Bringing in Top Quality Employees with Video Conferencing

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Any given organization that is trying to continue to grow needs to realize just how important it is to bring in the most qualified and capable individuals. Employees are not only the lifeblood of an organization in that they are what makes the business go day in and day out, but they are also the muscle that continues to flex and push boundaries forward. If you want to bring in young talent to help propel your company into bigger and better directions, these are the ways you can capture some of the best young employees on the market today.

Flexibility of Lifestyle

Young people are a curious type of employee, especially to many older and senior members of society. As The Los Angeles Times reports, younger staff members are actually looking for more flexibility in their schedule than anything else. And, when you consider the fact that they will even take a decreased salary in order to have more flexibility, it means you can not only get a worker who is happier about their role and happier about their benefits, but you can also get an employee for less.

The key to making younger people happy is understanding how they think. However, because they are far more productive when it comes to using technology and applications, it also means that as long as you give them the opportunity to work on flexible time, work from home, and set their own schedules to an extent, you will have far fewer problems then you would if you tried to shove them into a typical work schedule. You will also get a more productive employee as well.

They Will Work Anywhere and Anytime

The idea of a vacation for many workers is one where you shut off your phone and email and go away for days at a time while you forget about the work that is piling up on your desk. Younger workers aren’t used to this and probably never will be. In other words, it means you can literally have your employees at lunch, still preparing for the morning commute, or sitting in a doctor’s office for an appointment and you’ll find that they are still working. This is curious to many employers because they think the only place work can be done is at a desk. However, when millennials and even some of the Generation X personnel perform their best work, they are typically away from the boring and monotonous desk where they can be interrupted by small talk, telephones, office politics, and other things.

This is the main reason why so many employers who are looking to give their employees a jump start on productivity will look to use items such as the technology of polycom video conferencing in order to make them more effective. Not only can they literally work from anywhere with the technology, but they can also be more productive by getting work done away from the brain drain of a boring desk instead. When you consider how these employees can work from anywhere, it means they will always be available for work as well. Whether they are at home, traveling with friends, or even on a vacation themselves, they will always be ready to respond and conference at any time when it comes to video conferencing capabilities.

They Love Relationships

The old way of doing business was shaking the hand of a person that you had never met and judging someone based upon a quick conversation. The newest generation could never (and will never) survive with just cold calling and trying to close a sale on day one, however, because that just isn’t who they are as people and as a whole generation. While they may be hard to fully understand with respect to all of their needs and how they operate, Forbes says it best: millennials and younger members of the organization need to have relationships.

This isn’t just in their personal lives, though, because they often blend their personal lives with their work lives. They want to work with people that they like, trust, and can actually see and communicate with. It might sound too good to be true, but video conferencing works because younger workers can’t just pick up a phone and do business. They need to know who is on the other end of the line (or the screen) and be comfortable with who they are.

When you think about it, despite the misconception that those from the younger generation are lazy or are simply unable to do work, it is important to understand they are possibly the most efficient group that has ever come into the workforce. The only key you need to concentrate on is the simple idea of finding a way to allow your newest and youngest employees (who may just happen to be the most skilled) to actually have the freedom and flexibility of doing what they love and loving how they do it as well.