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Pokemon Go safety tips for parents and children of all ages

Safety Precautions For Kids Playing Pokemon GO

Just how does Pokemon Go work?

What You Need to Know About How Pokemon GO Works

Gamer Weekly: Xbox One S, Gravity Rush 2 and Rise of...

Gaming Weekly (7/17-7/24): Xbox One S, Gravity Rush 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider Release Dates Confirmed and More

Pokemon Go Pokestops uncovering history for players

Pokemon Go has been one of the fastest cultural phenomena to hit in some time, but it's also doing some good. Not only has the game gotten people off their couch and outside, it's now also teaching users about history.

How to avoid extra Pokemon Go charges

While Pokemon Go is free to download to a mobile device, it is not always a completely free game. Like many other mobile games, it has in-app purchases, where your kids can purchase pokeballs and other special features.

Top 6 Pokemon Go secrets being kept quiet

Pokemon Go has become that phenomenon that even your grandparents have heard of. Even if you aren't one of the millions who don’t play the game, you might have been annoyed at people

Understanding Pokemon Go: Knowing the Basics

By now, everyone in the world (Japan just got it today) know that Pokemon Go is all the rage. There may be millions of people who are playing it and running around catching Pikachus and finding PokeStops

Japan getting nervous about Pokemon Go craze arriving

It seems like the "Pokemon Go" hype has become a worldwide phenomenon, but there are still some places that the craze hasn't hit yet. One of them is Japan

Pokemon Go Could be the End of Windows Phone

With Pokemon GO, the Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile app problem can no longer be ignored. While it would be easy for Windows Phone users to just get a cheap Android phone to be able to use popular apps

Nintendo’s price for nostalgia

Nintendo is on a roll. Nintendo is going retro but unlike in Wreck-it-Ralph, that's not a bad thing. The company is back with a vengeance from the looming threat of irrelevance in the world of gaming

The Pokémon GO Economy

Pokémon GO is currently the top grossing app in both Google and Apple App Store and its popularity has revived Nintendo in more ways than one.

Pokemon GO: Nintendo is Back in the Game

Nintendo is not yet down for the count. In fact, it’s currently surging up and shares are currently up 25 percent. After the failure of its Wii U console against Sony and Microsoft
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