Gaming Best Bet Gifts for Christmas and 2017

Gaming Best Bet Gifts for Christmas and 2017 2016 images

Gaming Best Bet Gifts for Christmas and 2017 2016 images

Christmas is definitely one of the most wonderful times of the year. The lights on the houses, the snow on the street, the family gathering to enjoy together, everything is nice and calmer at Christmas time, and of course, one of the best things of Christmas is the video games sales!.

Every year hundreds and hundreds of sales appear at this time of the year; it truly is a wonderful time to be a gamer. This year is no exception; that’s why we’re going to make a list (with no specific order) as for the best things you can get if you’re a gamer or for that special gamer in your life. Luckily with expedited free shipping at most places, you still have time to get that perfect gift at a greatly discounted holiday price.

playstation vr set

1 – Playstation VR: VR gaming is the hippest thing right now. Everyone wants to get into it, and why not go with one of the newest and not that expensive way to go. If you have a PS4 it’s a must have; you can get into the  VR experience everyone’s talking about for about 500$! Check out our review.

2 – HTC Vive: If you have some more money and are willing to spend it on a VR machine the HTC Vive is your way to go. For about 799$ it’s without a doubt the best option for VR. Of course, you’ll need a rather expensive and capable computer to use it, but the experience you’ll get is just amazing, no other VR has the quality of the HTC Vibe. If you have the money, then it’s a must for gamers

3 – Samsung Gear VR: One more while we’re in the VR scene shall we? If you want to get into the Virtual Reality action that everyone’s talking about but don’t own a PS4 nor a powerful PC, or you don’t have much money, well there’s hope for you. You can now use your own smartphone as a virtual reality machine of your own. Using the Samsung Gear VR will allow you to get into your smartphone, and you can even play some amazing VR games or watch special videos and stuff. It IS amazing, and cost less than 60$

POWER A MOGA Pro Mobile Gaming System for Android Smartphones

4 – POWER A MOGA Pro Mobile Gaming System for Android Smartphones: In case you’re a gamer but don’t own a mobile platform don’t worry, you can still be a gamer on the go. Nowadays mobile gaming has been growing like crazy, and some Android games have more quality (and better graphics) than the big companies mobile gaming machines. Using a Power A MOGA controller can transform any Android phone, tablet, or even Android Box, into a pro-like gaming console, having dual analogues, triggers an full buttons it is one amazing addition and certainly one of the best ways to game on the go, now you can enjoy your emulators and Android games with the control comfort of playing on your home console.

5 – New 3DS: Yes, the 3DS has been here for quite a long time now, but nevertheless it is such an amazing console that everyone should get one, and this year Nintendo went over the top with amazing deals on the New 3DS and New 3DS XL, with some amazing colors like the Lime Green New Nintendo 3DS, that comes with a preloaded game. And there’s even the New 3DS XL Pokémon Sun & Moon Version that comes with a beautiful design on the cover.

ps4 pro and slim
6 –PS4 Pro & PS4 Slim: There has not been a better time to own a PS4 than now. Many many console exclusive games are on the way, and even the old ones are amazing. Having a PS4 is a complete world of amazing gaming experiences waiting for you. And if you’re just getting into the PS4 wave, you’re right on time.

Sony recently released 2 new versions of its home console. One of them is the PS4 Slim, a slimmer, smaller version of the already existing PS4. All the specs remain the same, but the price can be a little lower. It also had a redesign to make it less “edgy” while also making it more “round.” And the other new addition to the family is the PS4 Pro, as an opposite to the PS4 Slim; this one is bigger, heavier and “edgier” than the original. It is considerably stronger, capable of running games in 4K and with HDR, even older games look better on it, and some of the newest games come specially made to be enhanced with the PS4 Pro. It is truly an amazing machine. However, it is obviously more expensive than the original one along with the Slim version. Long story short, it is amazing and worth every penny.

xbox one s

7 –Xbox One S: Now if you’re on the other side of the spectrum and prefer the Xbox then that’s fine too, Microsoft also upgraded its console, and the result is simply beautiful. That’s right, the Xbox One S is the newest version of the well-known Xbox One. Microsoft chose a different path, and certainly a better option than Sony, they went ahead and make a Slim version of the Xbox One that’s also the most powerful version. The Xbox One S is more powerful than the original but also smaller and more quiet, just like the PS4 Pro it can run native 4K and HDR, giving your favorite games that extra pump in the visuals that they need. If you like Microsoft consoles then the Xbox One S is a no-brainer, it’s, specs-wise, the most powerful home console on the market.

There you go, 7 suggestions as to what to get your special gamer this Christmas, even if that special gamer is you. There’s nothing wrong with giving ourselves presents from time to time, so please enjoy this Christmas time with your favorite videogames, friends and family. Trust us, they can all get along well!