‘Second Chance’ 109 When you have to go there recap

second chance 109 when you have to go there recap 2016 images

second chance 109 when you have to go there recap 2016 images

Second Chance 109 When You Have to Go There, They Have to Take You In Recap

Somebody’s been busy growing monsters like Chia Pets! And they haven’t all quite turned out as perfect as the Sheriff. That somebody is the same guy using Mary for cheap sex on occasion.

What else happened on episode nine of “Second Chance?”

– Otto pitched a fit like I haven’t seen since my brother was five and started squalling at the theater when he realized E.T. was going home.

– Alexa is not exactly a finished product.

– Her husband George is a bit old school on this whole resurrection thing, believing death has its place in life. His much younger wife will have no problem convincing him when push comes to shove, though.

OK, time to move out for Jimmy. With Mary cured, there’s no need for him to hang around the Goodwin compound. Except for the fact that these two are totally into each other, but not wanting to admit it yet.

We see the evil Connor Graff pushing Alexa to rip Otto away from Mary by making him even more jealous of Jimmy’s relationship with the little genius’s sister.

Notes stolen from the lab aren’t enough for Graff to replicate Otto’s work on Jimmy 2.0.

Moving in with other adult family members is usually a disaster. If you’ve ever known anyone who let in-laws stay over for a few months, you have seen this play out horribly. Duval knows this and knows just how hard his dad would be to live with so he nixes the idea of the Sheriff shacking up with him and his family.

The villain this week is a guy named Albert Linn. This creature is a giant (literally) who’s into ripping other humans apart while their blood is sprayed all over their dwelling.

I guess drive-by shootings from last week were too mundane, so we had to get back to the real freaks.

You might guess that being part of a cancer project that actually cured the disease would be pretty lucrative, especially if you were once dead then brought back to life. Mary confirms this to Jimmy as he’s being set up with his own financial account for his role in healing her.

She says he could end up a billionaire if all goes well! That’s what we need. A reckless Sheriff with unlimited funds.

We know Otto is a basket case of sorts. Good with math and computers, but zero people skills. Graff plays the boy like a fiddle as he makes it look like Jimmy and Mary are deeply in love and about to run off together, leaving poor Otto out in the cold.

Seeing Alexa’s misshapen and exposed spine makes me think Otto is unencumbered with morals. He left her “unformed”, and this is the result.

Alexa is having to push her hubby George to be on board with Connor regenerating his body when the time comes.

Albert Linn is on a tear, literally, as he kills a few homeless folks. Duval is getting closer to the truth when the doctor who checked Jimmy’s DNA earlier in the season calls him regarding the Linn murders. His DNA is similar to Jimmy’s. Both transgenic.

But Duval never gets all the details as some thugs jam the phone call then run over the good doctor for her trouble.

In this episode, Jimmy gets a lot of props for just knowing Mary Goodwin. Gracie is a big fan, and Duval’s daughter also knows something is up with her “uncle” as she sees so much of her granddad in him.

The turning point in Jimmy and Mary’s relationship is when she tells him, in twin-speak no less, that she wants him to stay. He awkwardly answers in the odd language that he wants to be there with her as well.

This is also the point where Otto begins to fully hate Jimmy as he later sees the video of this conversation.

Jimmy using the private words of he and his sis’ coded language is too much for the guy.

It turns out that Albert Linn is 79 years old. A little over the hill to be murdering folks in the physical manner of these cases. Not judging you senior citizens. I’m sure you could all rip arms off back in your hay day. Greatest generation and all.

Duval and Jimmy figure out where to find Linn after getting help from the Chinese community. The father and son team nearly get killed by the monster, though, who’s stronger than the Sheriff. Luckily Linn gets tranquilized like an animal before he whacks the two law-dogs.

Connor Graff is behind the Linn monster of course as we see his thugs haul Linn’s body back to him. No telling how many more of these monsters are roaming around Graff’s lab as he tries to recreate what Otto has done.

This show is true to its Frankenstein roots. No way Jimmy was the first experiment that just happened to turn out perfect. Well, perfect physically, not morally. There had to be other cases where things didn’t go so well, and the mad scientists had to start over.

Otto and Connor Graff are those mad scientists. Willing to do anything in pursuit of their goals. One was willing to do these inhumane things to save his sister. The other simply to gain more power.

We’ll see how nasty things can get next week as it looks like Gracie, with her perfect DNA, is put in the cross-hairs of “Dr. Otto” who had one hell of a meltdown after seeing his sister and Jimmy confirming their feelings for one another.