BACHELOR IN PARADISE 204: Villain Joe & Nipping Those Buds

clair jared bungee fun on bachelor in paradise 204 recap 2015

bachelor in paradise 204 joshua imagesEpisode 4 of Bachelor in Paradise (week 2) shows us that there is definitely room for more than one drama queen in Paradise.

After his argument with Clare in the last episode, Mikey finally makes an appearance after locking himself away in his room. He tells Kirk that he is still pissed off at Clare and wouldn’t be interested in 34-year-old Clare if he were Jared.

However, Clare and Jared seem to enjoy themselves on their date, where they wind up going bungee jumping over the ocean. Clare reveals that she is scared of heights, but luckily Jared alleviates her fear by making out with her.

clair jared bungee fun on bachelor in paradise 204 recap 2015Clare returns from her date and begins telling the other girls about how amazing it was. Ashley I., who is in the next room, overhears and begins crying (surprise, surprise!) Ashley complains that she doesn’t “want to hear Clare and her storytelling where she thinks she’s the princess and she’s talking to all her animals friends.” She whines about always having to compete for the guy she likes. Hmmm, maybe being on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise isn’t such a good idea then, is it?

Meanwhile, another guy comes to join the crew in Paradise and this time it is Michael from Desiree’s season of The Bachelorette. Michael right away reveals that he came to Paradise hoping to meet Tenley, who at this point is in a love-triangle with JJ and Joshua.

Michael makes himself a few enemies (in Josh and JJ) when he asks Tenley to go with him on a date. Over dinner, Michael gets straight to the point and tells Tenley that she was his “Plan A,” and he didn’t have a “Plan B.”

Back at the house, Jared surprisingly has an intense talk with Clare. Although their date went well, he reveals that he is hesitant to get involved with someone 8 years older than him. Clare determines that Jared is simply “not ready” for her and the two squash their relationship quickly. Looks like Ashley I. is in luck!

Before the second rose ceremony, Juelia announces in front of everyone that she will be giving her rose to Joe. At this point, everyone sees right through Joe’s ploy to use Juelia to further himself except Juelia. However, both Jonathan and Mikey take it upon themselves to confront her in attempt to take off her rose-colored glasses.

After talking to Jonathan and Mikey, Juelia brings up what she was told to Joe about him using her. Right away, Joe is pissed off (even though what they said was true) and assures her that this isn’t the case.

Joe winds up talking to both Mikey and Jonathan about what they said to Juelia. Joe, being the great actor he is, is able to convince both of them that he really is invested into Juelia. The evil Joe even gets Jonathan to give an emotional apology to Juelia for “lying” to her about Joe’s intentions.

Finally it’s time for Ashley I. to find some joy in Paradise. Jared and her go for a walk-and-talk along the beach, where Jared tells her he wants to “get to know [her] better.” Ensuring to secure Ashley’s rose, as he is obviously not getting Clare’s at this point he kisses Ashley.

In previous episode, Ashley I. has rightfully earned the title of drama queen in Paradise, but Clare definitely gave her a run for her money during this week’s rose ceremony. Before the ceremony starts, Clare interrupts host Chris Harrison saying that she isn’t here “to play games and strategize” like apparently everyone else is.

At this point, Ashley I. is even more satisfied that the woman, who was just stealing Jared away from her, is breaking down as she feels yet again she isn’t going to find love. (Note: this is her third appearance on a Bachelor show)

Jade quickly responds to Clare’s rant and tells her she is offended by her claim that everyone this season seems to be there to “play games and strategize.” Clare quips back, “If the shoe fits, wear it,” which to me didn’t even make any sense but somehow she gets away with it.

The ceremony continues with Carly picking Kirk, Ashley S. picking Dan and Jade picking Tanner. Although those couples were pretty much a lock, it was surprising to see Tenley pick Joshua since her date with Michael seemed to go so well.

However, mid-ceremony Clare runs off in tears and is followed by Chris Harrison as the show cuts to a “To Be Continued.”

Sneak Peak:

The preview reveals that Samantha will be the next addition to paradise, which is exactly who Joe is waiting for. Therefore, it seems that Juelia will finally realize what everyone has already figured out: that Joe is simply using her to keep himself safe.

It will be interesting to see how Mikey and Jonathan (especially after his emotional apology to Joe and Juelia) react once they see that their suspicions were right and Joe has been lying the whole time.

Catch the next episode of Bachelor in Paradise on Sunday, August 16, 2015 at 8pm on ABC.