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‘Second Chance’ 106 Palimpsest Body Mod Time

How much freakier can the villains become on Second Chance going forward? This week we get a couple of monsters looking to radically alter a hooker.

‘Second Chance’ 105 Scratch that Glitch recap

Seeing Sheriff Jimmy Pritchard playing poker all night then getting in a brawl with the cheaters at the table doesn't seem like a good example of a man who's evolving.

‘Second Chance’ 104 Admissions

Another week of "Second Chance," another evil individual for Duval and Jimmy Pritchard to stop. This time, the crimes are against kid prodigies who are getting knocked off one by one while the killer makes it look like drug overdoses.

‘Second Chance’ 103 From Darkness, the Sun recap

Three episodes into "Second Chance," I could have been regretting getting involved with this old school network show. I'm glad I was wrong. I'm still engaged. The show isn't perfect, but I wasn't expecting "The Wire" anyway.

‘Second Chance’ 201 One More Notch for Rob Kazinsky

FOX's "Second Chance One More Notch" starts out with a couple of escaped convicts that end up murdering a nice looking old couple in their camper. Further proof that camping sucks.

‘Second Chance’ 101 Suitable Donor Starts Off Strong Enough

"Second Chance" wastes no time setting the stage for old Jimmy Pritchard, played by Philip Baker Hall who is known for his raspy voice playing parts in movies like "Bruce Almighty" and I remember him as the library cop in an old Seinfeld episode.