‘Sense8’ latest trailer is Sensate fight worthy plus new images

Love it or hate it, but Netflix's most dividing show, Sense8 is back for a second season, and the latest trailer shows that those sensates are gearing up for some major fighting.

SENSE8 112 Finale Recap: I Can’t Leave Her Until Season 2

The first season of Sense8 was mainly filled with the more individual stories of the eight strangers. The show is marketed to be surrounding the connection that intertwines these characters together

Sense8 111 Recap: Just Keep Turning that Wheel

Entering the second to last episode of Sense8, “Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes,” the underlying plot has a lot of loose ends to tie up to make any sense of the connection between the sensates and the dangers they face.

SENSE8 110 What Is Human & Some Intense Birthing

As we head towards the finale of Sense8, episode ten “What is Human?” begins unraveling the outcomes that are to come from each individuals’ challenges and choices they face.

SENSE 109 Recap: Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye

No surprises came with the ninth episode of "Sense8 Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye.” The episode yet again is filled with the characters’ personal stories and falls short of any grand continuation of the plot that connects them together.

SENSE8 108 Recap: We Will All Be Judged

Although I have seen numerous episodes of the series, it still feels like I am just starting "Sense8." The reason for that is that the underlying narrative has progressed little since I began watching the show.

SENSE8 107: W.W.N. Double D? Recap

The seventh episode of "Sense8," “W.W.N. Double D?” or “What would Nancy Drew Do?” continues the series' slow approach when it comes to the sci-fi elements.

SENSE8 106 Demons & An Intense Mind Meld

I started watching "Sense8" with the hope for a sci-fi series angled at a connection between eight individuals around the world. However, through more than a handful of episodes, I have yet to see it completely deliver. Although there are hints of the unearthly powers between the characters

SENSE8 105: Art Is Like Religion or Lito Shares Sun’s Menstrual...

The fifth episode of "Sense8", “Art is Like Religion,” once again engaged us in the personal lives of the eight strangers. After the last episode offered so much content in terms of the underlying plot, it was surprising that this episode went back to showcasing the individual stories of the characters.

Sense8 Ep 4 Recap: What’s Going On When It All Comes...

As I began to watch the fourth episode of "Sense8" “What’s Going On?” I was hoping that the question of the title would be answered. The previous three episodes had a lot of air time and focus on the personal lives of the character, therefore leaving me confused about how all eight of the strangers in the show are connected and why.

SENSE8 Ep 3 Recap: Smart Money On the Skinny Bitch

I went into the third episode once again anticipating a more in-depth look into the connection between the eight strangers showcased in Sense8. The beginning of the third episode “Smart Money’s on the Skinny Bitch” seemed to be heading this way

SENSE8 Ep 2 Recap: I Am Also A We

After watching the first and second episodes of Sense8, there seems to be a common thread in the show's set-up. The viewer has to get through the slower beginning parts, which take up three-quarters of the episode