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chris brown brawlin falling and plain lucky 2015

Chris Brown is either brawling or falling

If this soon to be former hip-hop star is brawling....he’s falling off of stages! Lets start off with his latest crazy indiscretion shall we? Chris Brown was named a suspect in a violent basketball brawl that took place on May 4th.
nene leakes irritated at wendy williams 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: NeNe Leakes Wendy Williams Fluff Up Terrence Howard Expensive Penis Pics

What do you get when two messy ass women call themselves “beefing?” A messy ass mess. NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams apparently have been feuding for a while and it came to a head over the weekend with an incident in Atlanta at the Ultimate Women’s Expo.
nina simone documentary what happened images 2015

WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE? A Perfect Tribute To Nina Simone Trailer

Nina Simone is that rare singer who could envelope herself deep inside of every song she sang giving you an entirely different interpretation no matter how many times you might have heard it before from another artist. One great example is Mr. Bojangles
mama best horror movie for mothers day 2015

Best Horror Movies To Watch With Mom On Mother’s Day

What better way to say “I love you ” than to sit down and have a good old fashion scare fest with dear ol’ mom on her special day Mother's Day. Here are the top 5 horror films to send a chill through your mother’s spine on this special holiday:
danile watts cries for lapd django unchained 2015

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kim Kardashian Fro Talk & Daniele Watts Goes Django

It's almost the middle of the week and so many interesting things happened over the weekend and yesterday starting with the Mayweather Pacquiao fight and then Kim Kardashian gets black women a little irritated with her crazy fro talk.
kylie kendall trademarking 2015

Kylie Jenner Name Hoarder

Sometimes the actions of the Kardashian family are so ridiculous, it makes you wonder if they don’t do ridiculously stupid things just to stay relevant. If they didn’t act unimaginably idiotic, would we even remember their names?
suicide squad cast revealed david ayers 2015

David Ayers Reveals Diversified SUICIDE SQUAD Cast in Full Costume

Now, I’m no superhero fan but the more and more I see about the upcoming Suicide Squad movie the more excited I get! A few days ago, David Ayer gave fans a heads up about his important reveal by tweeting “Get Ready.”
john stamos calls out olsen twins full house 2015

Celebrity Gossip Weekly: Beyonce, Taylor Swift & Kanye West On Hold

This week’s celebrity gossip includes some sad news out of Hollywood as legendary singer Ben E. King passed away at the age of 76. Aside from his singing career he was best known for starting the foundation he called Stand By Me, after one of his biggest hits.
tyson beckford eating money with girls on chocolate city 2015

Tyson Beckford Makes You Want To Live In His CHOCOLATE CITY

When I saw the trailer was released for Tyson Beckford's Chocolate City I was hyperventilating before I even pressed the play button! I was just so elated that the trailer had finally come out. The trailer does not disappoint and the only way to experience it is to watch it for yourself!
freddie gray death a homicide police charge 2015 gossip

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: NeNe Leakes Speaks, Freddie Gray Homicide & Bristol Palin Blames Riots

It’s Friday and the rumor mill is cranking out with Wendy Williams claiming Ciara and Russell Williams are just playing show and tell with the media. NeNe Leakes once again shows her rear in making Real Housewives of Atlanta claims while Freddie Gray's death is ruled a homicide

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