‘The Walking Dead’ 607 Glen Lives & Walls Tumble As We Told You

the walking dead 607 heads up glenn lives 2015 images

the walking dead 607 heads up glenn lives 2015 imagesThe Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 7 Heads Up

If we learned anything from this week’s “The Walking Dead,” it’s not to try repelling for the first time if you must do it over the Undead. Also, if Carol wants you to babysit, just do it without delay. If she’s asking then, someone needs killing. The other thing you readers learned is that we do know what we’re talking about too when it comes to “The Walking Dead.” You all doubted us when we reported a month ago that Glenn was still alive (we even put in our headline!), and we even laid out the exact scenario that happened. So for all those that tried to trash us, we forgive you. Plus, we’re living up to winning all those awards this year, including Best Pop Culture website!

The main lesson from “Heads Up” was how to dumpster slide. Glenn is indeed alive and well after slipping under the nasty dumpster after his boy Nicholas was ripped apart. The survival of Glenn was handled well. It’s not implausible that Glenn could have survived under the dumpster after killing a few of the Walkers which built up a barrier between him and the rest of the starving zombie dumpster divers.

walking dead 607 spencer zombie rapell 2015 imagesGlad that Glenn is back, but if he were dead, I would be fine with it. I’m not a fanatic about main characters never dying. The good thing is that the writers gave the viewers a real sense of what the characters feel once someone walks out those doors of Alexandria. They don’t know if they’ll ever see them again, and this was a great way to let fans feel that sense of anxiety, although we didn’t.

Enid shows back up to offer Glenn some water, but she doesn’t want to be attached to anyone. Glenn spent a lot of time and effort getting her to come back to Alexandria with him.

Back in Alexandria it’s time for a sit down between Rick and Morgan. Rick’s just a little miffed at the fact that he was attacked by some Wolves that could have been dealt with beforehand by Morgan. Carol ratted Morgan out to Rick about the Zen Practitioner letting some Wolves walk away.

Glenn runs up on the poor bastard that ended up dead at the fence gate a couple episodes back. He sees the note for the guy’s wife which gives Glenn some more motivation to make it back to his own wife.

Rick begins teaching Ron how to use a gun as Carl chimes in with advice as well. I can see this training going really badly for the Grimes family. I can also see Rick removing the firing pin in the bulletless weapon just in case Ron gets any ideas about securing some bullets on his own, which is just what happened.

By the way, prayer meeting has been canceled by Rick Grimes this week.

While I don’t want to spend too much time on Morgan’s philosophy versus Rick’s, Morgan had a point about how all the people at the table had changed. Michonne, Carol, Rick, and Morgan himself have truly evolved so he thinks he can rehabilitate even the worst of the humans like the Wolves.

Carol reminded Morgan that the Wolves “burned people alive.” That’s where his philosophy takes a hit. It’s admirable that he is willing to die in order to keep to his code. The problem lies in the fact that he’s willing to let other innocent people suffer if that’s what it takes for his code to stay intact.

Rick still can’t trust the Alexandrians to help much when needed, but Michonne sees it differently. Rosita is even going “Last Samurai” with a group of Townies to help them prep for more Zombie run ins. She gave Eugene a proper dressing down, and it would be better for all if she would have just lopped his block-head off right then and there.

I’m not sure what to make of Enid. She seems to be this Emo type that has given up on the world. Is she just going to roam by herself forever? That can’t last long. She’s shown to be pretty clever, yet she’s no match for roaming packs of zombies and the occasional evil humans.

Glenn would have been wise just to leave her behind once she pulled a gun on him. That scene gave me a brilliant idea for the show which would have melted the internet down with horrified Walking Dead fans going insane. I thought how cool (and cruel) it would have been if Enid just capped Glenn right then and there. Boom! Glenn survives under the dumpster for days while fans weren’t sure if he was really alive, and then 20 minutes after he reappears, he gets treated like Omar Little buying a pack of Newports before he is unceremoniously killed off.

We see Rick get help from a Townie as they secure the wall and discuss the blood oozing into the walls. The Alexandrians are more willing to help now. They simply lack the experience to be of much help with the fighting.

Maybe the line of the night belonged to Enid. “What’s the point. The world is trying to die. We should let it.” She’s pretty depressing to listen to actually. The world has always been dying, yet we all get up each day to start fresh even though there is no getting out of this thing alive in the end. She’s missing that point. Death is a constant in her world, but it’s always been there. It’s just more brutal and frequent in her current Walker world.

I don’t know what prompted Spencer to try his stupid cable stunt. Well, he was probably just drunk. Rick and Tara had to save him once it went bad. Stupid idea that would never have worked anyway. He should have come to Rick with the plan, even though it would have been shot down as he said. For good reason….it was dumb.

Morgan now needs antibiotics for his prisoner. The doctor is willing to help, and they head off to see the evil patient. Carol is smart as hell and is watching Morgan. She needs to drop off Judith at a sitter so she can handle her business. I can see her snatching the life right out of the prisoner and maybe even Morgan. Carol doesn’t suffer fools.

We see Ron stalking Carl and are left to wonder what happens next week with these two. I hope Rick was smart enough to take the firing pin out of that gat. The confrontation may go down just like Carl described to Ron when they were training him on what it would be like when face to face with a man with a gun.

BTW, is Tara pregnant too? If not she needs to get active.

Just as Maggie finds hope seeing the green balloons from Glenn, hope evaporates quickly. As usual, Rick’s group can’t have a proper home for long before the riff-raff moves in and takes down property values.

It happened again as the tall tower hit by the big rig toppled over, crushing a big section of wall. Zombies are pouring in just like at the prison and at Hershel’s farm. This homestead is over, and the only remaining part of it will be Deanna’s plans for the future that Michonne has in hand.

The attack by the Wolves took time but led to the walls falling in Alexandria.

All this will be dealt with next week in the mid season finale. There’s no way to fix the wall collapse before all the Walkers roll in that I can imagine. Daryl and company are headed back that way with a gas truck so who knows.

I’m not tired of the setting of Alexandria at all. I wish they could maintain it for a while longer. It’s going to be hard to start another place like that from scratch. But try they will. These survivors haven’t given up on the world.