SENSE 109 Recap: Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye

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sense8 109 death doesnt let you wolfgang images 2015No surprises came with the ninth episode of “Sense8 Death Doesn’t Let You Say Goodbye.” The episode yet again is filled with the characters’ personal stories and falls short of any grand continuation of the plot that connects them together.

The episode begins with Riley connecting with an older generation “sensate,”Yursa, who is from an older “cluster” of connected strangers. She helps Riley understand the history of the Biologic Preservation Organization (BPO). Yrsa reveals that she had removed Riley from the hospital after she was born after she showed the development associated with the sensate connection.

Before Yrsa leaves, she warns that Riley must be careful of the BPO agents. She tells Riley that there are ways that they are able to sense and track down her and the others in her “cluster.” She warns that if she is ever caught she will be hospitalized and lobotomized, as the BPO has done to so many.

Simultaneously, Will is once again being “visited” by Jonas, who is also trying to warn Will of the dangers of the BPO. Soon into this “visit,” Will links up with Riley who is still with Yrsa. Although Will cannot see Yrsa and Riley cannot see Jonas.

his leads to a cheesy scene, where both Jonas and Yrsa tell of the loving connection that can spawn between two sensates, as Will and Riley gaze into each other’s eyes. However, once Yrsa figures out that Will is with Jonas, she tells Riley that she cannot trust Jonas. She says that Jonas and Angelica worked for the BPO and they give birth to clusters in order to help the BPO hunt down more sensates.

It seems Jonas may not be the beacon of hope that he presented himself to be. This could mean trouble for Will and all those connected to him.

Meanwhile, Lito heads to the Diego Rivera Museum, where he and Hernando had shared their first date. He sits and remembers the joy he felt being with Hernando, which leads him to realize that is his true self. The act he has been putting on for Hollywood has been him denying who he really is.

During this, Lito is “visited” by Nomi. At first, their conversation is a bunch of fluff about the museum, but then Nomi starts asking questions as she shares the emotions Lito does and is aware that he has a boyfriend. Lito goes on to tell Nomi about his first date with Hernando. Adding at the end, that he might have lost it all because of the limitations of his career.

sense8 lito broken up 109 hernando death 2015Nomi connects with Lito’s story and goes on to tell of her childhood. She reveals that as a young boy she felt uncomfortable in her own skin. She tells of how she hated showering with the other boys and that there was an incident where the group of boys held her under scalding hot water. It was then that she decided to stop pretending and allow herself to be who she really is.

Lito and Nomi connect over these experiences. It seems that right now Lito is going through much of what Nomi had to face as a child.

Following this scene, we are then shown a “visit” between Riley and Capheus. Here, Capheus tries to comfort a noticeably upset Riley. She hesitantly tells Capheus about her late husband and baby who had died before she decided to leave Iceland. Capheus connects with her sorrow and decides to tell Riley about his younger sister, which his mother decided to a group of nuns due to a lack of food and milk.

This episode was filled with scenes that connected the strangers together, not merely through their ability to share emotions, but also through their ability to emphasize and be there for each other. They are able to look past their different races, cultures, and so on, in order to help each other through their unique struggles and pain.

Towards the end of the episode, we see Lito back at his Hollywood apartment. He is visibly distressed as he is unable to reach Hernando. He resorts to placing a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger, only to find that it is a prop gun. He is obviously remorseful of his actions, and maybe this twist of fate will allow him to reconnect with the one he loves, Hernando.

Again, this made Sense8 feel much more like a drama than anything else. There really wasn’t any sci-fi element in this episode, other than talks of some historical occurrences that happened within the BPO. This episode was heavy in telling the personal backgrounds of the characters and the dramatic challenges they are facing.

Well, Sense8, you officially have three episodes left to catch up on a series worth of higher-paced action.