50 Cent POWER Play & Chris Brown Gaming On Karrueche Tran

the game chris brown feud over karrueche 2015 gossip

The hump day grind is here and there is a lot going on all over the place. Chris Brown just can’t leave Karrueche alone so he’s beefing with The Game while 50 Cent’s odd bankruptcy gets hit with a “Power” lawsuit from the writer of the show. Amber Rose doesn’t take anyone knocking her parenting skills lightly.

the game chris brown feud over karrueche 2015 gossipThe Game and Chris Brown Beefing over Karrueche?

Men are crazy and of all the things that they do, getting mad at another dude for feeling the girl you cheated on is probably the thing I don’t get most about them.

We all know the saga that is Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown’s relationship. Their love story (if you want to call it that) is one of great mystery. As of right now, from what it looks like, they are not together, but that has not stopped the singer from cock blocking other guys from doing something as small as liking her Instagram pictures.

Rapper The Game liked some of Karrueche’s pictures and followed the model and that, for whatever reason, did not sit well with Breezy. He poked fun at the rapper in the comments section of one of her pics.

“Someone must have something they need to promote. It’s sad people need gimmicks to maintain fame. All pub is good pub I guess.”

The Game is currently promoting his LP The Documentary 2, which may be the reason Chris said what he said. But being that Jayceon is straight outta Compton, you know he couldn’t let that slide.

“Keep throwing subliminals nigga…We both know when it’s ME vs. YOU who gone come out on top punk…. I still owe you one for that shit you pulled…We both know yo time coming blood.”

Well dame Game, what’s good. I don’t think Chris wants to get into it with him soooooooo I’m going to suggest that he just chills.

50 cent sued by power writer 2015 gossip50 Cent Sued for Taking ‘Power’

When you are rich, talented and arrogant, everybody wants a piece of you, or rather a piece of your money. From having to pay Rick Ross’s baby momma $7 million to leaving the country and building African mansion, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has a lot on his plate. He can now add another lawsuit to said plate.

We have all fallen in love with the intricate plot twists of Starz “Power” a show executively produced and co starring 50, but reports have been swirling that he lifted the idea from a man that is now suing him. Larry Johnson claims that he sent his 2005 manuscript, “Tribulation of a Ghetto Kid” to Nikki Turner who works for 50’s G-Unit Books. It was published some place else but that didn’t stop Johnson from seeing the similarities in the TV show and his book, which lead him to believe 50 jacked him for his paper.

He claims that it is a “carbon copy” of his work with both main characters having goatees and being owners of the “hottest clubs in town” (Atlanta and NYC) and both have hot head characters who are best friends with the club owners/ drug kingpin. Furthermore, the main character in “Power” is Ghost and Johnson’s pen name is Ghost.

He is suing for $200 million.

amber rose parenting 2015 gossipAmber Rose Checks Folks Complaining about Her Parenting Practices

People just need to mind their own damn business. Amber Rose is a mother, despite how she carries herself. The way in which she shows affection to her son should only bother us if it puts the child in danger. So to those voicing their two cents about her kissing her baby on the lips leaving lipstick on his lips need to go find several seats.

She posted a picture of her son Sebastian on Instagram with his lips covered in lipstick, which is obviously due to his mother kissing him on the mouth, as moms do. For some reason, this caused the Internet to go bonkers as people criticized her and argued whether or not it is okay for her to do so (because they have the power to stop it).

Now the comments have been everything from people saying that she should not do that for health reasons to people totally showing their ignorance by saying, “This boy growing up as a transgendered I can tell by the way he looks.” What the eff does that even mean?

Of course there are those who totally support not only the mouth to mouth affection but Amber herself.

“@Amberrose don’t listen to these haten ass bitches. I be kiss my babys mouth all day erryday .

She went straight country grammar on em. Anyway, the whole “debate” shouldn’t even be an issue because seriously, people need to get lives.