‘Sense8’ latest trailer is Sensate fight worthy plus new images

Love it or hate it, but Netflix‘s most dividing show, Sense8 is back for a second season, and the latest trailer shows that those sensates are gearing up for some major fighting.

This season definitely looks to be less skin to skin and more fist to skin. Oddly, some people got all up in arms with some of last season’s rather ‘artful’ scenes (as seen below), but it seems like they had the choice to just not watch the show if sex is such a bad thing for them. It’s not free tv, so grow up people.

sense8 netflix 106 images 2015

I personally loved the show while our Ricky Reay just didn’t feel it as much which is pretty much how many people were with Sense8. That only shows how great the show is when it can cause that much reaction, but even the people who said they didn’t like it continued watching through the whole season.

Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Stracaynski (Babylon 5) keep us tuned in to eight psychologically and spiritually linked people from all over the world. The first season introduced each character to us along with introducing them to each other in some really fun way. Each is very different, but they share the one common bond which changes their lives forever.

In Season 2, they’ll be forced to fight people who would like nothing more than to control them and their special powers. Below is the first trailer for Season 2.

For those not familiar with this pretty amazing show:

From renowned creative geniuses Lana Wachowski, Grant Hill (“The Matrix,” “Cloud Atlas”) and J. Michael Straczynski (Clint Eastwood’s “Changeling,’ “World War Z”), Sense8 is centered around eight characters, from different parts of the world, who experience a violent vision, and soon find themselves mentally connected by the experience. They become connected, able to see and talk to each other as though they were in the same place, with access to each other’s deepest secrets. Not only must the eight adapt to this new ability and to each other, they must figure out why their lives are now in jeopardy. In Season 2, dark forces continue to track the cluster of eight connected characters. The sensates will learn more about BPO, the secret organization searching for their cluster and others like them, and will work to protect themselves from this organization that is out to hunt and kill them.

Here’s some of the latest images from Season 2 of Sense8 for your enjoyment. Sense8 will be hitting Netflix Friday, May 5th.

sense 8 season 2 trailer images sensate fight worthy 2017 sense8 season 2 image collage netlflix sense8 season 2 poster images sense8 season 2 sensate images 1200x802 sense8 season 2 sensate images 1440x685 sense8 season 2 angel grave scene sense8 season 2 sensate images 4240x2832-001 sense8 season 2 cast images

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