SENSE8 106 Demons & An Intense Mind Meld

sense8 106 demons recap images 2015

sense8-episodio6-demons wolfgang bedI started watching “Sense8” with the hope for a sci-fi series angled at a connection between eight individuals around the world. However, through more than a handful of episodes, I have yet to see it completely deliver. Although there are hints of the unearthly powers between the characters, I am finding as I dive more and more into the season, my hope for further exploration into the connection is only diminishing.

The sixth episode of Sense8, titled “Demons,” is pretty much a steamy love show with a few scenes of characters connecting here and there. So if an intense orgy of men and women from all over the world is what you’re looking for, I recommend you dive right into this episode – maybe even skipping the previous five. However, if you are like me and are instead looking for some sci-fi action, I recommend you skim through this episode, maybe just read a plot summary, and decide whether or not you want to continue hoping for more from this show as the season continues.

In terms of the continuation of the storyline, episode six reveals that London DJ Riley is in trouble. She winds up being held up by a man named Nyx, who is there to retrieve the money and drugs Riley had of his. However, as we saw earlier, Riley got rid of the cash and drugs and she tries to explain this to Nyx, but consequently winds up with a plastic bag over her head.

As Riley continues to get choked because she is unable to answer Nyx’s question of where his money and drugs are, she is “visited” by Will. Will begins feeling the sensation of being choked as he is hanging out a local bar with his fellow cops, and soon enough he finds himself transported into Riley’s perspective. He completely demolishes Nyx and his crew, leaving them packing, but as he comes back into his own perspective Will finds himself surrounded by a crowd of onlookers (including his cop friends) who think he had gone mental.

sense8 106 demons recap images 2015We also see Kala in this episode. She wakes up after fainting in the middle of her wedding due to a naked “visit” from German thief Wolfgang. As she gets dressed to confront her fiancée, she is once again “visited” by Wolfgang. Kala is upset with him and she explains that he ruined her wedding. However Wolfgang selfishly feels no shame as he tells Kala she “didn’t want to marry the guy” anyways.

Meanwhile, Capheus is given his new assignment from Silas, someone who is the boss to some kind of sketchy business. Silas gets Capheus to drive his daughter to and from the hospital, as she has leukemia and Silas is unable to do it himself because of the enemies he has made being in his position.

The final scene of the episode is shared between Sun and Riley. Sun has pleaded guilty to the embezzlement her brother was actually responsible for and is therefore taken away to a jail as she awaits to be transported to a formal prison. Sun and Riley encounter each other just as Riley is crying over her scary encounter with Nyx earlier in the episode.

sense8 106 sun held down 2015Sun, in her jail cell, tries to comfort Riley and understand what is upsetting her.

Both Riley and Sun discuss the troubles they face. Riley is feeling regret over her involvement with Nyx and now her impending danger. She wants to go visit her father in Iceland but is scared to do so because of Nyx. As for Sun, she is now regretting her decision to take the fall for her brother’s wrongdoings. She initially felt she needed to protect her family, but now believes she should have protected herself.

sense8 wolfgang bed 2015This episode did not do much for the underlying plot. However, it did emphasize the closeness of the eight strangers. They are obviously facing very diverse situations and challenges, but now have each other to try and fight their way through them.

However, the question being: Will having each other be enough to overcome the situations they each face?


I have to disagree with Rickeay on her review of Demons. Everyone has their opinion on sex and sometimes it seems people don’t always realize there’s a huge difference from blatant sex for titillation value and just sensuousness. This episode was an exploration of how connected these eight people were and also gave them all a realization of how powerful this gift of their connection was. Also, her complaint of this not being sci-fi enough, whereas but in sci-fi could you have such an intense connection among eight people spread all over the world. I know some people are uncomfortable with sex on screen, but when it does actually help a story, as this did, I don’t understand what the problem is.