Amazon vs Walmart: Hottest Kids Toys of 2020 Top 40 Part 1

hottest toys of 2020 for christmas kids twenty plus

One of the most anticipated lists of the year has been out, but it only shows one place where you can get all of the hottest toys for 2020. Consumers can now see Walmart’s Hottest Toys of 2020 list – just in time for the holiday shopping season. With the holiday season, everyone knows it’s wise to check around to see who offers the best deals.

So, we’re comparing the biggest of the big Amazon versus Walmart to show you who has the biggest and best deal for you. Save that extra money to buy yourself a treat after the year we’ve had!

Now, these aren’t just any toys, they are the toys that kids love to play with and want to see under the tree on Christmas morning. They are actually demanding these toys after being cooped up for most of this year. These toys were carefully chosen by paying attention to what engages a child’s interest and is most in demand.

Among these toys were ones that were for use inside as well as outside. Some are digital based, and others are educational in nature. Follow this list and you’ll find just the right gift for the kids you’re buying for! This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

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From the TV to the Toy Room

frozen 2 magic in motion elsa singing doll 2020 hot toys

Disney Frozen 2 Magic In Motion Queen Elsa Feature Doll

Children love to envision the characters on the shows and movies they watch as being real and some toys help a child’s imagination flourish in this respect. A much-loved movie is “Frozen 2” and the Frozen 2 – Magic in Motion Elsa Doll helps kids bring that magic into their world.

This favorite character continues the story from the first movie as she journeys with her friends to new adventures. With the doll, kids will be able to join Elsa in song and marvel at the moment she realizes what kind of power she holds.

young girl singing with frozen 2 elsa singing doll image hot holiday toys

The song, “Show Yourself” is what the doll sings. At the same time she’s singing, the doll’s head and mouth are able to move in time as the music plays. While the music is on, the lights will glitter from the accents on her beautiful white dress. Walmart Deal Here.  $44.84 Check Amazon’s Best Deal here. $39.99

This dress also comes with a cape and shoes. The doll has long, blonde hair – befitting of a princess, just like the movie character.

blues clues and you peek a blue doll 2020 hottest toys for christmas

Blue’s Clues & You! Peek-A-Blue

Next on the list is the adorable Blue’s Clues & You! Peek-A-Blue.

This one made the list because, besides being adorable, who doesn’t love Blue’s Clues? Kids and adults alike both love this character. This plush toy is so soft and squeezable, and at 10 inches in height, it’s just the right size for hugging.

Because it’s soft, it’s the perfect gift for younger kids. The inside of the toy’s paw has the same paw print that delights kids when they see it on the show as Blue solves all the clues.

Interacting with it during play is easy for children 3 and over. To play with the toy, all kids have to do is press Blue’s tummy to see her ears go up. The ears won’t go up without this step, but when it’s pressed, she’ll start to bark at the same time that she lifts her ears.

These actions always make kids laugh while they play game after game of peek-a-boo.

Children will also love having their plush friend along as they watch the show and together solve the clues. Walmart Deal Here. $18.88 Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here. $18.75

Because it’s an interactive toy, batteries are required for operation, but they’re included with your purchase.

paw patrol dino patroller motorized team vehicle 2020 hottest toys kids

Paw Patrol

Dino Rescue Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle with Exclusive Chase and T. Rex Figures

Another great toy that made the hot list this year is the Paw Patrol Dino Patroller.

This toy leaps from the animated children’s show right into plenty of playtime fun for kids. This all terrain toy is motorized and can bring adventures to life. It has oversized wheels that easily travel across carpet and any other type of flooring.

It’s also durable enough to be used for outdoor play. The toy is spacious so that it can hold all the pups in the show. These are sold separately. The vehicle has a projectile launcher and 2 projectiles are included so that kids can jump right into rescue mode and save the day for the dinosaurs.

paw patrol dino rescue motorized truck in action hot toys 2020

Also included with the toy is the Chase figure. This comes decked out in the Dino Rescue uniform just like the one worn on the show. It also comes with a T-Rex figure. The Chase figure easily fits into the cab.

The back of the vehicle can hold additional vehicles within the same line of toys. Operating the toy is simple for little kids. All they have to do is push a button and the toy will move.

During play time, if kids want to see the T-Rex in action, all they have to do is press on the figure’s tale. His mouth is moveable. The toy comes with batteries included and is recommended for children 3 and over.

Walmart Deal Here: $54.00 Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $53.99

star wars mandaloran child edition 2020 hottest kids toys images

Bop It! Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Edition

It should come as no surprise that Star Wars toys made the list with the Bop It! Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Edition. This is the game that’s patterned after what’s called The Child, but what the world mainly knows as Baby Yoda, the cute figure that’s swept to the top of Christmas lists everywhere.

One of the things that makes this toy in such high demand is that it features the real sounds like Baby Yoda expresses. This is something that not only delights kids, but also adults who love Star Wars.

This is a popular electronic game that’s patterned after the TV series and uses both the Mandalorian’s voice as well as parts from Baby Yoda. The toy was created in the shape and color like the loved character from the series.

This one works the same way as other Bop It games. During play time, kids will pull on the toy, or twist it. The game calls for players to perform 3 different moves in no specific order.

However, if they are to win the game, then the player has to get the moves right as well as be quick to make the moves. As long as the person playing the game follows the correct command, the game continues.

The game is designed so that it can be played alone, or it can played with friends as long as it’s set on Pass-it mode. The toy is designed to be used by children 8 years old and older and it need batteries in order to operate.

Toys that teach children how to use their motor skills in combination with their imagination are great gift ideas. Plus, they’re just so fun.

Walmart Deal Here: $14.88 Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $14.00

LEGO Star Wars

Return of the Jedi Death Star Final Duel 75291

The LEGO Death Star Final Duel is a toy that children will love to play with time and again.

Now kids will be able to reimagine what it was like when Luke Skywalker battled Darth Vader. Once the set is built, kids will be able to create the fight between good and evil.

Designed after the Emperor’s throne room, this LEGO set has the same attention to detail, including the elevated platform, and also gives that cool vibe that was shown in the original command center.

The set has several engaging parts to it, including the minifigure force jump. The throne can rotate and the stairs, as well as the bridge, can give way. The toy is created so that the parts that were in the movie, like where the Emperor meets his doom, can be played out.

In this LEGO set, there are 5 different Star Wars figures kids can choose to play with. Besides Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, there’s the Emperor and 2 of the Royal Guards.

Lightsabers and force pikes are included, too. As a bonus, the set has a code that kids can use to gain a character in the Skywalker Saga video game. The toy has a total of 775 pieces and is not only a great gift for children 9 and over, but for adult Star Wars fans, too.

Walmart Deal Here: $89.00 Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $84.00

star wars mandaloran darksaber lightsaber 2020 hottest kids toys

Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber

Also featured in the Star Wars line of holiday gift items is the Star Wars Dark Saber. Lightsabers have been a staple in the Star Wars movies since the movie series first began years ago.

The stories have evolved and grown, but the lightsabers continue to be a fan favorite.

This toy was made in line with the live action series in the Star Wars storyline. The story is based around the world of Mandalore and features the Mandalorian bounty hunter nicknamed “Mando.”

Kids love not only the armor of the character, but the helmet that conceals any facial features as well. The warrior in the story is instrumental in helping Baby Yoda.

Children will love using this toy and engaging in role playing fighting scenes and standing tall as a hero as a powerful Mandalorian warrior.

The lightsaber is electronic, so it has sounds that mimic the battle sounds that are heard in Star Wars during the Clone Wars story. As the child brandishes the saber to fight, it engages the battle sounds.

The toy is designed with a black blade and is intended to be used for children who are 5 years old and up. In addition to the sounds, the lightsaber also has lights. When kids want to turn on the lights, they just have to press the button located on the hilt of the toy and hold it. Don’t forget – the toy needs batteries and these are included.

Walmart Deal Here: $29.84 Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $29.84

High-Tech Gadgets

Another category that Walmart has released concerning the hottest Christmas toys of 2020 involve gadgets. These items are for use both digitally as well as for the role of pretend play.

sensory fx asmr mega bar 2020 hottest kids toys

Sensory FX ASMR Mega Bar

Using toys like this helps boost a child’s creativity. A toy that’s landing on multiple holiday shopping lists this year is the Sensory FX ASMR Mega Bar. This toy is one that’s used to create ASMR.

If you’re not familiar with this new experience into sensory responses, it’s known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it’s a way that kids can make sounds using different objects from certain moves.

Basically, the toy operates as a recording setup, but gives kids the opportunity to create sounds that are solely unique to what they enjoy listening to. It’s a soothing as well as a learning toy.

So for that end, the toy is a tool that enables them to understand the way that certain sounds can soothe or stand out from other noises. It’s a great gift for kids who have trouble keeping still.

Using this toy, children get to work with patterns they create that are either slow or fast in tempo. Whatever they prefer is what they can make. It gives them the chance to record these textures and moves with the sensory bars.

They can use the control or the pitch shifter on the toy to change up how something is recorded. It allows them to play their creations or clear out any of the ones they don’t like or want to do over.

The sounds can be altered by adding or taking away the sensory bars. To play with the toy, kids only need to tap on the pads. They can do this by using their fingers or objects such as a pen or ruler to change up the sounds.

There are picks included with it that they can use and it can also be expanded with the purchase of more bars.

Walmart Deal Here: $19.88 Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: Amazon doesn’t have it yet, but you can be sure they will by Black Friday Cyber Monday.

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam HD Video Kids' Digital Camera 2020 hottest kids tech toys

Vtech KidiZoom Creator Cam

Also making the gadget list this year is the VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam.

This is a digital camera that can be used to make videos in high definition. Children will get to be the producer of different animated creations and can use the green screen or one of the 20 backgrounds that come with the camera.

These backgrounds will enable creative videos, showing things such as running from a dinosaur, exploring the world beyond Earth and more. The camera has a tripod/selfie stick combo and comes with a microphone.

By using the on-screen editing tools, kids get to produce various videos with special effects. There’s a USB cable included that kids can use to put their videos on their electronic devices.

With this toy, buyers have the option to increase storage space by getting the additional micro SD card. The toy uses a lithium ion battery that’s rechargeable. It’s intended for use with kids who are at least 5 years old and up.

Walmart Deal Here: $19.88 Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $49.44

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera with 10-pack film - Seafoam Green 2020 hottest kids tech toys

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Seafoam Green Camera

One gadget that showed up on Walmart’s hottest toys list is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Seafoam Green Camera. This is a gift that can help children not only occupy their time with something fun, but it helps to boost their analytical skills.

It also teaches them to be more observant. On top of that, it can improve motor skills. This camera is as fun to look at, with its bright seafoam color, as it is to use. The features are simple to use, and it delivers clear photos.

One of the options that it has is an exposure control adjustment. This is what can work to prevent a shot from being under or overexposed. This feature allows children to take great photographs shot after shot right from the start, even with little experience or skill.

The camera comes with film that will let a child take up to 10 photos. This film is small and pocket size. Plus, it has that old school photo fun. Kids can snap a picture and in seconds hold the finished product in their hand.

Just like those photos of the past, the pictures are surrounded by a white border so that kids can use this space to either put a tack in it and pin the photo up in their room or use it to write a note about the image.

The camera is a great idea to use for hobbies as well as everyday fun.

Walmart Deal Here: $59. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $43.89

walmart onn 8 tablet pro 2020 hottest tech toys for kids

Onn. 8” Tablet Pro

32GB Storage, 2 GB Ram, Android 10

Tablets make the cut for the hottest Christmas toys this year, too. The onn. 8″ Tablet Pro is one that’s meant for kids.

It’s supposed to be used for everything that kids need. Because of that, the tablet can run on a charge for as long as 10 hours of usage. The screen is an 8” LCD touchscreen that responds quickly to touch.

The visuals are crisp across the screen. Kids can use the tablet to connect with their friends online, to look up information or research what interests them or to take part in their favorite online game.

It’s great to use for younger kids, too – with learning or growing games. They can also use the tablet to check out books from an online library program or to find out stuff they need to know about their schoolwork.

The tablet is run on the Android operating system, so even kids who aren’t familiar with tablets can quickly adjust to how to use it. The gadget also has a camera. There’s a 5MP front facing as well as a 5 MP rear facing one.

The device boasts 2 GB of RAM, so it can handle what kids need to use it for. There is a 32 GB storage, but in the event that you want to expand that storage, you can do so. Along with the tablet, the purchase also includes the AC adapter and a charging cable.

Walmart Deal Here: $99. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $92.77

disney light up princess vanity 2020 hottest toys for girls kids

Interactive Play

Disney Princess Vanity

Little kids love to play dress-up and they love playing with various fashions. Toys that help foster this pretend play are always a big hit, and that’s one of the reasons the Disney Princess Vanity is on the holiday toy list this year.

Because the toy does have some small pieces, it’s not recommended for girls who are less than 3 years old. This set includes a vanity that’s light and compact enough to fit on top of a table.

It has a large mirror that is attached. When they use the set, kids will feel like they’re getting ready to go somewhere at a vanity just like mom’s. There are plenty of accessories with the toy.

One of them is a pretend flat iron that kids can use to act like they’re smoothing and sleeking their hair into the latest style. Another accessory is the pretend curling iron that girls can play with and imagine themselves with stylishly curled hair.

The set also includes a hair dryer. These items have slots on the vanity that will hold them snugly in place during play. The set also comes with a curling brush as well as a hair comb.

In addition, kids get a pair of pretend scissors along with hair clips. The vanity is designed like a hatbox, where girls can store their hair accessories. The trays extend out so they get the full glamor treatment.

When the accessories are plugged into the vanity, they either light up or make sounds, just like real beauty tools do. The toy has a carry handle and can be folded up so that the set can be moved or taken anywhere.

Let the little girl on your list feel like a princess with this playset. It does need batteries, which don’t come with the toy.

Walmart Deal Here: $39.94. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $38.99

Little Live Pets Gotta Go Flamingo 2020 hottest kids toys holiday

Gotta Go Flamingo

Kids love funny toys that they can play with all year round and the Gotta Go Flamingo is one such toy that made the Walmart list.

It’s a cuddly, eye-catching pink Flamingo that has the ability to talk by repeating back to kids whatever they say to the pet. The bird, cutely named Sherbet, can also sing as well as wiggle.

It loves to eat. To feed the bird, kids just pour the food into his mouth using the scoop designed to fit his beak. As the toy is eating, his neck will move as he swallows the food.

When the bird needs to use his toilet, he starts singing, “Uh Oh! Gotta Go!” and kids pick him up and place him on the toilet. Since the toilet is see through, kids will be able to tell when their pet has finished going.

When he’s done, the poop is returned to the scoop. It instantly returns to his pre-digested state so that he can eat it again and again. The toy requires batteries, which are included.

Walmart Deal Here: $49.97. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $28.82

furReal Mama Josie The Kangaroo Interactive Pet 2020 hottest kids toys holiday

FurReal Mama Josie Kangaroo Pet

Interactive play toys that are cute and cuddly are always a hit with kids. That’s just one of the many reasons that the FurReal Mama Josie Kangaroo Pet is a holiday gift must-have this year.

This mama toy comes with 3 little babies, which are known as joeys. Kids will be delighted to discover that one of them is a girl, one is a boy and they’ll have to unbox the toy to discover what the last baby is.

This toy interacts with kids, thanks to the ability of its over 70 sound and motion features. The pet is able to move and will move both her head as well as her arms. She can also dance.

When the music plays, just watch her hop. Because the pet is such a great mama, whenever she’s snuggling with one of her babies or giving them a kiss, she’ll make a sweet sound just for them.

She can also make other sounds, too – such as when a child is feeding the pet. As she’s eating the included smoothie snack, she’ll let out feeding related sounds, such as a little hiccup or a burp.

Mama Josie not only watches out for her babies, but she’s always up for play. The set comes with the mama kangaroo, the 3 little babies and accessories for the joeys. Because of the small nature of some of the parts, the toy isn’t recommended for children younger than 4.

Batteries are included, but you might want to buy extra, since kids never get tired of playing with this pet.

Walmart Deal Here: $67. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $66.97

Squeakee the Balloon Dog 2020 hottest kids toys holiday gifts

Squeakee the Balloon Dog

Balloon animals have always been a thrill to play with, but once they pop, the fun is over. Now, however, thanks to Squeakee, the fun never has to stop. This toy is created to look and act just like a balloon animal, but with much more fun. It has the ability to interact with your child in the same way a real life puppy can.

It’s as playful as a live pet, too. When a child speaks to the pet, the animal will react with understanding to whatever is being said. For example, if the pet is scolded, it’ll lower its head down.

The pet has the ability to sit up as well as stand. Children can pet the dog or tickle him and watch his antics. The dog delights in attention and reacts happily to the interaction.

When his legs rub across the floor, they can make a squeaking sound just like a balloon animal can.

The dog can also make a noise like it’s barking or panting. Through a special indention on the back of the dog, kids can insert a pin and the dog will make a popping sound like a balloon bursting.

The dog will then fall over with a squeak. Kids can use the special inflating accessory that makes the sound of air being pumped back into the pet. The dog comes with a squeaky toy and can be taught tricks using it.

He can roll over onto his back and much more.  Once the dog is fed, much to the delight and laughter of kids, he’ll either pee or pass gas. My Life dolls have been around for awhile and make excellent gifts.

Walmart Deal Here: $58. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $57.97

My Life As 18-inch Poseable Hello Kitty Doll 2020 hottest doll toys gifts

My Life As 18-inch Poseable Hello Kitty Doll

African American, 18-inch Poseable Doll

This year, Walmart has placed on their hottest toys list, the My Life As Hello Kitty Doll, African American version. This doll is something that any child will be happy to have as a holiday gift.

It’s suitable for both play and collections. The doll is 18” just like the other dolls in the same line. It’s also completely poseable, so kids can act out dozens of pretend scenes with the doll, such as walking or shopping and more.

The torso is soft, making it a great bedtime snuggle toy. The features on the doll are gorgeous with the lovely brown eyes. The eyes open and close, so kids can simulate bedtime for their new play friend.

The doll has long brown hair that has the ability to be both brushed and styled. The hair can hold My Life hair accessories, many of which are sold separately. She comes dressed in the popular Hello Kitty pajamas.

She also wears a pair of bedroom slippers that feature the Hello Kitty iconic face. A pair of glasses are also included, and these feature the red bow attached to one of the upper sides of the glasses.

Other accessories that come with the doll include a fluffy pillow and other items necessary for getting ready for bedtime, like the toothbrush and toothpaste. Kids will also get a pretend pencil, and a diary that has real pages.

For some extra glamor, there’s a bottle of nail polish that can actually be used and a small Hello Kitty lamp that really does work.

Walmart Deal Here: $34.97 Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $79.95 (This one has 8 extra doll accessories).

Barbie Sweet Orchard Farm Barn Playset with Barbie and Ken Dolls 2020 hottest kids toys

Barbie Sweet Orchard Farm Playset

Life on the farm is a lot of hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun – and that’s the theme of the Barbie Sweet Orchard Farm Playset.

Kids can create different scenarios centered around life on the farm. There are plenty of animals with the set that need a lot of daily care. Kids can help each of these 11 animals thrive.

There’s a cute pony and an adorable baby goat. The mama pig comes with two cute little piglets. A calf and sweet little lamb can run and play all over their happy farm home.

The animal accessories include a hen and chick as well as a helpful little dog. The cat scampers around all over the farm to join in the fun. Because the farm is an open set, kids can play with it from any angle.

The barn has a grain silo that comes with a bucket and grain for a realistic appearance. The ladder makes it easy to get up into the loft and the windmill on top of the barn works.

The barn is equipped with a pulley that can be used to move the hay into the loft or lowered for the pony. The set has realistic looking cornstalks with corn pieces that can be plucked.

When it’s time to enjoy a good meal, kids can unfold the table. Accessories are included that allow kids to groom and take care of the animals. The Barbie doll is not included with this set, but can be purchased separately.

Walmart Deal Here: $59. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $78.99 (this comes with a Barbie and Ken doll)

L.O.L. Surprise OMG REMIX Dolls hottest toys for 2020 holiday gifts

L.O.L. Surprise OMG REMIX Dolls

Most kids are familiar with the L.O.L line of dolls. The initials stand for Little Outrageous Littles and the year that they were first released, they shot to the top of everyone’s shopping list because they were one of the topmost in-demand toys.

The popularity continues with the newest in the line with the L.O.L. Surprise OMG REMIX Dolls with the O.M.G referring to Outrageous Millennial Girls. These are dolls that have a strong vibe toward creativity and that’s what makes them stand out.

These dolls are different from the originals in that they center around music. Each of the dolls stands at 24 cm tall and are designed with gorgeous, full hair done in bright colors, which is patterned in a rock star fashion for dolls that know how to rock a stage.

L.O.L. Surprise OMG REMIX Dolls 2020 hottest holiday toys for girls

Each of the dolls comes with a set of two outfits. The toys even have their own band known as The Super Sonix. The dolls come with their own musical instrument that really works.

Just like with the smaller, original dolls, the fun and focus of the toy is on unpacking the dolls. Part of that fun is found when kids discover that each of these dolls comes with a song couplet.

To get the song in its entirety, the rest of the dolls will need to be collected. Inside the package, you’ll get the clothes, a stand for the doll, and accessories – like a brush, shoes, a purse and more – all packed in a turntable box.

Walmart Deal Here: $98. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $97.99

Part 2 of the Amazon vs Walmart 2020 Hottest Toys for Kids is now up.