Empir' 210 Et tu Brute 2015 hakeem images

‘Empire’ 210 Et tu Brute? aka Gullible Hakeem

"Empire's" Hakeem is a gullible ass bitch. Okay, I had to get that out. If you can’t tell from that statement, "Empire" was something else this week
empire 209 sinned against 2015 images

‘Empire’ 209 Sinned Against Recap

There's plenty of star cameo's this week on "Empire," and the only thing I can say is that the story continues with a surprising twist for one of the characters.
empire 208 my bad parts recap 2015 images

‘Empire’ 208 My Bad Parts Hakeem Loses His Lyon Recap

“Empire” continues its convoluted series of storylines this week, and it just doesn't feel right. In particular, Anika has become a kind of sad stalker who dresses in blonde wigs
empire 207 true love never 2015 adam rodriguez images

‘Empire’ Stumbles With 207 True Love Never Wins Recap

On Empire this week, we plunge deeper into the drama that is the Lyon clan. Let me say here too, that this has to be the most uneven episode in recent memory.
empire 206 high hopes for a low heaven 2015 images cookie

‘Empire’ 206 High Hopes For A Low Heaven Recap

Empire returned this week after a one-week hiatus, and it picked right back up from where it started- Hakeem is still missing.
empire 205 be true baptism 2015 images

‘Empire’ 205 Be True: Baptism & Kidnapping Recap

This week on Empire, get ready for a dip in the baptismal water… with sharks.
empire 203 hakim jamal fight 2015

EMPIRE 203 Poor Yorick & Cookie Won’t Crumble

Every week, Empire gets more and more explosive (and unbelievable) and this week’s episode, it started and ended with a bang.
empire fires of heaven recap cookie pitbull images 2015

EMPIRE 203 Fires of Heaven With Pitbull & Timbaland

It’s Fires of Heaven on this episode of "Empire," and it opens up with Ms. Ford telling reporters that she is disgusted with the fact that Lucious was let out. ALTHOUGH one of the conditions of his bail is not to go into Empire, that’s okay as he says. “I am the empire.
empire cookie kicked out of empire 2015

EMPIRE 202 Without A Country aka Rise of Dynasty Recap

Here we are at episode two of season two of Empire and things are heating up for sure. This season is rolling out like the first one with the action stepping up very quickly.
empire 201 caged cookie recap 2015

EMPIRE 201 Caged Cookie, Lesbian Orgies & Devils Are Here Recap

If nothing else, Empire surely kept to his spectacular plot lines and fantastical twists in the season two opener.

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