Walmart vs Amazon Hottest 40 kids toys of 2020 Part 2

2020 hottest toys for kids amazon versus walmart prices holiday images

Here is Part 2 of our Walmart versus Amazon hottest 40 toys that kids are really excited for in 2020. Part 1 is right here in case you missed it. In the rare instance that Amazon isn’t carrying the toy that Walmart is, we’ve found a great and oftentimes much better replacement.

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Surprise Toys

Surprise toys have become one of the longest-lasting trends in toys. Year after year, the demand for these toys grows. Part of the reason for their popularity is the joy that kids get from unboxing what they’re getting.

The Animal

The Animal is one of those surprise toys. It’s packaged in a crate that’s not see-through so kids can’t tell what’s in the package. This is a beast of a truck that’s designed to fiercely go where it wants to go.

To free it from the box, kids will first pull a tab that’s wrapped all around it. Then they’ll need to pull a second tab to get to the key. Once they insert the key into the side of the box, the animal will growl.

When the child roars, the toy will roar right back. Knocking on the package stirs the animal into a frenzy with its glowing eyes and roar and it’ll begin to shake the crate. Continual knocking makes the animal surge forward and release itself from the box.

This interactive toy is a 4X4 truck that has powerful retractable claws that allow it to go over any obstacle. It can be used for indoor or outdoor play. It’s also strong enough to pull other toys using the tow hook.

It also comes with side mufflers. The toy has the ability to move forward or backward.

Shaking it makes it angry and it’ll roar into beast mode. If the toy goes quiet, tapping on it will bring it to life.

It uses 4 AA batteries for sound and flashing eyes, but it does have a mode for muting the sound if necessary.

Walmart Deal Here: $34.99. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $33.99

Treasure X Sunken Gold Shark's Treasure 2020 hottest kids toys holiday images

Treasure X Sunken Gold Shark’s Treasure

A fun surprise toy for 2020 is the Treasure X Sunken Gold Shark’s Treasure.

This is a toy that’s bound to be a holiday hit. It’s designed to keep children entertained for hours, thanks to the sixteen levels of adventure it has. To get started playing with it, kids have to first use the dagger to crack open the shark.

Though it sounds a little on the gruesome side, kids love the idea of dissecting the shark. During the dissection, they’ll find the weapons that change the ordinary shark into a battle shark.

Treasure X Sunken Gold Shark's Treasure main image 2020 hot kids toys

Within this ferocious man-eating fish, kids will have to go through the slime in order to uncover all the hidden treasures that await them. When the chest is dropped in water, it starts to fizz and then opens to release a treasure.

Kids will have to be sure that this chest is fully submerged in water or it won’t open. But what delights children is that there’s a chance that they’ll end up finding a gold-dipped treasure.

The shark is designed to look like gold armor and it also comes with a Treasure Hunter dressed in the same gold armor. This figure can ride the shark while standing, thanks to the seat on the shark’s back.

While the Treasure Hunter is on the shark, it can fight enemies by firing a torpedo.

Walmart Deal Here: $19.87. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $19.75

pink Hatchimals Pixies, Crystal Flyers hottest kids toys 2020

Hatchimals Crystal Flyers

Next on Walmart’s hottest toys list is the Hatchimals Crystal Flyers. This innovative toy is a doll that’s housed in a crystal egg.

When the egg is opened, it reveals a pixie and you can choose from Krystalina Rose or Violet Onyx. Whichever one you choose, both of the dolls have the sparkling, glittery wings just like fairies.

These wings do work and help the pixie to be able to fly. In order for the doll to start flying, it has to be charged first, and this can be done with the included USB cable. Once you turn the doll on, the wings will start spinning, and as she’s launched, she’ll start flying.

Hatchimals Pixies, Crystal Flyers 2020 hottest girls toys holiday gifts

Kids love their interaction with the doll. If they raise or lower their hands, the doll will automatically sense where the child’s hands are and the doll will rise or lower in response thanks to the built-in sensors.

The doll also has the ability to be able to change direction with a simple touch. During play, if the child wants to stop the pixie from flying, all they have to do is touch the wings and the doll immediately stops.

When not in play, kids can display the pixie in her crystal egg case.

Walmart Deal Here: $29.77. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $29.50

na na na surprise ultimate surprise rainbow kitty 2020 hottest kids gifts girls

Na! Na! Na! Ultimate Surprise

One of the toys that’s high on the must-have this year is the Na! Na! Na! Ultimate Surprise. This is a toy that’s a teen fashion doll and is part of the trend of unboxing surprise gifts.

When unboxing, the anticipation is part of the gift. As kids open the pom, they’re treated to a shower of confetti before they discover the doll and all the fun accessories. There is a choice from a selection of two different dolls.

You can buy Rainbow Kitty or the other doll known as Black Bunny. Both dolls are named after the cute animal containers they come in. Each of these eleven inch dolls is taller than the original ones and are fully posable.

The surprise doll comes with an animal themed hat that can be removed. This lets kids be able to not only brush but to also style the doll’s hair. A hairbrush is included with whatever doll the child gets.

2020 hottest girls dolls toys holiday gift ideas na na na surprise rainbow kitty

For the Rainbow Kitty doll, this one comes with a giant kitty pom. The pom is what can be used to store the doll as well as any of the accessories that she has. These accessories will vary, depending on which doll is purchased.

Some of the fashion accessories include things like a warm, fuzzy jacket, a glamourous skirt and a sparkly top. Every glamorous doll needs shoes and four pairs come with this surprise toy.

Walmart Deal Here: $69.77. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $69

L.O.L. Surprise! Clubhouse Playset 2020 hottest kids toys gifts holiday

L.O.L. Surprise Clubhouse Playset

If you’re looking for a cute and fun surprise toy for the child on your list, then check out the L.O.L. Surprise Clubhouse Playset. This is one of the coolest toys in the L.O.L. Surprise! franchise.

It comes with more than 40 different surprises and in addition to that, it also includes two exclusive dolls. When you first look at the toy, it looks like it’s just a couple of shipping containers.

But then, as it’s unfolded, it turns into a three-story clubhouse that kids love to create imaginary scenes with. The clubhouse can be set up different, such as stacking the containers on top of each other.

L.O.L. Surprise! Clubhouse Playset box set 2020 hottest girls toys gift ideas

Or the clubhouse can be spread out so it’s more sprawling. The toy is designed to be visually appealing, both on the outside and inside of the toy. This clubhouse comes fully furnished, too.

When it’s set up, it has over six areas that your child can choose from to play with the dolls. A few of these areas are things like a movie room or a game room. There’s also a patio as well as a skateboard zone.

Also included in the clubhouse is an area known as the stargazing space. Kids will also enjoy unboxing the furniture that makes the clubhouse the perfect doll hangout. Some of these accessories include things like a hammock and a bean bag chair.

Other accessories are items that the dolls use to have fun with, such as the arcade games or foosball table.  A word of caution that may bother some parents: the boy doll with the set is anatomically correct.

Walmart Deal Here: $49.88. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $49.77

Ryan’s World Vending Machine

Ryan’s World Vending Machine is a toy that’s based on the popular YouTube children’s channel known as Ryan’s World. This channel is one that follows the life and adventures of a nine-year-old boy named Ryan.

The reason that this channel is so popular with kids and parents alike is because it helps children to explore their imagination. The toy is set up the same way. It also helps kids with imagination and exploration.

This a vending machine that really works. Not only does it have sounds and light, but it also uses phrases by Ryan. To play with the toy, kids will feed coins to Combo Panda and then get to select their snack surprise.

Some of the snacks include things like toy chips. There are also beverages like water and juice. Another snack is fruit gummies. The thrill of getting these items is that each of these snacks holds a surprise.

Ryan’s World Vending Surprise inserting coin 2020 hottest children toys

There can be slime in the water bottles. Mini figs are hidden inside the chip packages. These surprise figs can be one of four characters kids are familiar with like Alpha Lexa, Gus, Combo Panda, and Peck.

There are erasers shaped like fruit hidden in the gummy packages. Some of the packages also include mystery pieces that will allow kids to build a gummy Ryan once they find all the pieces to assemble him.

The machine comes with over thirty pieces, and sixteen different surprises hidden in the snacks. It also has a small box in the front that you can use to hold the coins until you’re ready to choose a snack.

Walmart Deal Here: $39.82. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $39.77

Energy-Burning Outdoor Toys

2020 hottest kids toys gifts jetson marx 2 wheel folding kids scooter light up

Jetson Mars Light Up Kick Scooter

It’s important for children to spend time in outdoor play. Not only does it help improve agility and build stamina, but it’s important for mental health as well. The toys on Walmart’s list this year can help kids to be active as well as provide them with plenty of fun.

The Jetson Mars Light Up Kick Scooter is a great choice if you’re looking for a scooter. This is one that folds, so it’s easily portable. It can be used either indoors or out. It’s built for use on hardwood as well as tougher surfaces, like concrete and asphalt.

The scooter has good visibility for evening use due to the LED lights designed on the deck and stem. Because these lights are bright, it makes it easy for others to be able to see where the scooter is.

Jetson Mars Light Up Kick Scooter black 2020 hottest kids sports toys holiday

This safety feature is why this scooter is one of the most popular ones. It has a rear foot brake, which is another safety feature that allows your child to stop immediately. There are multiple lights and because they come in twenty different patterns, the scooters will be unique.

When it’s in use, both the front and rear wheels light up. The faster the child goes, the brighter the lights will get. Because the wheels are non-inflatable, parents will never have to worry about the child getting a flat while he or she is riding.

The scooter is very lightweight at only six pounds. This makes it perfect for even younger kids to carry around. The handlebar is height-adjustable so it’s great for kids of all ages.

Walmart Deal Here: $34.94. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $29.99

2020 hottest kids toys Semi-Truck and Trailer Ride-On Toy by Kid Trax Blue images

Semi-Truck and Trailer Ride On

Another energy-burning toy is the Semi-Truck and Trailer Ride On. This Walmart exclusive is a realistic looking semi-truck that’s the perfect gift for your little one. It comes with a removable trailer that’s made to look like a real tractor trailer, including the red lights at the bottom.

The doors on the trailer are double hinged, so both of them can be opened to allow more room to load in the back. The driver’s side door of the cab of the truck also opens. Your child can have hours of fun driving around in a red or blue rig, loading and unloading the trailer.

The truck has working cab lights as well as engine and horn sound effects. With the press of a button, your child can hear the sound of an air brake and air horn, just like a real semi.

Semi-Truck and Trailer Ride-On Toy by Kid Trax Blue 2020 hottest auto kids toy gifts

It also comes with a CB system. The truck has a top speed of four mph, so it’s great on sidewalks and driveways. When in low power, it can reverse and pull forward at two mph.

It also has Power Trax rubber traction on the tires for extra safety. There are eight tires between the semi and trailer. When your little one is done playing, just plug it into the charging system that’s included with the truck.

The twelve volt battery has a long lifespan so your child can have hours of fun with the truck. The truck seats one rider at a time, ages three to five. The maximum weight it can support at any time is seventy-seven pounds.

Walmart Deal Here: $249.00. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $248.99

Jetson Plasma Light Up Hoverboard

Also making the list for outdoor toys is the Jetson Plasma Light Up Hoverboard. And if you’re looking for this type of toy, this is a great buy. This hoverboard has a max range of up to ten miles, as well as a max of up to ten mph.

It also has active balance technology to keep kids stable as they ride. The hoverboard has all terrain tires. It’s perfect not only for outdoor play, but indoor as well. One of the many great features with this toy is the anti-slip grip pads that are on the deck.

These help keep a child steady on the board no matter what kind of footwear the kid is wearing. A bright LED liquid light pattern flows through the wheels and hoverboard while it’s in use.

The colors of the deck can be changed by pushing a simple button. These lights will move with the way the child rides the toy, making it especially fun to use in darkness. And they’re very bright, which is a great way to keep safe when riding after the sun goes down.

It also has an easier time than other hoverboards when transitioning from rough surfaces to smooth ones. The hoverboard is strong enough to be used on carpet, grass, and up small inclines.

The motor is a powerful 500W dual hub and it runs on 100% electric power. It also has a long battery life for hours of fun. A battery icon on the board lets you know what the life of the battery is and if it needs to be charged before use.

Walmart Deal Here: $148.00. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $98.99

2020 hottest kids toy holiday gifts Razor Black Label E100 Electric Scooter

Razor Black Label E100 Electric Scooter

This hoverboard is recommended for those twelve and older. It has a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds. Kids and adults alike love electric scooters and the Razor Black Label E100 Electric Scooter is the perfect gift for a child or a child at heart.

It’s sturdy enough to hold up to 120 pounds on the all steel frame. The scooter comes in a choice of two colors. You can buy it in either blue or purple. It does need to be charged, but charges fast and can hold that charge for as long as thirty-five minutes.

The scooter is easy to charge and small enough to fit in the corner when not being used. It’s a quiet machine when it’s running, so it’s great for riding indoors or outdoors. One of the best features on this scooter is that it has a dual braking system.

2020 hottest gifts girl riding on Razor Black Label E100 Electric Scooter

It has both a standard rear fender brake and a front brake. This allows for smoother stops that won’t throw the rider off balance. The front tire is inflatable and designed for a smooth ride on uneven terrain.

The rear tire allows more weight to the back end of the scooter and this is what improves traction when driving. It also allows you to steer easier. The hub motor is high torque and allows you to obtain a top speed of up to ten mph.

The throttle is thumb activated and the front brake is hand operated. This gives you a lot of control when you’re starting and stopping the scooter. This scooter is designed for riders ages eight and up.

The assembled product weighs just over twenty pounds, so it feels a lot sturdier than other scooters on the market.

Walmart Deal Here: $128.00. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $124

Nerf Fortnite DG Dart Blaster 2020 hottest kids toys holiday gifts

Nerf Fortnite DG

The Fortnite video game is one of the most popular games online.

Now, thanks to the Nerf Fortnite DG, kids can have a Nerf blaster inspired by the one from the game and it’s even made in the same colors as the one that’s used in it, too! One of the many cool features about this blaster is that it has a 15 dart rotating drum.

This means players can blast fifteen darts in a row before they have to reload. This blaster comes with enough darts to fully load the drum. The darts are Official Nerf Elite darts, complete with the plastic tip that allows them to fly fast and accurately at a target.

2020 hottest kids toys holiday Nerf Fortnite DG Dart Blaster images

To use the gun, kids can simply load the darts into the drum and pump the priming grip back and forth. Once the blaster is ready, all that’s needed is a press of the trigger. One dart at a time comes out.

Kids will have to pump the grip and press the trigger again to fire the next dart in the drum. If you’re looking to unload quickly, like they often do in Fortnite, just hold the trigger down and keep pumping the grip without breaking.

This will make all the darts in the drum shoot rapidly out. This slam fire feature is great if kids engage in Nerf battles, and since no batteries or charge are required, they can have hours of uninterrupted fun.

Walmart Deal Here: $29.97. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here:

Screen-Free Indoor Entertainment

Tic Tac Tony Kids Game 2020 hottest kids toys games

Tic Tac Tony

It’s important that kids find ways to stay entertained without being glued to a screen. The best way to do that is with interactive toys. For younger kids, there’s a great preschool game that can allow them to have fun without a screen.

This Fisher-Price game is Tic Tac Tony and it’s designed like a game of Tic Tac Toe.

In this fun game, kids have a board that stands up in the shape of a puppy. They use the puppy’s tail to flip discs into the board game in the hopes of getting three matching pieces in a row.

The board game has holes in the center of it, which allow the discs to slide right in. This is a great game for kids who are working on coordination, since it requires some focus to be able to line the disc up to make sure it lands in the hole they want it to go in.

Vintage Tic Tac Tony game from 1996.

Just like with the original Tic Tac Toe game, the players can line three discs in a row that are either horizonal, diagonal, or vertical. The first player that’s able to flip three same-color discs in a row will win the game.

The game is designed for play by kids three and up. It differs a bit from the original game because flipping the discs from the tail means it won’t always land where it was intended on the board.

The discs and board are multicolored, which will keep kids entertained for hours. The game is designed to allow two or four players to play at one time. Kinetic Sand has long been a toy that’s entertained as well as fascinated kids.

Walmart Deal Here: $9.97. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here:

Kinetic Sand, Sandwhirlz Playset 2020 hottest interactive kids toys holiday gifts

Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz

On the hot list this year is Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz. It’s popular with younger as well as older kids. The soft and gritty texture can be relaxing to play with and has been known to also help calm anxiety.

It’s also known to help relieve stress, thanks to the way it smoothly glides through your hands in a mesmerizing fashion. This kind of sand never dries out – no matter how often it’s played with, so it can be kept for years to come.

This toy is a great addition to your stash of kinetic sand or as a starter. It comes with two pounds of kinetic sand, in colors of red, blue, and yellow. It has over ten tools, so you can have hours of play creating unique sand sculptures.

Some of these tools include six shape shifters, a sand scooper, two extruder tubes, and more. The playset opens up to give you a play area on the lid, so you can even play with it on the go.

Use the sand scooper to drop sand into one of the extruder tubes in the shape of a burst or a cloud. Gently squish the sand down using the plunger, then add more layers of sand.

You can use several different colors of sand to for a unique look. Once the tube is full, you can snap on a shape shifter at the end of the tube. This will allow your sand to keep a shape has it flows out of the tube.

You can store mixed sand in the empty compartment of the case. Kids can also use the extruder tubes as molds, and also use the plunger as a roller if needed.

Walmart Deal Here: $14.97. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $13.97

Spark Create Imagine Animal Keyboard 2020 hottest kids toys holiday gifts music

Spark Puppy Piano

The Spark Puppy Piano is a toy that’s both educational and fun.

The keyboard helps your child learn fine motor skills as well as sensory development. This toy piano has over twenty-two demo songs, as well as seven well known children’s songs, such as Old MacDonald and the alphabet song.

It also has five instrument effects that delight kids, including a trumpet, organ, violin, music box, and piano. These allow your child to listen to and learn different sounds as they play.

There are also five different beats so your child can change up their tunes. The piano also has a record and play back function. They’ll adore recording and playing back their masterpieces.

There’s also a microphone included with the piano, so you and your child can sing along to the music. Another great feature is the sing along with puppy mode. In this mode, whenever you press the keys, it will make little puppy sounds.

This is a great feature for not only fine motor skill development, but also sensory and imaginative play as well. Children 2 years old and up can use this toy and gain an appreciation for music.

The piano has a volume adjuster so you can control the level of sound that comes out. The keyboard needs four AA batteries to work and are included with the purchase of the piano.

Walmart Deal Here: $19.82. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here:

Little People Launch & Loop Raceway 2020 hottest kids toys holiday gifts

Little People Launch & Loop Raceway

The line of Little People toys have long thrilled young children. The Little People Launch & Loop Raceway is one of 2020’s hottest products in this line of toys. This playset has several different colorful tracks to set up that allow the wheelie cars to race in competition against each other.

The playset has a fun crash zone in the middle where racers can collide and this action always delights kids. The playset has multiple stunt points for plenty of fun. This includes a jump ramp as well as a loop-the-loop.

There’s also a trap door. The set has a double car launcher than can send cars down the track at the same time. All the tracks end in different ways, so your child can have a lot of fun seeing where their wheelie ends up at once it shoots off the tracks.

2020 hottest childs toys in motion Little People Launch & Loop Raceway

A great feature with this toy is the sound system. The playset is designed with sounds to imitate real races. This makes the action feel more realistic to your little one. It also has lights around the playset tracks.

Another great feature of the playset is that it can help build fine motor skills in kids. It helps strengthen a child’s hand-eye coordination. The playset comes with two wheelie cars, and when your child is done playing, the wheelie vehicles can be stored easily inside the playset.

The playset is designed for toddlers eighteen months and older.

Walmart Deal Here: $44.24. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $44.19

2020 hottest kids toys holiday VTech Helping Heroes Fire Station two firemen

VTech Helping Heroes Fire Station

Kids love being a hero and if your child is like other kids who want to become heroes, such as a firefighter, then a great gift idea is the VTech Helping Heroes Fire Station.

This set comes with two firefighting heroes, Frankie and Fiona. The set is a multi-level fire station where the heroes can sleep or work out while they wait for a call. Your child can help the two characters get ready to battle the flames by checking the equipment to make sure everything is in order.

When it’s time for them to go and fight a fire, Frankie and Fiona are dropped through the opening and into a mini rescue vehicle. Once they’re in there, you can transform the fire station into a fire truck, complete with a ladder and siren.

VTech Helping Heroes Fire Station 2020 hottest kids toys holiday gifts

If you place Frankie or Fiona on the Talking Point location, the truck will let out music and sound effects. It will also teach your child phrases about the roles of firefighters. There are three play modes included in the playset: Music & Sounds, Rescue Mission, and Explore & Train.

When you combine the modes with the three action buttons, your child can have an educational, yet fun playtime. The playset also comes with a helicopter your little one can use for important firefighting missions.

One firefighter can fit into the helicopter at a time. The truck also comes with a water hose and a sprayer. The playset is intended for kids eighteen months and older and requires two AA batteries.

Walmart Deal Here: $29.82. Check Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $43.38 (More items included in this set)

Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower Track Set 2020 hottest kids toys holiday gifts

Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower

One toy that continually sells well every holiday is Hot Wheels. Both the cars and the sets are highly popular, and this year is no different. That’s why the Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower made Walmart’s list.

This toy is a great gift for little Hot Wheels fans. It stands at just over two and a half feet and is designed for racing and crashing action. Children can use the booster to push their vehicles up for an epic jump, which can result in cool mid-air collisions.

The booster is motorized, so it’s easy for even young children to be able to use. The tower has parking for more than twenty cars, so this is a great gift for a child who collects Hot Wheels vehicles.

2020 hottest toys for children Hot Wheels Sky Crash Tower Track Set

The track that loops multiple times along with the curves can help your child improve his or her motor skills while improving their racing skills. The track can be used to race multiple cars at a time.

There’s no limit to how many Hot Wheels vehicles can be raced down the track. Your child can enjoy racing them or setting up outrageous jumps that will result in crashes and collisions.

The tower set folds up quickly and easily, making it perfect for storage. It’s also is a great playset to take on the go for sleepovers or playdates. The set comes with just one Hot Wheels vehicle, so you may want to go ahead and buy some additional ones.

The tower playset is recommended for kids five and up.

Walmart Deal Here: $38.88. Compare With Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $38.79

2020 hottest kids toys Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set

Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Set

The Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Set is a toy that’s patterned after the animated series. It’s a spinning top toy that’s one of the hottest collectibles around.

Kids love using the tops to create battles and this set has everything that’s needed for the ultimate victory. It comes with a couple of launchers as well as some right-spin battle tops.

One of the battling tops included is a Prime Apocalypse A5, which the type of top that attacks. The second battling top included is the Golden Judgement Dragon D5, which is a balance type of top.

Both are popular with kids. The tops come with GT chips in their Energy Layers. These chips are interchangeable, so you can mix and match with other right-spin GT chip tops that are compatible to these.

Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle Set close up 2020 hottest toys gifts

The battle set has four different sections uniquely designed to give a child the most exciting battles. The Beystadium is customizable. The top level, called the Battle Axis, can be removed.

By doing this, your child can have two ways to play with the Beystadium. When the top is on, you can climb the ramp to reach it. Once you’re there, you can drop down into the battle using the Hypersphere Brink Plane.

It speeds the attack process inside the Battle Axis whenever you start climbing up the ramp. A great feature with this battle set is that kids can compete in battles that are digital using a code in the Beyblade Burst app to unlock the Beystadium.

This toy is recommended for kids eight and up. Remote control vehicles can improve a child’s hand and eye coordination. They also improve a child’s reflexes. But they’re also a lot of fun.

Walmart Deal Here: $39.73. Compare With Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $39.69

Monster Jam, Official Megalodon Storm All-Terrain 2020 hottest kids toys gifts

Megalodon Storm RC

The Megalodon Storm RC makes the list of hot toys because it’s both fun and durable.

It has the ability to handle even tough terrain because the truck can drive on water, concrete or gravel and never even slow down.

The truck has a cool appearance because it’s designed to look like the Megalodon portrayed in the media, complete with the wide-open jaws. Despite its cool design, it’s built to withstand all kinds of weather, including snow.

It has lightweight custom tires that let you switch back and forth on terrains without having to stop and start over. The tires are official BKT tires, which means they feature a cool authentic design, just like if a child was driving a monster truck.

The speed and agility of the vehicle is controlled with the remote that has a frequency of 2.4GHz. Six vehicles can be raced at one time. Even with multiple vehicles, each one still has an incredible amount of power and conquers all terrain.

The Megalodon STORM RC can be managed up to a hundred feet away. If the truck starts drifting too far away, the controller will begin beeping to let you know. The toy is charged through using a USB and can hold a charge for a while but this USB is not included with the truck.

Walmart Deal Here: $43.88. Compare With Amazon’s Best Deal Here: $43.78

Any of these toys on Walmart’s Hottest Toys of 2020 list would be a winner for your holiday shopping needs. But it helps to have some guidance to determine what the best type of toy for your child’s personality and interests would be! Plus, we’ve added Amazon deals in to make your holiday shopping much easier since Black Friday is coming!