Gaming is that thing that makes all of us here at Movie TV Tech Geeks very happy. We review all games and enjoy the process.

Is it back to basics for Nintendo NX?

Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Nintendo NX remains mysterious. It will be powerful for sure. But there is one persistent rumor that has many people suffering from low-bandwidth and high-DLC excited

Hero diversity big at E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo

Game developers proved that they are keeping up with what players want as they unveiled more racially diverse protagonists at the Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3.

Virtual Reality Headsets Should Be Banned

Virtual Reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR should be banned according to a military flight simulator expert named Steve Baker.

Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 Winners and Losers

E3 aka the Electronic Entertainment Expo brought in more than 50,000 video game industry leaders and insiders this week filling up the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Gamer Weekly: Lots of leaks for E3 Expo and Titanfall 2...

This week in gaming, which was home to the start of E3 (EA and Bethesda’s press conferences), was pretty good—unless you’re affiliated with Microsoft; quite a few planned reveals were leaked before their press conference on Monday morning

E3 2016 Preview: What Gaming Fans Should Look For

This week in gaming was a bit light on news—probably because the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is here. For reference, E3 is the biggest and most anticipated show in the gaming industry.

What I’m Playing Now: Gears of War Ultimate Editions and Rare...

You can be late to the party and not miss a thing if it’s a well-planned and generally exciting event, and I found this point to be abundantly true in regards to Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Gamer Weekly: No Man’s Sky delayed while Overwatch impresses

No Man’s Sky, the ultra-innovative, highly anticipated, and “game-changing” space exploration title which was scheduled for a June 21st release on the PS4 and PC has been delayed

Gamer Weekly: Homefront the Revolution glitches and Resident Evil 7

Gamer Weekly Homefront: The Revolution Debuts to Poor Reviews, Resident Evil 7 to be Horror-Based, and More

What to expect with Playstation 4 Neo

The Upgraded PS4, Neo: Established Information and Commonly Asked Questions

What I’m Playing Now: Rare Replay, The Wonderful 101, Katamari Damacy

This week, I finally started enjoying the massive array of titles on Rare Replay for the Xbox One, and conquering The Wonderful 101 on the Wii U.

Gamer Weekly: Uncharted 4 huge hit and Disney Infinity axed

Uncharted 4, as was expected, is one of the best games of all time. The ultra-impressive title looks marvelous, plays perfectly, is well-written, and in terms of multiplayer, functions excellently.
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