‘Second Chance’ 104 Admissions

second chance 104 admission recap 2016 rob kazinsky images

second chance 104 admission recap 2016 rob kazinsky imagesSecond Chance  Season 1 Episode 4 Admissions Recap

Another week of “Second Chance,” another evil individual for Duval and Jimmy Pritchard to stop. This time, the crimes are against kid prodigies who are getting knocked off one by one while the killer makes it look like drug overdoses.

Three takeaways from episode four, Admissions:

  • Crazy killers sometimes start out as geniuses.
  • Accepting your old man came back from death is a tough one to handle, especially for a logical, by the book FBI man.
  • Jimmy isn’t the only one with a second chance. Duval wasn’t the one tossed into a Frankentank after being murdered, yet he has one more shot at a good relationship with his dad.

This episode starts out with Jimmy sitting in his old chair just as we saw him in episode one as the old man. Duval is trying to grasp what’s going on but is on the verge of panic as Mary and the Sheriff try to convince him that his dad is alive in a new improved form.

We see the first of several murders as a talented young cello player is injected with heroin by a crazy lady who’s directed by a weirdo who says the musician needs to be pushed harder.

Turns out the evil guy is the killer’s former teacher.

Mary has a heart to heart with Jimmy about mending his relationship with Duval. “He knows who you are. Show him who you could be,” she tells her creation.

Jimmy figures he’ll try to connect with his son by solving an old case he gave up on which Duval had reached out for the old man’s help. The case involved a kid who died of a drug overdose back in the day, and old man Jimmy told his son to let it go even though the boy’s parents knew the kid was not a drug user.

With a little strong handed interrogation of the dead boy’s buddy, Jimmy and Duval learn that the kid was a genius.  Otto helped figure that out as he cracked the codes in the boy’s journal.

This old case connects to the dead cello player and a few other young prodigies who “overdosed” over the last 18 months.

Scary to see it takes reviving a dead Sheriff to connect those dots. I guess the police just overlooked this simple pattern while they were busy handing out seat belt tickets.

The case gives us a tip that Otto is using some form of self-medication, likely the fake virtual reality from a couple of episodes back, to cope with his disconnection from the average IQ folks who make up most of society.

Otto is terrified of what would happen to him if Mary were not around.

A Ouija board is creepy enough without having the target spirit using the board in the form of a new human. Duval isn’t pleased with his wife and daughter looking for the ghost of his old man with his dad playing along.

We see Duval’s boss is suspicious of his reports even while she’s impressed with his work. She knows someone is helping him along.

The prodigies all have a connection as they all applied to the same college. Duval and Jimmy look for  clues there then the place is searched by the FBI as well.

This warrant process is a little slow for the Sheriff. So he makes his way back later to talk to the therapist, Dr. Liz Kenyon.

Kenyon seems regretful of what she’s done as she talks with her mentor so the evil teacher slams her head into a mirror as he escapes before Jimmy can get to him. Only the mentor is not real.

The Doc is a loon. She imagines her former teacher is telling her to kill these young geniuses when in reality the guy’s been dead for years.

Duval isn’t happy when Jimmy has to tell him he let the main suspect slip away. Jimmy does figure out where Dr. Kenyon is headed though so he and Duval head to the woman’s old middle school.

Kenyon can’t fight off the voice in her head and her reason for killing is to “protect” these kids from her evil teacher. She doesn’t want them pushed in the manner she was…so she just whacks em before they can suffer.

Logical to lunatic.

An unlucky young swimmer is the next victim of the insane therapist and if not for Jimmy, the prodigy athlete would have died in the pool. The Sheriff showed more of his super strength as he saved the girl from the bottom of the pool with an incredible leap out of the water. Pretty impressive for an old timer.

second chance 104 rob kazinsky imagesDuval, proving once again he’s not the best FBI man around, takes time to monologue to the killer as he explains he is saving the swimmer with a heroin antidote. Just save the kid my man!

You can gloat later.

Another killer caught. Jimmy and Duval’s relationship a tiny bit better after working another case together.

Jimmy even compliments his kid on his police work, something that the old man couldn’t appreciate while he was living his old life.

The show wrapped as Duval’s boss told him she found out about his confidential informant who’s been helping with his cases as the Sheriff walks in. Looking Glass Technologies has created an identity for Jimmy so he can work in an semi-official capacity with his son.

Not sure how happy Duval will be about this, but the Sheriff looked pretty pleased with himself.

Hopefully by the end of this first season, Duval’s daughter Gracie will find out the truth about her grandpa being alive. For now Duval doesn’t want his family to know the truth.

I’m not sure “Second Chance” needs to feature a new killer each week. The show barely has time to set up the crimes before the two heroes solve the case. A two episode case wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Or even a “Big Bad” to take down for the long haul.

I know they have to have police work to do in order for Duval and Jimmy to bond over, but the cases are a bit rushed.

Hopefully, the new Friday slot won’t hurt this new age show that may resonate more with younger folks not likely to stay in on Friday nights.

But that’s what DVRs are for I guess.