Movie TV Tech Geeks know that here in the U.S. we call it football, but outside of our country, football in an entirely different thing. We call it soccer here in the states so our international sports writers cover soccer indepth for those that can’t get enough of it.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic ends his Paris Saint-Germain career with conquerer message 2016 images

Zlatan Ibrahimovic ends his Paris Saint-Germain career with conqueror message

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was never one to mince words, or at least words that gave him any sense of modesty. In fact, his lack of modesty was just as famous as his outrageous goals, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic ended his Paris Saint-Germain career
spanish clubs expect barcelona, real madrid or atletico madrid to win la liga title 2016 images

Spanish Clubs expect Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid to win La Liga title

Unlike NFL teams in the United States which start each season hoping for that Super Bowl ring, many Spanish Clubs don't even thing about winning the La Liga title.
kaka still highest paid player in major league soccer with $7 million 2016 images

Kaka still highest paid player in Major League Soccer with $7 million

Former AC Milan and Real Madrid star, Kaka, is still reigning high as Major League Soccer's highest-paid player at just over $7 million. American goalkeeper Tim Howard will earn slightly more than $2.5 million in his return to the league.
Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Last game for 2016 Spanish Title soccer images

Barcelona vs Real Madrid: Last game for 2016 Spanish Title

It's just one last showdown match for Barcelona and Real Madrid to decide who earns the Spanish title for 2016. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have one game to play on Saturday with only one point separating them.
manchester united players react to fans attacking bus

West Ham fans attack Manchester United bus during Premier League match

It only takes a couple bad apples to ruin the lot, and it seems that some West Ham fans really spoiled it for Manchester United as they attacked their bus. You can see in the image below, that the Man United players felt in danger
michel platini resigning from uefa due to ban 2016 images

Michel Platini resigning from UEFA due to ban

UEFA President Michel Platini will be cutting his term short after he was unable to overturn his ban with the Court of Arbitration for Sport. This ban cut his sanction from a six year period to four.
premier league chelsea implosion as confusing as leicester city dominance 2016 images

Premier League Chelsea implosion as confusing as Leicester City dominance

The Premier League easily kept fans on the edge of their seats not knowing what was going to happen next. Chelsea's defense downfall was just as spectacular as Leicester City's shocking championship win.
Pep Guardiola Dressing-room mole at Bayern not my problem 2016 images

Pep Guardiola: Dressing-room mole at Bayern not my problem

Pep Guardiola is bemused by the dressing-room mole at the Bavarian club. According to the Spanish boss, the alleged mole is doing more damage to the club than himself.
guus hiddink I turned down Leicester job at the start of the season 2016 images

Guus Hiddink: I turned down Leicester job at the start of the season

Guus Hiddink has revealed that he was offered the managerial position at Leicester at the beginning of the 2015 – 2016 season. According to the interim Chelsea manager, Claudio Ranieri wasn’t the first preference
2016 madrid masters novak djokovic and rafael nadal alive in quarters 2016 images

2016 Madrid Masters: Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal alive in quarters

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal remain alive in the Madrid Masters draw. That's really good news for fans of the World No. 1 given how the Monte-Carl Masters went earlier this spring.

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