‘Second Chance’ 103 From Darkness, the Sun recap

second chance 103 from darkness the sun 2016 images

second chance 103 from darkness the sun 2016 images

Second Chance Season 1 Episode 3 “From Darkness, the Sun”

Three episodes into “Second Chance,” I could have been regretting getting involved with this old school network show. I’m glad I was wrong. I’m still engaged. The show isn’t perfect, but I wasn’t expecting “The Wire” anyway.

I was expecting a cool show about a guy with a second chance at life. That’s what I’m getting along with some decent crimes for the Sheriff to solve while he mends his relationship with his son Duval.

FOX did move the show to Friday nights though, which may be a bad sign for its future.

Three quick takeaways from this week’s show:

– Duvall is the worst FBI agent I’ve ever seen.

– Mary gets hotter each week. Hope she doesn’t die off.

– Senior citizens  brought back to life with new bodies should not take designer drugs while stalking a serial killer.

This week’s episode was all about some poor protesters who got slaughtered as they went on a coal protest mission. Turns out the CEO of the company, Duke Davis covered up what really happened since it was his psycho kid who did the killing.

Davis had some history with Jimmy Pritchard back in the day when the union busting businessman tossed some troublemaker in the river.

Agent Duval gets sidetracked from his mission to figure out who the hell his half brother really is and what the hell the guy is doing with transgenic DNA. The dead protesters provide another mission for him and the Sheriff.

Mary helps Jimmy with some clues on Davis’ son who likes to burn, rape, and pillage. I guess being rich was too boring so he needed to add some mayhem to spice things up.

Good thing Jimmy had some intel to pull Duval off the insanely awkward Otto who needs a computer to have a simple conversation. Without Mary this little genius would be a penniless digital hermit.

second chance 103 sexy shotsWe see Asher Davis tell his dad to clean up his mess as he rolls into Duke Davis’ office wearing the bloody protest suit and mask. Davis has been cleaning up the boy’s crimes for a while and the Sheriff is gonna need to put this rabid dog down.

Asher sees himself as untouchable and openly taunts Duval. The Sheriff doesn’t follow the rules of course and reminds Duval that doing things illegally are the best way to catch criminals.

Jimmy may be super strong with his new body but he’s pretty reckless and not that wise. Who takes drugs offered by a possible serial killer? The Sheriff was lucky not to be disemboweled at the rave he entered with Asher and his girlfriend, who is driving the last Ford Pinto on the planet in 2016.

We’re reminded of Jimmy’s limitations again as he has to head back to the Goodwin house for his tank treatment after his hangover from Asher’s party,

Duval and the Sheriff tail the cart girl to a private jet where we see  just how ineffective Duval is as a law man.

Jimmy has to listen to a pathetic speech about how Duke Davis tried to be a good father to Asher, but was done covering for him and planned to crash both he and his loon of a youngen into the ocean.

The old man got shanked before he could carry out the suicide mission though.

The Sheriff seemed excited to test his skills against Asher as the kid challenged him to a sword fight. Only Jimmy didn’t have a sword…or a damn gun! Don’t gloss yourself Sheriff if you don’t have a gun on your hip 24/7 my man. Never know when you’ll need to ice a murderous spoiled brat.

The sword fight was a bad scene for Jimmy. Real bad scene, as he was cut early and often. He finally got the best of the puny kid with a few well placed punches. Then Duval showed up to “help out.”

Maybe Duval is an honorary member of the FBI and has had no formal training. That’s the only explanation for him getting surprised by the cart girl, then letting his “half brother” get shot multiple times without returning fire!

Of course, the Sheriff doesn’t want to go to the hospital so Duval takes him to Mary’s house. Along the way Jimmy Pritchard rambles on about missed ball games and other regrets about Duval’s childhood. Still it takes Mary showing Duval the tank as Jimmy heals and telling the FBI man that his half brother is really his daddy.

Hard to swallow no doubt, but seeing a human being in a giant fish tank should be pretty convincing evidence for the man.

I’m glad this is out of the way so we can move forward without Duval appearing like an idiot who can’t put the pieces together when this half brother knows way too much about him.

So this week’s show wrapped up with another decent showing.

We had an off the wall criminal to chase.

Mary is into Jimmy as more than a blood donor.

Duval is out of the dark.

And Otto is as weird as we’ve seen him.

Bring on episode four.