Sense8 111 Recap: Just Keep Turning that Wheel

sense8 111 turn the wheel capheus gun to head 2015

sense8 111 just turn the wheel sun fighting 2015Entering the second to last episode of Sense8, “Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes,” the underlying plot has a lot of loose ends to tie up to make any sense of the connection between the sensates and the dangers they face.

Unlike previous episodes this one begins right in the midst of a conversation as Nomi, Amanita, and Will try to figure out what to do about Whispers and BPO. Instead of focusing on the individual stories, episode 11 ramps up the pace and dives right into the collaboration of the sensates against the dangers they all face as an entity.

From the get go, it feels like the show knows it has a lot to cover to suffice for the slow-pace of the previous episodes.

Then, suddenly, it all jumps back to the usual pace which is kind of what I expected. The episode begins focusing once again on the individual stories, at a seemingly even slower pace (now that it has been contrasted with the pick-up of the plot in the very beginning).

Kala decides to tell Rajan that his father, Papa-ji, was telling her to call off the wedding. Surprisingly, Rajan told her that he knew that his father did not approve of their marriage. He tells her that this does not change the fact that he loves her and wants to get married. The scene leaves the question of whether they are going to get married or not unanswered.

Nomi “visits” Riley who is in hospital after fainting at the concert hall at the end of the last episode. Nomi sees not only is Riley being serenaded lovingly by her father, but she is also being cared for by fellow sensate Will, who has shown a deeper, more romantic connection with Riley in previous episodes.

Meanwhile, Sun’s brother, who is the one who should be in jail for embezzlement instead of her, visits her in prison. He tells Sun that their father has committed suicide meaning that he can no longer testify in court to clear her name.

Sun listens patiently to her brother’s explanation, but it is clear she does not believe him. She knows that her brother was aware that he would be in jail if her father went through with his confession. Therefore, Sun believes that her father’s death was not suicide, as she screams out “you murdered him” to her brother.

Capheus decides that he wants to go and negotiate with the thug group, Superpower, in order to stop the impending threat they have imposed on his family and Silas’ daughter. Unfortunately, Superpowers’ idea of negotiation is having Capheus chop off Silas’ head, which they had kidnapped in the previous episode. With a gun pointed to his head, Capheus’ only chance at freedom and safety for him, his family and Silas’ daughter was to behead Silas himself.

sense8 111 turn the wheel capheus gun to head 2015Just as Capheus tries to prepare himself to go through with Superpowers’ instructions he switches perspectives with Sun, whose frustration is at an all-time high. Perfect for fighting. Sun quickly defeats the gang members, in a fight filled with blood, gore and cut off limbs. Capheus is able to drive away with Silas but is quick to realize that the remainder of the Superpowers gang is closing in on them. This is when, Will “shares” his driving and fighting abilities, and Capheus is able to get fight enough to allow him to maneuver his van into the opposing lane to drive away.

Back at the hospital, Riley begins having visions of her car crash. During this we also see that her doctors are questioning a strange brain growth that is showing up on Riley’s charts, a common thread that has shown up in many of the character’s stories.

Will and Nomi get a visit from Jonas who is simultaneously in the room with Whispers. Jonas warns them that Whispers is on his way to find Riley at the hospital in Iceland.

Simultaneously, Wolfgang decides to move Felix from the hospital and bring him to private care, to ensure his safety.  He then decides that he must seek his revenge on his uncle, who has been excessively abusive to him and Felix, especially now that Steiner, who turns out to be his cousin, is out of the picture. Before going in, Kala “visits” Wolfgang and tries to persuade him to not put himself in danger, but Wolfgang is already set on his decision. Once again the scene shows a romantic connection between Kala and Wolfgang.

This episode shows that the only people who seem to be aware, or at least dealing, with the underlying plot and the BPO are Nomi, Riley and Will. With Riley in the hospital and Whispers closing in on her, it leaves only Will and Nomi to stop the impending threat of the BPO agents.

Although there are indications that the final episode will somehow wrap this all up, it will surely do so in a way that feels forced. Since the BPO story never truly unfolded, the show will simply fold it back up as superficially as it was laid out.