L.O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise: Hottest Toys for Girls Review

Want to wow the little girl in your life? With this awesome L.O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise gift set you’ll do just that. You can check it out here.

L.O.L dolls have become the must-have toy for girls aged 5-12. With lots of different dolls to collect, what’s great about the range is that you never know which dolls you’re getting until you unwrap them.

This great kit features limited edition dolls and one limited edition pet. So, you won’t find them anywhere else. Here, we’ll look at why this gift set is dubbed one of the best gifts of the year.

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lol six surprise kits for young gils gifts

There are over 60 surprises!

The main stand-out feature of the set is that it comes with a staggering 60+ surprises. You won’t find these surprises anywhere else, making it a great kit for avid L.O.L Surprise collectors.

There are dolls, a pet, accessories and even a spy game to keep your child entertained. Each kit follows a “missing pet” story, where your child needs to find secret clues with a spy glass to reveal the names of secret agents who are looking for their pet. So, it’s far more than just a simple collectible toy.

Limited edition dolls you won’t find anywhere else

The fact you can’t get the L.O.L Surprise dolls anywhere else is a major plus point. She will love having dolls and pets that none of her friends have got. As mentioned above, it also means if she already has a huge collection of the dolls, there’s no risk she’ll find one which she already owns.

lol suprise kit mirror for young girls

So much fun to unpack

Even unpacking this gift set is a fun experience. If you’re familiar with the L.O.L Surprise dolls, you’ll know you need to unwrap them in order to see which dolls are inside. For a young girl, this can be really exciting. So, the fact she has over 60 surprises to unpack makes this one of the best gift sets you can give for Christmas or a birthday. Watch her face light up as she unpacks surprise after surprise.

lol suprise kit with 60 suprises girls toys

Comes with a great carry purse

Worried about where you’re going to store all of the dolls and accessories in the set? Don’t panic! One of the bigger surprises is a totally cute pink carry purse to keep everything in. So, you won’t need to worry about losing them, or worse, standing on them!

If you’re looking for a gift that’s going to keep her entertained for hours and which has the ultimate excitement factor, this L.O.L Surprise! Bigger Surprise with over 60 awesome surprises is sure to be a winner. Considering how many things are included in the set, it comes at a great affordable cost too which you can find here.