Top 5 Hottest Kids Toys for 2020 Guide

top 5 hottest kids toys 2020 must have or else

Your kids will be the main ones to tell you what they really want for the holidays, so we’ve pulled together the absolute top 5 toys that boys and girls are craving for 2020. these toys are for the younger set, and keeping them happy during the Christmas season can mean having a peaceful holiday season.

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kidzone electric bumper car yellow lit up 2020

Kidzone Remote Control Bumper Car

Toddlers and kids love driving around, pretending like they’re doing the same thing as their parents. There are child sized electric cars meant to look like real ones, but they can only really be used outside in a limited space.

The Kidzone bumper car combines the fun of driving with the fun of real bumper cars into a compact device that kids will love. These bumper cars can be driven inside or outside on concrete, and are safely built to be bumped into each other.

They come with a quality safety belt installed so that your child will be protected when they’re driving around. These little cars can be charged quickly and the charge will last for quite awhile, since they’re installed with 6V batteries.

kid zone bumper car hot holitday toys riding 2020

One interesting feature of this device is that it has two control knobs that the child can use to drive it themselves, but if you want to take over and make sure they’re being safe, it also has a remote control option that you can use to steer it yourself.

This makes for a safer experience, ensuring that your child doesn’t steer off into something that they shouldn’t. The tires are designed to resist flattening, so it can be stored for long periods of time or can run over small things without having to worry about the tires going bad.

It has a flexible PVC circle around the outer edge of the car that acts as the bumper buffer, meaning that it won’t scratch or damage items that it bumps into. The car’s speed is maxed out at 0.75 mph, which feels fast to the kids, but is a safe controlled speed that they won’t endanger them.

What We Like

It’s also unlikely to knock over furniture or anything like that, because it doesn’t have the speed to do that. It comes installed with a flashing LED light ring around the car, which allows it to be seen in the dark and is just a nice touch that the kids will enjoy.

The car can also be customized by choosing the color and the racing number that your child will want. It’s capable of spinning a full 360 degrees, so they won’t have to reverse out of a tight corner or anything like that, reducing the chances of getting stuck.

Whether it’s the kid using the joysticks or you using the remote control, it can be spun around in a full circle making for a very fun time. This is a fun toy that will be highly sought after this year, and you can get it here for a great deal.

vtech smart shots sports center hot holiday toys 2020

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

If you have a child who’s interested in sports, then the VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is going to be a great gift for them. Actually, they don’t even have to be interested, as it’s just fun to play with. It includes two main games that they can play, with a lot of little gadgets and lights around the outside of it that are also interactive.

The two main games that it comes with are soccer and basketball, and it comes with a ball for each one. Whether they want to shoot at the hoop or kick it into the goal, there’s a scoreboard that will count up each time they score.

The scoreboard also plays little animations and has speakers that will output encouraging sentences and phrases when they score. Around the outer rim of the soccer goal, there’s a bunch of buttons, levers, and some gears that can all be used to play sounds and learn things like shapes and numbers.

With all of the lights and sounds and buttons, your toddler can be entertained for hours on end. There are plenty of side games all over it that they can play in addition to the two main games.

What We Like

Parents will be delighted to know that this is a compact toy, so it won’t take up a ton of space. It runs off of 3 AA batteries, which last awhile in it, so you won’t have to replace them frequently or worry about wires.

It also comes with a volume setting with three modes: off, low, and full volume. Parents will definitely appreciate the volume setting because sometimes the noise created with certain kids’ toys can be aggravating after some time.

One of the things that this is going to help your child develop is motor skills. Shooting the basketball and kicking the soccer ball help your child work on both their fine motor skills and regular motor skills, which helps them mentally and physically later in life.

It comes in either red or yellow as the main color, though the features on it remain the same, so it’s just cosmetic. Fortunately, it also gives you the option of selecting the packaging, including standard and frustration free packaging.

Standard packaging comes in the original box, while frustration free packaging makes it a lot easier to get out of the box. This is great for those Christmas mornings when your kid is eager to play with their gifts, so you can avoid the tedious process of cutting the thing out of the cardboard.

The VTech Smart Shots Sports Center will be the perfect gift that combines athletics and electronics, and it’s sure to be a big hit with kids this year! With Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday coming, expect some great deals here.

frozen 2 anna plush cuddle pillow buddy 2020 hot holiday toys girls

“Frozen 2” Anna Super Soft Plush Doll Cuddle Pillow

If you’re a parent, there’s no doubt you’ve heard your child talking a lot about the movies Frozen and “Frozen 2.” These Disney movies have been extremely popular among kids, with one of their favorite characters in the movie being Anna, Elsa’s sister.

If your son or daughter is a big fan of the movie, they’re definitely going to like the Anna plush doll from Franco. This doll is much larger than other ones, coming in at about 2 feet tall, making it a perfect everyday companion for your child.

It’s much harder to lose, and seems a lot more realistic. These dolls are also very soft and plush. They’re made with microfiber materials, so they’ll no doubt be hugging them and cuddling them.

This plush doll is made with high quality materials, ensuring that it’ll last much longer than other cheaper dolls. The microfiber ensures it will hold up well under just about any conditions.

The face details are embroidered carefully to match the Disney style that your children love, and the hair has actual volume to it, rather than just being flat. Parents will be relieved to know that this doll is very easy to clean.

What We Like

You don’t have to do anything special with it, just spot clean the doll with some warm water and maybe a little bit of soap. Microfiber releases dirt quite easily and rarely ever stains, so this doll will hold up very well for years to come.

Your child will be taking this doll around everywhere they go. While, of course, they’ll be playing with it normally in their play room, reenacting scenes from their favorite movie, they can also sleep at night with it.

It’s even marketed as a cuddle pillow, so it’ll make a great bedtime companion. They might also bring it along on long car rides or road trips, and even at things like sleepovers and game nights, but definitely whenever they watch Frozen 2 again.

Anna isn’t the only option available, though. If Anna isn’t your child’s favorite Frozen character, they can also get the Elsa or Olaf dolls, which are made with the same materials and features and will do just as good of a job.

No matter which one your child prefers, you can be sure it’ll be made with high-quality materials and stitching, with great details and colors. There will be many “Frozen 2” toys to choose from this year, but this doll is sure to top many lists. Find it here.

childs seckton selfie camera hot holiday tech toys 2020

Seckton Toddler Selfie Camera

As parents, we all know how kids want to take control of our smart gadgets and use them to capture selfies and videos. It becomes a problem when they continually ask you for it, or happen to break your phone by accidentally dropping it.

Today, kids can capture their favorite childhood memories easier than ever with the Seckton toddler selfie camera. This camera is very simple, but it takes photos in good quality.

Years ago, kids’ cameras weren’t super reliable and took photos in somewhat poor quality. The quality of a digital picture is typically measured in megapixels, and even expensive digital cameras back then could only go up to about 4 megapixels.

That quality isn’t bad, but it isn’t great. This camera can take 8 megapixel photos, which is great quality, while still being a very cost efficient item. In addition to the main front camera, this also has a selfie camera, which means that they can take pictures of themselves with their friends or family much easier.

kids selfie camera functions 2020 hot christmas toys

What We Like

Surprisingly, this little camera can even record in full high definition video, up to 1080p. That’s about the max definition you’ll find for many TVs or computer monitors today. One of the best parts about this camera is its storage space.

Older digital cameras needed to have the photos transferred off regularly because they would run out of space, and of course film cameras would run out of film. This camera comes with a whopping 32GB micro SD card, which is enough to store thousands of photos without having to move them off even once.

When you do want to transfer your pictures, it’s easily done with a simple USB cord that plugs into your computer. From there, you can upload them to Facebook, print them out, or just save them for future memories.

You don’t have to worry about your child being clumsy with this camera because it’s built to last. It has a shockproof shell that can withstand drops and falls, which are really inevitable with kids’ toys.

Truly Kid Proof

It also comes with a lanyard, which reduces their chances of dropping it even more. This camera charges quickly, going from an empty battery to full charge in a mere 2 hours. This will then last them quite a while, though it will drain a bit faster if they’re recording video and audio or taking pictures constantly.

If you’re eager to regain control over your high tech gadgets and still allow your child to enjoy snapping selfies and recording cute videos, then the Seckton toddler selfie camera is the perfect gift this holiday season. You can find the best deal here on this.

lol surprise glamper 2020 hot holiday toys

L.O.L. Surprise Glamper Plus 55 Surprises

If you have a daughter, chances are high that you’ve heard about L.O.L. Surprise dolls. Kids love that these dolls come in a wide variety of styles. Some dolls have special attributes, like changing color in water.

There are dozens of clothing and accessory options to choose from. But this year, there’s one toy that’s sure to be a hit for the holidays. The L.O.L. Surprise Glamper is a transforming RV for your child’s L.O.L. Surprise dolls.

Before transforming, your child can have the dolls ride in the front seats of the glamper, driving around and exploring the terrain. It even comes with functioning lights and a horn that actually makes a sound!

This alone can occupy some kids for hours, but it unfolds to become even more unique. The front can detach and still operate as its own car, while the back expands out into the main glamping event.

It has a BBQ area with a grill, a café, a runway, a pool, bunk beds, and more. All of these areas can be accessorized and used as hangout areas for the dolls, with many of them also decorated with lights that can be turned on for an added realistic effect.

lol suprise 2 in 1 glamper fashion camper plus suprises 2020 christmas toys

What We Like

The whole kit includes an exclusive doll, meaning they couldn’t get it from a random pack anywhere else, so it’s sure to be in demand. It also includes a few random chance packages that you can pull any kind of accessories or clothes from.

It also includes all of the necessary accessories and items to fully assemble the glamper. When it’s all set up, this glamper is around 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide, so it’s a pretty expansive playset.

All of these areas have tons of little details – from pillows on the bunk beds to reversible sinks and more. They also have a bunch of little lights and sounds that they can play with for hours on end.

This playset comes with so many accessories and things to use that if your child already has a bunch of these dolls, you’re definitely going to want this playset to go the extra mile for fun.

It adds a ton of variety and functionality to the dolls to make it an even more enjoyable experience for the kids. It’s actually better if they already have some of the dolls so that they can manage all the different stations, like the DJ booth and the BBQ area.