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Montreal Canadiens Screwed With Bad 2017 NHL Playoff Luck

The Montreal Canadiens are into the playoffs as the Atlantic Division champions. Heading into Saturday, they had a meaningless game against the Detroit Red Wings, one that the Habs were actually considered underdogs

Will Montreal Canadiens or Toronto Maple Leafs end ‘The Canadian Slump’?

Last year saw the Canadian-based franchises in the NHL shut out of the playoffs. At the time, I felt that it was partly due to bad luck as both the Montreal Canadiens and the Edmonton Oilers had major injuries

Montreal Canadiens Fire Michel Therrien, Sign Claude Julien

The Montreal Canadiens parted ways with Michel Therrien on Tuesday and hired Claude Julien to replace him (NHL.com/Arpon Basu). The move is a case of history repeating itself: Julien is a former coach in Montreal

Montreal Canadiens in Trouble in Atlantic Division

The Montreal Canadiens might be in a little more trouble in the Atlantic Division than what a first glance would suggest. Following Thursday's action, where Montreal lost to the Philadelphia Flyers 3-1

5 NHL Predictions for NHL – Canadiens, Rangers, Capitals

The 2016/17 NHL regular season is about 25% completed. So far the surprise of the league has been the New York Rangers, a team that finished Friday with a 15-6-1 record. The Rangers are an incredible +30

Carey Price’s Montreal Canadiens top the NHL’s Super 16

The Montreal Canadiens, with a record of 9-0-1, are now top ranked according to the average taken from the input of several of the NHL's writers.

NHL Preseason Rankings Ignore Montreal Canadiens Carey Price

Montreal, who ended up 12th in the recently-compiled rankings, only went 38-38-6 on the entire season last year. However, as any hockey fan in Montreal will tell you, the Canadiens' successes and failures largely hinged on Carey Price

5 NHL Questions for After the Christmas Break

The NHL is in the midst of a four-game hiatus, with teams having played about 35 games. That leaves a little more than half of the regular season still ahead and a lot of questions unanswered.

NHL Recap: Montreal Canadiens Cold While Calgary Flames Keep It Hot

The Montreal Canadiens, the New York Rangers, and the Calgary Flames are teams that are making waves in the NHL at the moment. In regard to Montreal and New York, the waves are for the wrong reasons

NHL Recap: Montreal Canadiens & Edmonton Oilers

An interesting week in the NHL concluded on Friday night, one that has seen a little bit of a rebellion. It seems that some of the teams that got off to weak starts have started to put together some strong performances.

NHL Weekend Preview: Canadiens & Maple Leafs Play

Heading into the Black Friday weekend here in late November, the top headlines in the NHL are mostly about injuries. Most notably, the Montreal Canadiens, the current front-runners in the Eastern Conference

Montreal Canadiens 2016 Stanley Cup Betting Odds

The Montreal Canadiens made some news on Friday as NHL.com, in an article written by Arpon Basu, reported that the strongest team north of the border signed Alexander Semin.

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