‘Second Chance’ 201 One More Notch for Rob Kazinsky

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second chance 102 rob kazinsky shirtless wet 2016 imagesSecond Chance Season 1 Episode 2 “One More Notch” Recap

After the second episode of Fox‘s “Second Chance” here’s what we learned.

  1. – Otto is single minded. His one and only focus is on his sister. His attachment borders on creepy and his genius is inching toward the thin line of insanity.
  2. – Each week FBI agent Duval is going to get schooled on the virtues of unvirtuous police work from his old man.
  3. – Methheads have a religion too, though I can’t imagine any of them can sit still long enough for a sermon to make any impact as they fidget in the pews.

“One More Notch” starts out with a couple of escaped convicts that end up murdering a nice looking old couple in their camper. Further proof that camping sucks.

Jimmy feels responsible for the killings since they escaped from prison due to a power outage resulting from Looking Glass bringing him back with what looked to be 1.21 gigawatts of power.

The Sheriff gets the chance to hunt these two bad guys down as he negotiates his valuable blood supply with Mary. She feels responsible too, so she agrees while Otto wants to keep their “property” safe in their compound.

The best line of the night went to Jimmy when he was hit by a car after admiring his newly found Russell Westbrook jumping ability. The driver asked, “Are you dead,” and his response, “Used to be, not anymore. Gotta go.”


Otto may be the smartest guy on Earth. Dude got the Sheriff out of another jam by setting off the cops’ tasers as they surrounded Jimmy during his search for the convicts.

Duval is going to keep sniffing until he finds out who Jimmy really is, but Mary is not going to be bullied by him so he gets no intel from her. For now Jimmy is going with the half brother fib to Duval who buys it for the time being. The best interaction on the show continues to be between Duval’s daughter and Jimmy, her granddad. She asks her “half uncle” if he thinks the old man killed himself.

She’s assured by the man who was tossed off that bridge that he most assuredly did not. This kid loved her grandfather dearly while her dad was too close to the action to see the good side of him.

We got a look at an old hangout of senior citizen Jimmy and see the bar with the notches indicating another bad guy dusted off by the Sheriff back in the day. The old man and owner of the Asian restaurant had worked together to get the real trash off the streets. His granddaughter now runs the joint and gives Jimmy some intel to track down the killers.

Jimmy is super strong, but not superman. The brick wall fail humbled our boy a bit.

This episode put a lot of faith in two meth heads and their escape plan. They already went to an arms dealer, whacked him, took some assault rifles, and even performed a ceremony to marry spiderweb-neck-tattoo guy’s ex old lady. In reality these two idiots would have went straight from prison to the meth dealer, on to Walmart to grab every item off the shelf to see what’s in it, and spent the next two days gnawing through their own gums.

second chance 102 one more notch for rob kazinsky 2016 imagesThe Sheriff locates the convicts with the help of Otto of course and proceeds to reach through a wall to slam Preacher Methman before reaching the kidnapped little girl. He has a face off with the kid’s killer of a dad and is helped again by Otto as he seemingly can control every machine on the planet.

Sheriff KOs the bad guy to wrap up the scene and he and Mary drop the girl off to her newlywed mother. Hopefully, the mom can get that marriage annulled due to a meth loophole. I’m almost sure she was pressured into saying yes.

At the end, Super Sheriff runs out of energy again and has to be driven back to the tank by Mary. His Kryptonite is time away from Otto’s lab. If Otto is so smart he best think up a mobile injection for emergencies.

The last scene between Duval and his dad shows the Sheriff offer a partnership between the two. Duval doesn’t leap at the opportunity of course, but each week will see the two intertwined with various crimes. The son takes Jimmy’s glass to be tested for DNA I’m guessing, and then notices a new notch on the bar for the bad guys they just took down. Very nice wrap up.

Hopefully, the series can keep up the momentum all the way through the season. It’s not easy to come up with legit bad guys as a side story each week. I loved “Justified” and they did a good job of bringing in less important characters for Raylan to battle while waiting to take down the top level criminals later.

I’m interested to see if Mary can be healed with the Sheriff’s blood, which hasn’t helped her yet. But Otto is optimistic as Jimmy grows stronger each day.

Hopefully, Jimmy can have a good relationship with his son at some point. It is inevitable that the Sheriff’s true identity will be revealed to Duval sooner or later.

It’s clear that Jimmy is going to use his second chance to do good. That doesn’t mean he’s going to be a choir boy along the way or that he can’t have a good time while catching killers and maybe curing cancer.

The Sheriff theme is a great take on a guy fighting crime like he’s in an old school western.