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ice orb floating bluetooth speaker

2015 Hottest Tech Geek Holiday Toys & Gadgets

It's alway a great time to geek out, but the Christmas and the holiday season make it an extra special time to really live it up. It’s that time of year when every manufacturer unloads everything they had up their sleeves onto unsuspecting customers making you feel like a little kid again
Hello Barbie Doll Review 2015 Hottest Kids Toys Images

Hello Barbie Doll Review: 2015 Hottest Kids Toys

The Hello Barbie Doll is a Barbie Doll like no other. How often have you overheard your little one having a chat with her dolls? Well imagine how much fun she could have if the doll was talking back to her!
2015 Hottest Kids Learning Toys hexbug vex robotics robotic arm 2015 images

2015 Hottest Kids Learning Toys: Hexbug Vex Robotics Robotic Arm Review

The VEX Robotics Arm by Hexbug is a fully operational hand powered mechanical arm that operates on 4 degrees of freedom and on a 360 degree base! Using technical gears and realistic physical principles to transfer power through the arm
sky rover voice command heli vehicle with kid images 2015

2015 Best Kids Tech Toys: Sky Rover Voice Command Helicopter Vehicle Review

The Sky Rover Voice Command Helicopter is unlike any toy helicopter or gyrocopter you’ve ever seen before. It comes with all you would expect from a quality indoor helicopter, with a good range and extremely stable flight.
2015 hottest tech toys new nintendo 3ds xl images

2015 Hottest Tech Toys: New Nintendo 3DS XL Review

2015 brought the launch of the new Nintendo 3DS XL, one of Nintendo’s most eagerly anticipated releases to date. The 3DS XL doesn’t disappoint, with an improved processor proving more power and faster speeds than the standard 3DS.
2015 Hottest Tech Geek Toys Top Race 4 Channel review images

2015 Hottest Tech Geek Toys: Top Race 4 Channel RC Remote Control Motorcycle Review

While there are exciting battle tanks and adventurous RC sailboats, we cannot forget about the neat 2 wheel RC vehicles. Mind you, they aren’t for everyone, but if you love everything RC, you should try a 2 wheeled RC vehicle at least once in your lifetime.
2015 Hot Holiday Kids Toys Tenergy T100 110 Scale RC ATV 2015 images

2015 Hot Holiday Kids Toys: Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike Review

If you enjoy the thrilling excitement of interacting with RC toys, then the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike is just for you!
Hottest Remote Control Tech Redcat Racing Lightening EPX drift car 2015 images

Hottest Remote Control Tech: Redcat Racing Lightening EPX Electric Drift Car Review

Remote Controlled vehicles have been around for a while but that doesn’t mean they lose their appeal – there are still so many enthusiasts out there that enjoy the world of RC vehicles and for good reason.
m1a2 abrams remote control battle tank review images 2015

2015 Best RC Toys: M1A2 Abrams USA Remote Control Battle Tank Review

Who can resist remote control battle tanks? While looking at all of the cool RC vehicles currently on the market, I stumbled across battle tanks. Further research took me to the M1A2 Abrams USA Battle Tank and I liked it so much that I decided it would be worth reviewing.
2015 hot kids toys lutema heligram flight simulator remote control helicopter 2015 images

2015 Hottest Kids RC Toys: Lutema 2.4 Heligram Flight Simulator R/C Helicopter w/LED SkyText...

From time to time, I like to branch out and read about the R/C vehicles that are out. During one of my “expeditions,” I came across the Lutema 2.5 Heligram Flight Simulator R/C Helicopter and I must say, I liked what I saw!