The Walking Dead' Season 6 return for Bloodbath premiere 2016 images

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 return for Bloodbath premiere preview: Who’s Negan?

It's easy to get caught up in the hype of The Walking Dead's return for the second half of season six. Feel free to wait in front of the TV from now until 9 pm Sunday on AMC if you're super anxious to see what happens.
the walking dead 608 start finale 2015 images michonne

‘The Walking Dead’ 608 Start To Finish Blowout Finale

This week marked the mid season finale of "The Walking Dead." Once again Team Grimes has to deal with a threat to their new homestead. The producers felt the need to hit us over the head with the symbolism
the walking dead 607 heads up glenn lives 2015 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 607 Glen Lives & Walls Tumble As We Told You

If we learned anything from this week’s "The Walking Dead," it’s to not try repelling for the first time if you must do it over the Undead. Also if Carol wants you to babysit, just do it without delay.
the walking dead 606 daryls back with always accountable 2015 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 606 Daryl’s Back with Always Accountable

This week’s "The Walking Dead" recap is brought to you by Milford Memorial Funeral Home who reminds you to make sure your dearly departed are completely dead before placing flowers at their side.
the walking dead 604 now alexandria gets a taste of life 2015 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 605: Now Alexandrians Gets A Real Taste Of Life

Ever had a family member bring a bunch of friends over and you felt like you needed to hide your wallet and other valuables? That thought times a million must have been going through the heads of the Townies of Alexandria when Rick led a half heard of flesh eaters home on "The Walking Dead,"
the walking dead 604 heres not here 2015 images

‘The Walking Dead’ 604 Here’s Not Here & A New Hero Emerges

If the first three episodes of The Walking Dead were just too action packed for you then you were in luck with episode number four. I like Morgan’s character, but I didn’t need an entire show dedicated to showing how he evolved into the peace loving Aikido practitioner he is today.
the walking dead 603 thank you glenn 2015 recap images

‘The Walking Dead’ 603: Thank You & Glenn Lives On Recap

Thank you for your service, Glenn Rhee. Your good deeds were finally rewarded. More on that in a minute as we get to this "The Walking Dead" recap and update on Glenn's fate.
the walking dead 602 jss recap images 2015

THE WALKING DEAD 602: JSS or Carol Shows Herself Recap

Spoiler alert: JSS stands for “Just Survive Somehow,” on this episode of The Walking Dead. We get this little mystery as the episode begins, showing how Enid came to live in Alexandria.
the walking dead 601 recap first time carter images 2015

THE WALKING DEAD 601 Recap: Like the First Time Again

What a season premiere! It was big. It was nasty. It was insane! Here's a few observations before jumping into the recap of "The Walking Dead."
the walking dead 516 conquer recap 2015 images

THE WALKING DEAD Conquering Recap

The season five finale of "The Walking Dead" covered a lot of ground in the last 90 minutes of the 2015 season. We found out more about the Wolves and just how devious a group they are.

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