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DraftKings Live App Review A must for any fantasy football player 2016 images

DraftKings Live App Review: A must for any fantasy football player

Need another app to keep track of all the cash you’re winning on DraftKings? Or losing? There are plenty of choices out there to keep track of real time NFL stats. Still DraftKings Live (DK Live) is worth a look if you play on DK’s platform regularly.
watch dogs 2 satisfying fun hackers with a heart 2016 images

‘Watch Dogs 2’ satisfying fun brings hackers with a heart reveiw

Ubisoft might have voiced concern when pre-orders for "Watch Dogs 2" weren't what they expected, but don't let that deter you from trying it out. It definitely has a much better hero in Marcus this time around than in the first go.
A Supernatural Christmas Impalalalalalalalaa! 2016 images

A ‘Supernatural’ Christmas: Impalalalalalalalaa!

This Christmas Creation Stands has added some excellent Supernatural gifts for the hunter on your list – or for yourself, we don’t judge! From the “blue balls” of the Wayward AF campaign to It’s Cas. Not Cass. T-shirt
New Macbook Pro is Way Ahead of Its Time review 2016 images

New Macbook Pro is Way Ahead of Its Time review

USB Type C is the connector of the future. It’s fast and we won’t have to worry about orientation. It’s just taking a bit longer to adopt. We’ll all eventually get there but not everyone is in such a hurry as Apple.
gears of war 4 remins us what we always loved about it review 2016 images

REVIEW: ‘Gears of War 4’ reminds us what we always loved about it

Gears of War 4 isn’t perfect, but the culmination of its remarkable graphics, enjoyable gameplay, and non-fatal new additions is a riveting action experience that won’t soon be forgotten.
playstation vr in use

Playstation VR Review: a must for any gamer

While not perfect, Sony's Playstation VR will make most gamers and early adopters more than happy.
letvision makes transformers real 2016 tech

Pokemon Go Plus is Better than It’s Supposed to Be plus Letivision Transformers

Pokemon Go is probably the first app that got nerds to go to a gym. This nerd is a just few Pokemon short of going to one. I like the game and catching Pokemon is fun but there just isn’t much time to explore the outside world.
apple iphone 7 review fine but going through growing pains 2016 images

Apple iPhone 7 review: fine but going through growing pains

Apple's iPhone has just about hit its ten-year mark, but it still has plenty of room to grow as the company has shown with the iPhone 7.
how to avoid extra pokemon go charges 2016 images

How to avoid extra Pokemon Go charges

While Pokemon Go is free to download to a mobile device, it is not always a completely free game. Like many other mobile games, it has in-app purchases, where your kids can purchase pokeballs and other special features.
Webroot Smarter Cybersecurity & All the Protection Your Devices Need 2016 tech

Webroot: Smarter Cybersecurity & All the Protection Your Devices Need

We’ve always known that malware, hackware, and most other wares are out there on the big bad internet, but this year, a new vicious one called ransomeware has been created.

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