Pep Guardiola: Dressing-room mole at Bayern not my problem

Pep Guardiola Dressing-room mole at Bayern not my problem 2016 images

Pep Guardiola Dressing-room mole at Bayern not my problem 2016 images

Pep Guardiola is bemused by the dressing-room mole at the Bavarian club. According to the Spanish boss, the alleged mole is doing more damage to the club than himself.

Guardiola’s Bayern Munich were knocked out of the Champions League on Tuesday, and a few dressing-room conversations were leaked by someone at the club. According to the unnamed source, Pep Guardiola was furious with the medical staff and scolded them. He said: “Why is Diego Godin back so fast? Why can’t you guys get my players back fit as fast as they do? Why does it always take so long with you guys?”

The former Barcelona boss is set to be replaced by Carlo Ancelotti at Allianz Arena next season. Premier League-bound Guardiola believes ‘what goes on in the dressing room should stay there’ and someone who is leaking the dressing-room conversations is only hurting the team.

“I don’t know exactly what Godin had. He was two or three days out; then he was back. I want players to come back as soon as possible; I’ve fought for that for years,” he said on Friday.

“I’m not disappointed that the information gets to the public. What happens on Wednesday often happens.

“What happens in the dressing room should [stay] in the dressing room. The person who gives the information to the media has not figured out that he did not hurt me, but the team.

“I don’t know who he is, and I don’t have the time now to search for him. I only understand his intention: he wants to hurt me, but he only hurts the team and the club. It’s a problem for the club, not me.”

The 45-year-old also revealed that he didn’t have any preconceived time duration is his mind when he arrived in Germany.

“When I came here, I didn’t think I would only stay for three years,” he said. “But the decision to leave the club was made, it’s a situation I found to be the right one.”

Bayern Munich are on course to pick up their third successive Bundesliga trophy under the Spanish boss. However, the German giants have been eliminated from the semi-final stage in the Champions League for three years in a row. Guardiola stated that if his rating was down to his success in the European competition, then he has failed to deliver.

“If the rating for my work depends on whether I win the Champions League, then I have failed. If people think that then I have to accept that,” he said.

“We tried everything. I’ve been very happy here; we have fought for everything.

“I knew we could lose at some point, but I was interested in how we lose. The defeat against Real Madrid [in 2014] I can take on my own back, but against Barcelona [last season] and Atletico we gave everything.

“Of course, it’s not easy. We wanted to reach the final – we haven’t. Now we must immediately think of the next game; we need a point or better to become champions.

“The games at the end of the season are always difficult. Ingolstadt has had a crazy season. In the first game in Munich, they gave a good account of themselves.”

Bayern Munich face Ingolstadt at the weekend, and a win will seal their grip on the Bundesliga title for the record 26th time.