilliant movie this season after having fans go through a mini-mourning period for Glenn this season if he gets killed off for real by Negan.

The way this season has also been going, Daryl could be a likely choice to go as he’s been relegated more to the background (although thankfully, he’s moved up slightly).

With Carol keeping tabs of her kills, this could go either way. Either she realized that she could keeping killing and become a Negan or she remains captured sacrificing herself for Maggie. In the comics, Maggie takes on even more leadership, and I can’t even imagine the writers killing off a pregnant Maggie.

We know that one major person will be killed off, and that’s who we’re placing our bets on.