SENSE8 112 Finale Recap: I Can’t Leave Her Until Season 2

sense8 112 recap images cant leave her 2015 images

sense8 112 recap images cant leave her 2015 imagesThe first season of Sense8 was mainly filled with the more individual stories of the eight strangers. The show is marketed to be surrounding the connection that intertwines these characters together, however most of the show seemed like a sequence of slow-paced dramas that were tossed together.

Unlike most sci-fi shows Sense8 decided to ignore the details behind the connection and just allow the viewer to make assumptions and try and develop their own story to why these characters are able to travel across the world to both “visit” one another and to “share” their ideas, emotions, and experiences.

The twelfth and final episode “I Can’t Leave Her” decides to takes its last chance to try and throw the characters together. The episode is centered on the seven other sensates banding together to try and save their fellow “cluster”-mate Riley, who was captured by the BPO while in the Icelandic hospital.

The sensates now realize that if the BPO and head agent Whispers are able to perform the lobotomizing procedure on Riley, they will all be at risk. As we see the BPO transport Riley to their own research facility, we realize the sensates don’t have much time in order to save themselves.

Before diving into this storyline, the episode concludes Wolfgang’s storyline. In the previous episode, we see Wolfgang entering his uncle’s house where he wants to settle the score (as his Uncle was very abusive towards Wolfgang).

Just as Wolfgang walks into his uncle’s luxurious home, his uncle’s security frisks him and realizes he has a gun with him. Quickly, Wolfgang gets hold of his gun and shoots everyone in the room. Wolfgang is then “visited” by Will, who “shares” the sound of the bullets, and decides he wants to step in.

Will notices that the bodyguard’s gun is missing. It is then revealed that Wolfgang’s uncle, Sergei, is not dead and has the gun. Sergei begins shooting, as Wolfgang replaces Will in his perspective and escapes into the kitchen.

Wolfgang then gets another “visit,” this time from Kala, who uses the tools in the kitchen to make a makeshift bomb. Wolfgang is intrigued by her brilliance and kisses her as he lights the fuse and throws it through the door, killing the remainder of Sergei’s bodyguards.

In one of the goriest scenes of the show (rivaling Silas cutting his former employees hands off in front of Corpheus), Wolfgang shoots Sergei several times in the face. Kala watches and is noticeably distraught from the violence of Wolfgang’s actions. The shoot-out ends with Wolfgang telling Kala “that’s why you should marry Ragan,” as he realizes that even though there is a connection between them, they are from very different worlds.

Now, back to Riley’s storyline, which is the one that truly connects all the sensates. With everybody’s help, Will takes the lead in the rescue efforts. Firstly, Will distracts the guards at the BPO facility by pulling the oil line on his car. He then uses Nomi and Amanita’s hacking abilities to forge an ID badge to get into the facility.

Once Will is in, he is unsure where to locate Riley, which is when Lito puts his abilities to work. Lito, using his acting skills, puts on a doctor’s jacket, flirts with one of the nurses, and successfully obtains Riley’s room number.

However, now that he is able to locate Riley’s room, he realizes that there is no way he can get past the four guards blocking the way in. This is where, once again, Sun puts her fighting skills on display and is quick to get rid of the four guards.

After getting in, Will is unable to carry Riley out and therefore must wake her. This is when Kala “visits” with her pharmaceutical knowledge. She is able to safely shock Riley’s system back to life.

Just as Will gets out to a waiting ambulance, he makes eye contact with Whispers, which Jonas explained before means that Whispers can now hear and see everything Will sees.

Next up is Corpheus, who “visits” Will and Riley just as they realize their escape ambulance didn’t have any keys. Corpheus’ experience with his bus service enables him to figure out how to jump the ambulance.

sense8 112 finale 2015With help of Wolfgang, Will and Riley make their way up in the mountains. However, this leads both to become overwhelmed by Riley’s recollection of the loss of her family. However, Whispers is closing in on them and Jonas “visits” and tells them there best bet is to kill themselves to protect the rest of the cluster.

Will refuses Jonas’ suggestion and comes up with a plan to knock himself unconscious, closing the connection with Whispers.

Will wakes up momentarily with Riley holding him, surrounded by the other sensates, and expresses his appreciation for all the help from everyone.

sense8 season 2 ending 2015Although the final episode did center on all of the characters coming together, it felt superficial, as I had predicted. Yes, they throw in the unique skills of each character, but it feels rushed and overly jam-packed.

There are options for a second season, as Whispers is still out there and Jonas is still in prison. However, with the slow-pace of the first season, I don’t think they have captured enough of an audience at this point to justify a second installment, but of course, I’ve been proven wrong as season 2 is all set to hit Netflix next June.