2018 Hottest Toys for Girls: Lil’ Gleemerz Doll, Blue

lil gleemerz glow in the dark girls toys reviews

Give your child their very own adorable companion with this fab Lil’ Gleemerz Doll. Known as Amiglow, this fully interactive cute doll comes with a light-up tail and has tons of personality.

You can purchase this popular Blue doll alone or collect all of the different colors for a truly magical light show experience! They are in the Top 100 best selling toys and games on Amazon for 2018.

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Featuring over 100 different reactions

This Amiglow Lil’ Gleemerz Doll may be small, but she comes with a huge range of reactions. Her stand-out feature is the beautiful light-up tail, which glows with the colors of the rainbow when activated. This feature alone would be enough to please any child, but it doesn’t stop there!

The eyes of the doll also light up, and she makes a lot of quirky sounds and phrases. Your child can interact with Amiglow via sound or touch, and they’ll have hours of fun playing with their new companion.

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Comes with 3 unique modes

There are 3 different modes to choose from including light party, games and hangout. The game mode is awesome, allowing your child to play numerous games with the doll’s tail. They include Tail Tennis, Stop on the Spot and Catch the Kiss.

Hangout mode is where you’ll discover most of the doll’s reactions. Simply squeeze her tail or pat her on the head and hear her respond in different ways including purring, growling and saying funny phrases.

Light party mode lets your child clap or play music for Amiglow to follow along to. As the beat strikes, her tail will flash along, creating a fab light party experience. You can even customize the lighting so that it flashes specific colors.

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Collect the set for enhanced interaction

What’s great about Lil’ Gleemerz dolls is that you can collect them all for enhanced interaction. The dolls will interact with one another and each features its own unique reactions. Even just adding one more doll to the collection adds hours of additional entertainment.

They’re also all as adorable as each other and come in different color variations.

Great to store away

When these cute dolls aren’t in use, they can be stored in a unique and fun way. Their little paws can be used to hang the dolls from numerous items including boxes or even your laptop screen. So, when your child isn’t interacting with them, they can use the doll as an adorable companion.

You really do need to see this interactive doll in person to see just how cute she is. Amiglow is one of five unique Lil Gleemerz, sold in a beautiful blue color. You can guarantee your child will fall in love with this interactive companion and the great thing is, it comes at a great affordable price which you can find here.