SENSE8 105: Art Is Like Religion or Lito Shares Sun’s Menstrual Cramps

wolfgang pool sense8 art is like religion 2015

wolfgang pool sense8 art is like religion 2015The fifth episode of “Sense8“, “Art is Like Religion,” once again engaged us in the personal lives of the eight strangers. After the last episode offered so much content in terms of the underlying plot, it was surprising that this episode went back to showcasing the individual stories of the characters. That being said, while showing these individual stories there was definitely a larger emphasis and role being played by the connection between them.

The scope of the episode broadened once again, touching on all eight of the “cluster” (Will, Sun, Corpheus, Wolfgang, Riley, Kala, Lito and Nomi). However, this time around it seems like a much more manageable feat as the stories are being intertwined in a more natural and smooth way. So far it seems that Will is the only one of the eight that has somewhat of a grasp on what is happening between them. In contrast to characters like Nomi, who believes her “hallucinations” of the other strangers are due to unusual brain growth that the doctors are saying she has.

sense8 lito meets sun art is like religion 2015This episode brings a big change to the core of the characters. The beginning episodes showed them mostly scaring away from their shared powers, but this episode seemed to show the characters somehow more at ease with their new capabilities and connection with one another. Instead of shying away from each other, they are becoming curious of the lives one another.

lito feeling suns cramps sense8 art religion recap 2015Just as we have seen how the shared abilities can be beneficial, like it was between Corpheus and Sun (episode 3) and Nomi and Will (episode 4), this episode also shows that the “cluster” shares negative experiences as well. This aspect being demonstrated through Lito’s comedic scene, where he experiences Sun’s period cramps and hormonal changes. He winds up breaking down on set of his latest film, revealing to the director that he was in the moment and “struck down by” his costars natural beauty. It was funny seeing macho Lito having a full on break down, as he suddenly could not control his overwhelming emotions.

The episode also showcases Corpheus’ progress in delivering Silas’ package in exchange for the medicine his mother needs. As he is on his way a gang of four thugs, who threaten him if he does not hand over the package, stops him. Seemingly still on a high from his last victorious fight, he begins getting into a fighting stance, confident he will be able to summon Sun’s abilities once again. Needless to say, Corpheus ends up package-less and flat on his face. Unfortunately he hasn’t had the privilege of being told by Jonas that “visiting” cannot be forced.

With an enviable sense of confidence (and most likely some desperation), Corpheus ends up finding the car of the thugs and is able to steal the package back and get it to Silas. Silas reveals to Corpheus that the whole assignment was a test to see how dedicated he was and rewards Corpheus with the promised medication he sought.

While there were quite a few scenes that pulled in favor of the characters and even had humorous aspects, this episode also covered the unique troubles that characters are facing. Such as Nomi, who although out of the hospital, is having a hard time getting back to her apartment as hospital workers and police are trying to track her down. She is also unaware of the “cluster,” and as mentioned previously, she is scared that they are hallucinations caused by her apparent abnormal brain growth.

We also see further into Kala’s life as she is in the midst of marrying Rajan, a man she is not in love with. Her inability to connect with Rajan is emphasized by her feeling of connection between her “cluster”-mate Wolfgang, whom she has had several “visits” with.

Sun as well is facing her fair share of difficulties. This being because she must make a decision to turn herself in to protect the wrongdoings of her brother and thereby save her fathers company or let her brother be imprisoned for his embezzlement and take her fathers company with him (as he is the face of the company). By the end of the episode, we see her handing over her dogs leash to a friend, assumedly showing she has decided to turn herself in for a crime she did not commit.

While each character faces different challenges and choices, episode 5 shows how the connection between them can make a big impact on what their actions will be. They now find themselves confiding in strangers who share their thoughts, emotions, skills, etc.

As decisions are being made and a stronger connection between the eight is being established, it seems Sense8 is laying the groundwork for the fireworks show that is undoubtedly on its way as critical decisions are being made by each character.

+++Good news for all you fans as Netflix has renewed Sense8 for a second season.