What to expect with Playstation 4 Neo

what to expect with playstation 4 neo 2016 images

what to expect with playstation 4 neo 2016 images

The Upgraded PS4, Neo: Established Information and Commonly Asked Questions

The information surrounding the upgraded PS4—codenamed “Neo”—has become so abundant that, at this point, it looks as though a formal announcement is inevitable. With Sony’s E3 press conference right around the corner, the timing of these rumors is almost certainly more than a coincidence.

Nevertheless, many gamers are rightfully interested in knowing all there is to know about the Neo at this very moment, in anticipation of its official reveal. As it happens, we’re interested in the Neo as well; let’s take a look at everything we know about the upgraded system right now, as well as answers to some commonly asked Neo questions!

The Neo: A Brief Summary

Let’s start with the most basic information behind the Neo (also referred to as the PS4K, as well as the PS4.5) that’s being circulated right now.

The Neo is an upgraded version of the currently available PlayStation 4 console. It is technically superior to the current PS4 in most every way (more on its specs later), and presumably comes equipped to run games in a much more fluid fashion; as its name suggests, the PS4K can also output videos and games in ultra-HD or 4K.

The pricing of this console has yet to be determined, as it once again has yet to be officially announced (and therefore, its release date is unknown as well). Nevertheless, it has been made clear that—and this is an incredibly important point—games will not be exclusive to the Neo; whatever’s released on this system will also be available on the traditional PS4 although it is unknown if all PS4 games will be released on the Neo (there are active rumors supporting both sides).

The Technical Specifications

The technical specifications behind the Neo are as follows:

CPU—8 Jaguar Cores at 2.1 GHz

GPU—Amplified AMD GCN, 36 CUs at 911 MHz

Memory—8 GB GDDR5, 218 GB/s

As was expected by most gamers, these specifications are notably more powerful than those of the traditional PS4—as they need to be, to support active 4K in videos and games. Despite these 4K possibilities, however, it’s important to note that new titles won’t be required to boast 4K graphics. This was probably a good move on the part of Sony, as many developers are likely already overwhelmed with the relatively taxing requirements of this upgraded console (in coordination with those of the rumored Xbox Two).

However, there’s a good chance that some of the industry-leading developers and companies will proactively mold their titles to output in native 4K, to please as many fans as possible.

E3: The Big Reveal?

As has been stated in this piece but must be emphasized even more, the Neo has yet to be officially revealed by Sony; all signs indicate that the company’s E3 press conference, scheduled for Monday, June 13th, will serve as the official reveal platform for the upgraded console. As longtime E3 viewers know, though, nothing is guaranteed—not even announcements which seem eminent—at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. But once again, logic dictates that Sony will use the massive audience and undivided attention of the gaming community afforded by E3 to drop the Neo bombshell.

Regardless, each and every gamer should be sure to tune-in to Sony’s E3 conference, once again on the 13th of June, as well as Microsoft’s showing, which is scheduled for the same day (check the times for yourself, to avoid any time-zone confusion).

sony ps4 neo specs 2016

Commonly Asked Questions

Never before in gaming history have upgraded versions of current-gen consoles been released mid-lifecycle (or even earlier than mid-life cycle); the slim PS3s, 360s, and PS2s, for instance, boasted the same internal hardware as the original console models.

As the Neo and the rumored Xbox Two are entirely unprecedented, quite a few gamers have questions regarding them. Let’s try to answer some of these commonly asked questions.

Q: Should I wait for the Neo to release, or buy a PS4 right now?

A: If you find a good deal for a PS4—and are eager to get your hands on the system—you should probably just bite the bullet and make the purchase.

The Neo, for as intriguing as it looks, doesn’t have an official release date, a confirmation from Sony, or a price, yet; who knows when it will hit store shelves and how much it will cost. Moreover, you’ll need a 4K television to benefit from its improved graphics, and it will be a while before developers are prepared to release Neo-friendly games; it will take a lot of work to prepare titles, especially those that are already being made, to work on the Neo.

Q: Will PS4 owners be able to upgrade to the Neo at a reduced cost?

A: Logic dictates that Sony will create some sort of upgrade program to make the transition from the original PS4 to the Neo as cost-effective and stress-free as possible, but no such program has been revealed yet.

Q: Will the Neo play 4K movies?

A: Yes, although as was mentioned, not all Neo titles will boast native 4K capabilities.

Q: Do I need to have a 4K TV to experience 4K video?

A: Yes, and this news comes just as 4K television prices are dropping and becoming more affordable, thankfully.

Q: How much will the Neo cost?

A: The pricing behind the Neo has yet to be revealed, but it goes without saying that the enhanced cost of the upgraded hardware will result in a bigger retail price than the current PS4.

Regardless of how one feels about this information, the reality of the PS Neo is that it’s interesting, at the very least. It may not seem like it now, but we really are witnessing gaming history; the release of the Neo will mold the video game landscape for years and years to come, permanently changing the traditions and practices that consumers have grown accustomed to over the least quarter century.

Stay tuned for the latest Neo updates, and remember to catch E3!