‘Second Chance’ 110 Geworfenheit & FOX close to axing show

second chance 110 fox close to dropping ax 2016 images

second chance 110 fox close to dropping ax 2016 images

Second Chance Se 1 ep 10 Geworfenheit Recap

With just one more episode left this season, “Second Chance” started tying up loose ends on their 2016 run with “Geworfenheit.” It looks all but certain that next week’s season finale will wrap up the series as well due to not so great ratings.

The title of this week’s episode relates to Jimmy and the other “monsters” being thrown into this world. As well as the link from past to future with Gracie being a part of the Frankenstein story with her generation skipping DNA that allows for resurrections.

The regenerated killer from last week, Albert Linn, has been replaced by another body to cover up the murders. Conner Graff made sure no trail would lead to him, and now Linn is locked up like an animal in one of his labs.

Jimmy has tried to bully Otto into giving some info on his other experiments, but the Sheriff is looking more like a mall cop as he is in need of some tank rejuvenation.

Even though Otto is a weirdo who has caused a giant mess, I did feel sorry for him. Mary told him she should have been protecting the world from him, instead of trying to protect him from the world.

Linn was not Otto’s fault, but he did initially create the eventual serial killer.

When a super genius gets pissed, he doesn’t just run down to the gun store. He sets up his 3-D printer to create a weapon. Connor was going to be the victim of the gun-wielding nerd, but he talked Otto down eventually.

It was a quick decision for Gracie to just run away forever with her new BF. From happy homelife to leaving a video message to her dad saying she was gone forever. Wow!

Otto put a hurting on Looking Glass with one foul swoop. He commanded Arthur to leave the servers of Looking Glass. That indeed caused a cascade of catastrophic events just like the little digital guy told him.

second chance not looking to get one by fox

And that’s what Otto wanted as he was now with Connor.

The biggest issue with Arthur being removed is Jimmy’s tank going down and him being left to drown there. Lucky for him Mary saves him before he goes belly up like one of Otto’s fish.

Then Mary professes her love for the Sheriff in her own language. Too bad this romance will only last one more episode.

It was a matter of time before things went badly with Gracie’s boyfriend. Well, it went worse than I thought. The dude isn’t just a slacker; he’s working for Connor Graff. Gracie has been taken by him and a couple more thugs back to the lab.

She’s smart enough to make a call to her dad so he and Jimmy can get a clue to where she was taken from, though.

Alexa will not be spending a vampire’s eternity with the man she loves. Old George wrote his beautiful wife a suicide letter that reinforced his belief that they were “fragile creatures, and not meant for a life with no end. Then the guy lit himself on fire by a lake!

Not exactly a peaceful way to go out George! Mix in some cyanide.

Duval and the FBI show up at Connor’s property with a fake search warrant to get them in the door as Gracie is shown strapped down on a medical cart.

Duval uses his old man’s interrogation techniques when he commenced to beating on Connor. The Sheriff has to restrain his son and Duval’s boss at the FBI arrives to put a stop to the illegal search.

Having his daughter kidnapped puts Duval in a desperate position, so he spills the beans about the entire situation. He tells his boss about his dead father being brought back to life and how his daughter has the right DNA for another such experiment.

This move was the only card Duval had to play. Unfortunately, it lands him in a psyche ward for a 72-hour evaluation. People have a hard time believing a “back from the dead” story.

The episode wrapped up more bean spillage from Alexa. She told Mary everything that happened to her. How Otto created her then tossed her out like a frog in a dissection gone wrong. How Connor brought her the rest of the way back and of course how she has been working for Mary’s evil occasional hook-up.

With one episode left, there won’t be much time to get deeper with Jimmy and Mary.

The further rebuilding of the father and son relationship will only be touched upon with Duval and Jimmy. The show will have to focus on capturing Connor Graff and saving Gracie.

I can imagine a rushed finale is headed our way. If I had to guess, I’d say Otto will never make it out alive. And of course, the good guys will win as they kill Connor or have him sent to a cage for the rest of his life.

Second Chance hasn’t been a bad show. Not great, but worthy of watching. I’ll break down the finale next week and how the show could have done better overall.

It looks like it’s over for Second Chance after next week. But who knows, Netflix or Amazon could revamp the show to give it a second chance online.

Doubtful, but possible.

UPDATE on Second Chance:

From what we’re hearing over at the FOX house, “Second Chance” won’t be getting a second chance next season. As we reported back in January that when they moved the inspired show from it’s Wednesday perch to Friday, the writing was on the wall. Ratings haven’t done well for the network show, but Netflix is sniffing around so fingers crossed it will be given a second chance in a place that will know how to nurture a show like this. Network TV is hard for these shows.