E3 2016 Preview: What Gaming Fans Should Look For

e3 2016 preview what gaming fans should look for imagese3 2016 preview what gaming fans should look for images

e3 2016 preview what gaming fans should look for imagese3 2016 preview what gaming fans should look for images

This week in gaming was a bit light on news—probably because the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is so close.

For reference, E3 is the biggest and most anticipated show in the gaming industry; every year, at E3, the leading video game companies (Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, predominantly, but the last few events have featured press conferences from EA and Ubisoft, amongst others) reveal their newest and most exciting projects.  Anyone who enjoys games, accordingly, cannot miss the event (it airs live and free on television, over the internet, and through the Xbox One and PS4, for the corresponding company’s press conference).

E3 2016 runs from June 14-16, and like always—or perhaps even more so, given the rumored announcement of upgraded consoles—gamers simply cannot miss it. To persuade uninterested individuals to watch and to further excite those who plan to view E3, let’s take a look at some of the awesome information that can be expected!

xbox one s upgraded console 2016xbox one s upgraded console 2016

Upgraded Consoles

New and more powerful versions of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have been rumored (and supported by notable information, as well as hints from Sony and Microsoft) for some time. Despite these points, neither company has come forward and officially confirmed the systems’ development, let alone their release date and pricing. Logic indicates that E3 2016 will be the massive platform that at least Sony or Microsoft use to give their upgraded console(s) an initial push.

legend of zelda

The Legend of Zelda

Whether or not Nintendo is playing “hardball” when they say that The Legend of Zelda will be the only playable title they showcase at this year’s E3 remains to be seen, but if they aren’t bluffing, there’s a good chance many fans will still be intrigued.

And for good reason—the newest LOZ title promises to be bigger, better, and more innovative than any entry in the series yet. If it really is the only playable game showed off at their E3 press conference, fans will be able to enjoy extensive footage and gameplay—something that they haven’t been able to do yet.

agent game e3 expo


It should be noted that this one is complete speculation; nothing besides timing and uninhibited optimism indicate that Agent will make an appearance at E3 2016.

But, the timing really is perfect—or as good as it’s going to ever be. For those who don’t know, Agent is a rumored—although officially confirmed—PlayStation-exclusive, espionage-style title set during the Cold War and announced in 2009, being created by Rockstar. Little information has been revealed about the title, even after all these years.

However, what we do know is that the game is still scheduled to release (its development has been re-confirmed, and after that, trademarks were filed). Given its long development time (of course, not all of these years were spent making the game, or else it would be finished!), as well as the sizable period which has passed since Rockstar has released a new series (L.A. Noire, which hit store shelves in 2011, is the last completely fresh, for lack of a better term, title the gaming powerhouse has put-out), a big announcement at E3 isn’t entirely out of the question; there are only so many years the game can remain “in the pipe” for, before being cancelled or detailed further.

2016 may be the year that fans finally have some real Agent information to go on.

dead rising 4 e3 expo images

Dead Rising 4

Don’t worry, Xbox fans, you also have a lot of awesome stuff to expect at this year’s show; specifically, Dead Rising 4.

Dead Rising 3, interestingly, released exclusively on the One (and later the PC), and was a massive commercial success; it’s unclear what the details of this contract were, although they were appealing enough to draw Capcom in. Evidently, the entire arrangement worked, because Dead Rising 4—which also appears to be an Xbox One exclusive—is being released.

There really isn’t any mystery behind this one, as pictures of DR4 posters have been leaked, but nevertheless, it will be awesome to see how the zombie-infested universe that has allowed the series to emerge as a major commercial and critical success is innovated this time around.

resident evil 7 biohazard e3 expo

Resident Evil 7

Also from Capcom, but this time on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Resident Evil 7 is rumored to be announced sometime during this year’s E3. It goes without saying that another entry in the multi-billion-dollar franchise will excite quite a few gamers. Let’s just hope they don’t mess this one up (I know many readers won’t like this, but how RE6 made it past the concept stage is beyond me, especially given the quality of RE4 and even RE5!).

the last guardian e3 expo images

The Last Guardian

Ah, The Last Guardian—the mystique-heavy PlayStation-exclusive game being developed by Team Ico. There have been quite a few rumors and bits of speculation behind the title since its announcement in 2007 (including questions of whether or not it would actually release), but it appears as though E3 2016 is finally the show that will provide fans with the information they so strongly desire (maybe even a release date?).

Then again, to remain realistic, I’ve been expecting more information on The Last Guardian for a number of E3 events now. Like Agent, the prediction that some major developments will be made regarding The Last Guardian is based purely upon the fact that there aren’t very many additional years the title can be crafted for without a release date or a cancellation notice; the latter hasn’t arrived yet, so the former must be near.

god of war 4 e3 expo

 God of War 4

One of Sony’s biggest and most beloved series, God of War, may be receiving a fresh entry; this new title could be detailed at E3 2016, moreover.

There isn’t a whole lot to go on right now, and without the few available hints, there really wouldn’t be reason to believe that another GOW game would be on the horizon (or announced at this year’s E3), but several signs indicate that Kratos will storm the stage and command the action like only he can.

Who Knows?

With all of the rumors, expectations, and speculation surrounding E3 temporarily disregarded, the unforeseen developments—which are present every year—are sure to thrill. This year appears to be especially well-suited for crazy reveals, given its inherently unpredictable nature (with new consoles and all). The announcements you don’t see coming are the often the most exciting, in the video game world (and at E3, that is!).

One thing is for sure: this year’s E3, which is once again scheduled for June 14-16, is a must-watch event for each and every gaming fan.

Enjoy the games! Plus, I’ll be doing full coverage of what happens and is uncovered at the E3 Expo.