WowWee Fingerlings HUGS – Bella Baby Monkey Pet Review

WowWee Fingerlings HUGS - Bella Baby Monkey hot toys 2019

Fingerlings HUGS toys have become extremely popular, and when you see Bella you’ll understand why! This adorable pink monkey isn’t just your average cuddly toy, instead she’s fully interactive.

Each of the Fingerlings HUGS toys is created to be affectionate, fun and lovable. So, don’t be surprised if your child quickly becomes attached to this lush baby monkey!

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Fingerlings Hugs Bella lush baby monkey pet wowwee for young girls gifts

A toy that just wants to be loved

Bella isn’t just your average soft cuddly toy; she’s specifically designed with affection in mind. From her long huggable arms, to her huge personality, your child will love having this faithful companion by their side.

She doesn’t just do hugs either. Simply hold her up to your lips for a kiss. The longer you hold her against the lips, the longer the kiss lasts. You’ll also find the size of this toy is pretty impressive. She’s big enough to give great hugs!

Fingerlings Hugs hottest young girl holiday giftsSupersized reactions keep the kids entertained

Bella’s reactions, like all of the Fingerlings HUGS toys, are super-sized. She makes a lot of noise, including sounds your kid will find hilarious. She burps, toots and laughs hysterically; especially if you engage in a tickle fight!

Throw Bella into the air and hear her get super-excited or swing her around and turn her upside down for even more laughter. You may not exactly love the constant noise, but when you hear your child laughing along, it makes it all worthwhile.

Fingerlings Hugs plush monkey toy arms open hot gifts girls

Plenty of awesome reactions for hours of fun

This awesome interactive toy has so many different reactions. There’s even a talk-back feature where your child can press Bella’s ear while talking, then let go and listen as Bella repeats what she’s heard. She doesn’t just repeat it back in a normal way either. Being a typical monkey, she’ll play the voice back in many funny ways.

Your child is sure to have hours of fun with this exciting, lovable companion. If you do get fed up of the noises, you can switch her off, but don’t be surprised if your child has something to say about that!

As an additional bonus, Bella comes with batteries included. So, you won’t need to worry about the dreaded “batteries not included” trap after the toy has been unwrapped.

Another great benefit of this toy is that it is suitable for children aged 36 months and above. So, Bella could easily grow with your child, providing them with a great childhood companion.

Overall, if you’re looking for a soft, cuddly toy that your child can interact with, Bella is a great choice. She’s easy to operate and you’ll find plenty of great informative videos on YouTube, showing you how to work each feature. Even young children will soon get the hang of how she works. They’ve just gone on sale again here.