Hottest 3 Camera Drones every tech geek needs

hottest 3 camera drones every geek needs 2017 image

Hottest 3 Camera Drones every tech geek needs 2017 image

Camera drones have gotten so much better in the past year while prices have dropped considerably. These are the ones you must have.

You know you’ve eyed those camera drones whether it’s been online or at the store. Something about them is just irresistible, and even if you couldn’t come up with a reason to buy one, deep down you knew that someday you’d have to have one.

Waiting can actually be a good thing when it comes to technology and tech gadgets. In the past year alone, the models have grown considerably when it comes to both video quality and better stabilization. While it’s fun to be an early adopter, you were smart in waiting as this year’s drone models easily put the past two years to shame.

Another good thing is that the quality is worth the price. In the past, getting an amazing aerial video model that could capture amazing footage, would require a small loan, but now quality is matching the price, and there’s a good variety of pricing models to fit into everyone’s budget.

Camera drones are the most familiar for people; not to mention the most desired. These are those ready to fly quadcopters that come equipped with a very stabilized camera that allows you to shoot video and pictures from vantage points unheard of before.

camera drone shooting waterfall

Imagine being an indie filmmaker being able to get those killer aerial shots that would cost thousands with renting a helicopter and all the camera equipment to go with it. That alone makes this a very worthy investment into your future.

The beauty of camera drones is that they aren’t just for one sole purpose. You can use it to explore terrains you can’t reach by foot, enjoy that sensation of flying or just creating great memories for you, your family or that special someone in your life.

dji mavic pro flying

DJI Mavic Pro

For those that may be aware of the Phantom 4, you can think of the DJI Mavic Pro as a mini version that will satisfy anyone who’s looking for a small but very capable camera drone. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife in that it can be used by beginners, pros, kids, adults, travelers or even the most adventurous of adventurers.

dji mavic pro folded up small

With its small size and folding design, the DJI Mavic Pro is the camera drone that’s capable of getting the perfect stable shot. When folded up, it is nearly the same size as a camera lens, and the controller also folds up so you can put it in your pocket. How’s that for convenient?

It comes with shooting modes like Active Track and Tap Fly while also being capable of giving you a glorious tracking shot. If you’re shooting a video or film, it allows you to be both the camera person and the star. The controller gives about 4 miles of range while delivering nearly 21 minutes of flying time with speeds topping out at 40 MPH.

Sometimes we can get too excited and lose track of our drone, so the Mavic Pro goes into a return-to-home mode which keeps it avoiding obstacles on the way back to you. To top all of this off, it comes in 4K.

dji phantom pro drone flying

DJI Phantom Pro 4

The DJI Phantom Pro 4 has to be the most innovative camera drone on the market as it can fly extremely fast while also having HD live video streaming that puts every other model out there to shame. With all these features, you’d think it would come with an owner’s manual hundreds of pages thick, but it’s actually really easy to set up and get going.

dji phantom 4 camera close up images

The Phantom Pro 4 comes with 3D cameras and computer mapping hardware that allows you to map out in a three-dimensional environment. The advantage of this is that it allows you to avoid those pesky obstacles.

One of my favorite elements is that it just looks amazingly cool. Its true function and form will make many people very tech envious.

Features include 4K video with a one-inch sensor for 20 Megapixel pictures, HD streaming over four miles to your mobile device, thirty-minute battery life, all side obstacle avoidance along with a rather powerful mobile app.

dji phantom 4 optics

One of the really fun features is the flight simulator which teaches you how to fly. Imagine that feeling of soaring high up and enjoying the view below.

dji phantom 3 images

DJI Phantom 3 Series

The DJI Phantom 3 Series is the lowest priced of the three that is also the easiest camera drone to operate, but it doesn’t skimp on flight time, features or video quality. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another one that can give you this much bang for your budget.This is the one that basically kicked camera drones into high gear for tech enthusiasts for both budget and ease of use reasons. There is an enormous audience out there that use this drone so there are plenty of resources for any questions or issues you might be having. They’re a very friendly community and have made tons of videos on YouTube.

dji phantom 3 advanced vs professional models

This series comes with three model choices:

DJI Phantom 3 Professional has 4K video, GPS waypoints, twenty-minute flight times along with optical-flow and ultrasonic sensors. The latter is for when there is no GPS signal available.

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced comes with everything the Professional does except the video is at 2.7K rather than 4K.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard comes with a follow-me, 2.7K video and the GPS waypoints. The controller design isn’t the same as the other two, but with the lowest priced model, you expect to have slightly less quality. It doesn’t have the optical-flow and ultrasonic sensors either.

I would highly suggest paying that little bit extra for the DJI Phantom 3 Professional as it’s the best budget priced camera drone out there and you deserve it!