Movie TV Tech Geeks know that here in the U.S. we call it football, but outside of our country, football in an entirely different thing. We call it soccer here in the states so our international sports writers cover soccer indepth for those that can’t get enough of it.

prediction spanish league soccer champions 2016 images

Prediction: Spanish League soccer champions 2016

With just two rounds of matches to go in the Spanish league, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid all are in the fray to be crowned the champions when the last rounds of games are played on Sunday, 15th May.
making leicester city the soccer champions of england 2016 images

Making Leicester City the soccer champions of England

The media have turned Leicester City's Premier League Championship into a fairytale, but they've neglected to say how much work into making that 'fairytale' a reality. How many sports team training programs do you know that involve beetroot shots
top 10 interesting facts about barclays premier league 2016 images

Top 10 interesting facts about Barclays Premier League

English Premier League is without any doubt the most exciting league in the world. A great example would be that Premier League minnows Leicester City were eight points clear at the top of the table with three matches to go, but then suddenly after over a century, they were the Champions.
leicester city feeling limelight after premier league victory 2016

Leicester City feeling limelight after Premier League victory

It took over a century for Leicester City to get a victory like the Premier League championship, but now players like Jamie Vardy are feeling what it's like to be placed in the harsh limelight.
mat hummels ready for bayern munich 2016 soccer

Mats Hummels fans reacting to Bayern Munich transfer

Borussia Dortmund captain Mats Hummels has handed in a transfer request to the club and has made it clear that he intends to sign for Bayern Munich in the summer transfer window.
dele alli banned rest of season for violent conduct by english fa 2016 images

DEle Alli banned rest of season for violent conduct by English FA

The 2016 PFA Young Player of the Year will not feature for Tottenham Hotspur anymore this season. Dele Alli has been punished by the English FA and the England international will serve a three-match suspension for violent conduct.
leicester city premier league shocker lessons 2016 images

Leicester City Premier League shocker lessons

Everyone's heard that miracles can happen, but suddenly Leicester City winning the Premier League could be proving that to be true. That, at least, is how things seemed nine months ago, at the start of the most unlikely championship charge in English football history.
manchester city draws with real madrid champions league 2016 images

Manchester City draws with Real Madrid in Champions League

The first Champions League semi-final clash of the season was between a European giant and a comparative novice at the highest level.
atletico madrid knocks out bayern munich 2016 images

Atletico Madrid knock out Bayern Munich 1-0 in Champions League

Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich promised to be an enticing encounter on so many levels, and it more than delivered. The defensive game of Diego Simeone against the attack-minded Pep Guardiola.
leicester city controlling their destiny premier league review 2016 images

Leicester City controlling their destiny: Premier League review

With just three matches to go before the conclusion of the Premier League, Leicester City are in full control of their destiny as they chase an unprecedented first ever league title.

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