SENSE8 110 What Is Human & Some Intense Birthing

sense 8 110 what is human recap bloody birth nose 2015

sense 8 110 what is human recap bloody birth nose 2015As we head towards the finale of Sense8, episode ten “What is Human?” begins unraveling the outcomes that are to come from each individuals’ challenges and choices they face.

Sun’s lawyer comes to the prison to inform her that her father has come clean about Sun’s innocence in the embezzlement scandal. The lawyer tells Sun that her father has done everything and more that needed to be done for Sun’s freedom and that she should be able to leave the prison in a few days.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang is in the hospital with Felix, when he gets a visit from Steiner.  Steiner right away establishes his enemy status with Wolfgang and Felix. Steiner and his gang threaten Wolfgang and his friend if they do not comply and hand over the stolen diamonds to them.

In order to keep Felix safe, Wolfgang returns to his home and collects the Diamonds so he can get them to Steiner. He goes on to meet Steiner and his crew at an abandoned loading dock. After being checked for weapons and wires, Wolfgang hands over the bag of diamonds.

Unfortunately, it turns out the diamonds are not enough and Wolfgang begins getting beaten by Steiner. However, it is shown that Wolfgang thought ahead and strapped a gun to the bottom of his car.

As Wolfgang tries to make his way to the gun under his car, he is “visited” by Lito who tries to help him find a way to the gun before Steiner beats him to death. Lito takes over Wolfgang’s perspective and begins using his acting abilities to lie to Steiner to try and distract him enough to move towards his car and the gun.

This works perfectly, as Lito is able to position Wolfgang in reach of his gun. Wolfgang then grabs it and starts opening fire. He is able to kill most of Steiner’s men, but Steiner and a couple begin driving away. This is when Wolfgang opens the trunk of his car to reveal a rocket launcher. Needless to say, this was the end of Steiner and his remaining crew.

Lito’s role in Wolfgang’s fight triggers him to stop dwelling and do something to change his situation. Lito decides to go after Daniela and right his wrongs. He now feels confident in his abilities and feels he will be able to save her from her abusive fiancé, Joaquin. He can become the hero that Daniela needs.

Soon after, Lito is shown pulling up to Joaquin’s house. With a slow-motion entrance, the scene parallels that of Lito’s action movies. Unfortunately, Lito cannot act his way into becoming a fighter and is the underdog as a fight breaks out against Joaquin. Just as he is knocked to the ground, a return “visit” from Wolfgang occurs. Wolfgang, an experienced fighter, decides it is his turn to take over. Moments later, Joaquin is knocked unconscious by Wolfgang and Lito is able to take Daniela to safety.

Finally, Lito is able to track down Hernando. He explains to Hernando his change of heart and owns up for his cowardly actions in the previous episode. Hernando then sees Daniela behind him and realizes that Lito saved her from Joaquin. Lito goes on to tell Hernando that he no longer cares if the explicit pictures of them get out, what he really cares about is his love for Hernando.

The episode concludes with a scene that centers on the sensates’ births. As Riley listens to her father’s music at a concert hall, she begins having flashbacks of her own birth. Then, we see Wolfgang’s mother during a water birth, Nomi’s mom during a C-section, Kala’s mother outdoor birth, etc. The scene shows how even though the sensate’s came from diverse beginnings, they somehow all ended up connected together.

The episode ends abruptly just as Riley imagines the birth of her own child. We are shown an image of her holding her baby and then suddenly it cuts to her crashing her car into the mountains, which is assumedly how her husband and child died. Blood streams down her face as she sits imagining this in the concert hall and she faints right in the aisle.

This episode mainly focused on Lito’s storyline and his decision to be who he truly is. It seems his connection with Nomi in the previous episode and then his “visit” with Wolfgang in this episode, gave Lito the strength to stop pretending and embrace himself. Although it is nice to see Lito’s storyline tied up, it leads me to believe this may be the direction the finale will take. Tying up the individual stories, without seriously addressing the connecting plot.

There was no big continuation of the underlying storyline, which means Sense8 will have a lot of ground to cover in the next two episodes if it is going to do anything with the main sensate plot.